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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Queens Park Lake Old Pictures

feb   08 076

All these pictures were taken about 2003

above the old boats in the greenhouse

 Park Lake 24-08-2003 001

Most of these are of the lake in one shape or another showing the trees and skyline .

 What do you think is it better now or then?

Park Lake 24-08-2003 002 Park Lake 24-08-2003 015 Park Lake 24-08-2003 016 Park Lake 24-08-2003 019  Park Lake 24-08-2003 021 Park Lake 24-08-2003 028 Park Lake 24-08-2003 029 Park Lake 24-08-2003 030 Park Lake 24-08-2003 031 Park Lake 24-08-2003 032 Park Lake 24-08-2003 038 Park Lake 24-08-2003 039 Park Lake 24-08-2003 040 Park Lake 24-08-2003 041 Park Lake 24-08-2003 042 party on 079 party on 080 party on 081 party on 082 

Burma Island  bridge it will be a while before we

 see it like this nowparty on 084


 Finally a couple more of the bandstand

party on 087 party on 088

More old Pictures of the Park this time Lake bridges

Once again thanks to Brian Stubbs for these pictures all taken about 2003 when the old bridges were in place

New   ImagePark Lake 24-08-2003 017 Park Lake 24-08-2003 022 Park Lake 24-08-2003 023 Park Lake 24-08-2003 024 Park Lake 24-08-2003 033 Park Lake 24-08-2003 042

Old Pictures of the Bandstand

fx3   230

Brian Stubbs has found all these old pictures of the bandstand from about 2006. Thanks go to him for sharing these with us

fx3   231

Winter scenes of the bandstand as it was

party on 089 party on 093 party on 094

Here we can see the state of the roof as it was before it was restored

 party on 096




Bringing a local park into the 21st Century and ensuring the continued wellbeing of its native wildlife is not as simple as you may think.

Take Queen’s Park in Crewe as an example; Cheshire East Council (CEC) is currently investing £6.5m into restoring the park to its former glory but have also been tasked with meeting the demands of certain feathered visitors and the park’s more permanent resident: bats.

The bats, four different protected species, have made the existing bandstand area their home over the past few years and seemed contented to stay put. However, for human visitors, the old, leaky roof had become somewhat of an eyesore. A series of surveys identified when the bats would leave the site to roost elsewhere. At this point the roof was refurbished and pieces of plywood suspended from the ceiling to provide more suitable accommodation for these flying mammals.

Cheshire East Councillor Andrew Knowles, Cabinet Member with Responsibility for Parks, said;

“This is proof that the numerous surveys which have been carried out to protect wildlife in the park are paying off. Improving life for birds and bats as well as ourselves is the main aim of this project. The work which has been completed has already revitalised the area. This can only continue as the project nears completion.”

Case Study, Mark Stubbs – A member of the South East Cheshire Ornithological Society, said:

“I recently decided to pay a visit to the Queen's Park in Crewe to see what birds were present. Having spent the last few years conducting bird surveys in the urban Crewe area, surprisingly I hadn't visited the park, so it was something I had to do for curiosity's sake.

“I arrived at the entrance opposite Tipkinder Park and immediately saw a Coal Tit. Next I saw a Jay, in my opinion, one of our most beautiful resident
birds. Wood Pigeon, Collared Dove (picture left), Mistle Thrush, Great Tit and Blue Tit soon followed. A Tree Creeper climbing up a tree by the play area continued a good start to the walk and as I proceeded, resident songbirds were in evidence, such as Robin, Wren and Dunnock.

“All of a sudden, the unmistakable undulating flight of a Greater Spotted Woodpecker overhead was noted before it landed in a treetop. Blackbirds and Song Thrushes, which were worming on the grassed areas, were joined by several Redwings. There have been large numbers of this Scandinavian thrush in the UK this winter, and birds are not only turning up in parks, but in gardens as well.

“At the Victoria Avenue entrance, House Sparrows were chirping on the Gatehouse buildings and in the adjacent area, Magpie, Crow, Jackdaw, feral Pigeon and Pied Wagtail were noted. Chaffinch, Greenfinch and Goldfinch were soon added to the list and then I heard a Goldcrest. After a minute or so it gave itself up, flicking away in the foliage, looking for insects. It's amazing how this, our smallest British bird, survives considering we've just experienced our harshest winter in over thirty years.

“In the lake area I saw approximately 70 Mallard along with a single male
Mandarin Duck. Originally one of a breeding pair present since 2000, the male has been on his own since 2003, and resident ever since. Fifteen Canada Geese, a single feral Greylag Goose, with the farmyard type white geese, four Moorhen and a grey Heron were also seen, along with 15 Black-headed and two Common Gulls, hanging around, hoping for an easy meal when people come to feed the ducks bread.

“So, it just goes to show that you don't have to visit the countryside to experience bird life when it's on your own doorstep!”

There have been more additions to the park to ensure Queen’s Park remains a ‘des-res’ for all manner of local wildlife. These include a number of nest boxes:

10 Tit boxes – various size entrance holes, 25mm-32mm;
2 Treecreeper boxes;
2 open fronted boxes;
1 larger box – 45mm entrance hole;
1 Hawk box and;
1 large owl box;

There are plans to erect more boxes in the future, including 2 owl chimneys.

Another habitat booster that has been introduced over the last two years is the creation of small discreet log piles. Sometimes, this may just be one large log or bough, placed within a shrubbery. The decaying wood attracts fungi and insects, the latter providing a good food source for many other animals.

Plus, the more unusual....

The Mandarin Duck, referred to by Mark Stubbs is an uncommon feature around Britain’s parks, but one permanently resides in Queen’s Park and his late family members before him since 1980. Plus, a more recent welcome visitor is the Cope Shields Duck, seen numerous times over the last two weeks; it is thought to have either escaped or been set free as it is not a native of these shores.

Information concerning Queens Park can be obtained by telephoning Elaine Dodd, Queens Park Manager on 01270 537559.


This site has put together the most complete record and pictures every gathered in one spot of the Queens Park Crewe with old pictures to the modern day Click on any picture on the site for a full screen picture



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You can see what has happened week by week over the last years by viewing the old news pages below








The Queens Park Blog is now @


Saturday, December 25, 2010


This will be the last update for this year and we will start a new news page for what we hope is the last year of the restoration. It interesting to look back at the whole year and we have the 2009 photos and news on line as well at the main Queens Park website


The Queens Park lake is frozen over once again and the idiots are out. The above shot of the lads running across the lake

 and jumping about on it. There is also bike tracks across the lake. What they dont realize is if it breaks and they fall in they

 could be in serious trouble as the temperature is so low. The problem is if they do fall in someone from emergency services

 may have to risk their lives to rescue them. So be smart and safe and stay off the lake.


The ducks are out enjoying a game of football on the lake and seem fascinated by the football. There has been

some feathers near the golf coarse end of the lake which suggest something or someone is killing them.


At Tipkinder even the Valley Brook has frozen over which is unusual for a flowing stream.


While people are out feeding the Ducks dont forget the other wildlife as they need food this Robin came

down and sat inches from us for ages desperate for food, So bring some food for the birds as well

Friday, December 17, 2010

Queens Park Play area update

queenspark 015
The bowing green now has the metal structure in place but due to the weather and the time of year progress is slow
queenspark 019
The grass is in tip top conditions and very green considering the bad weather.
queenspark 025
The same is true of the cafe all that can be done is the woodwork due to the weather.
queenspark 032
The lake hasnt thawed out full yet and its evident how much rubbish has been throw into the lake by people while its frozen all which will sink once it thaws.
queenspark 036
queenspark 038

The play area’s new climbing frame and swings have made progress despite the bad weather with the

new frame on site ready to be fitted. As you can see its like doing some Xmas puzzle trying to sort out all the bits for it.
queenspark 092 
By the play area were bird food has been put out there are lots of birds coming down to feed and this has created lots of interest with bird watchers.
queenspark 065
queenspark 135
The final thing is the new improved sluice gate wheels which will make things a lot simpler to operate when the lake needs to be filled


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Winter Wonder Land


With the bad weather the Queens Park has become a winter wonder land for those brave enough to brave the sub zero weather. early in the week it was cold and foggy giving a mystical feel.


The sun broke through later in the week but it was still very cold. What is shocking as you can see above people have been breaking into the park behind the barriers and throwing all sorts of things onto the lake. You can see metal fence, plastic fence and big rubber feet off the fences on the lake. The problem is as the lake melts all this is going into the lake which we have spent a fortune having it cleaned. It represents a danger to wildlife.


Getting any work done this week has been touch and go due to the freezing weather but the Bowls hut has had a crane there putting the steal work in and its starting to take shape slowly

DSCF2696 .

The geese and ducks have been wondering about down the main drive due to the bad weather. You can see how frosty it has been with the trees pure white.


Despite the bad weather the play area is getting the new set of swings put in. The weather is against it as they cant cement them in while its so cold.


As well as the new swings the ground is being prepared for the new climbing frame for older youths. It was hoped to get it in before Xmas but its all down to the weather as they can cement or put the rubber down in the bad weather


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Snow Work in the Queens Park


Work has been hampered all week with snow and ice but they have managed to do some more woodwork on the cafe with the centre roof going into place slowly.


Its even been to cold for the squirrel man who sits by the lake daily and feeds them this one was sitting on the bench waiting for his dinner.



The  lake has been frozen and as you can see the vandals have been at it again throwing logs fences and anything else they can find onto the lake. Of coarse when it melts all this rubbish will be in the lake which has just been cleaned out they have been wrecking fences to get to the lake and the Police have had to be called on more than one occasion.



The gardeners have been busy cutting back the bushes and trees in and around Coronation Walk ready for planting next year


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Great Tits in the park

Wild Life Special

queenspark 057

No not those sort  I Know what you thought smutty lot. With the bad weather the wildlife in the park has been in abundance as they fight  to get berries etc ready for winter. There are birds of all sort to be seen. 

queenspark 064

By Tipkinder entrance bird feeders have been placed and the birds are flocking to get their food. I spent 20 mins catching these picture and if you stand still just a few feet away they still come down to feed. These I believe are great Tits

queenspark 068

The squirrels are as cheeky as ever and again if you stay still they will come and even feed out of your hand

queenspark 135


The above was the funniest shot of the week as I stud with MAX my German Sheppard and took these pictures of the cat with birds all around it with out him even looking and he didn't move with the dog either


There are a few Robins popping down to get the crumbs at the base of the feeders


The lake its self is frozen over and the wack wacks are skating on the ice


Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas at Queen’s Park


Father Christmas is taking time off from his busy schedule to join in with the children’s lantern procession and other fun activities, at Queen’s Park in Crewe, on December 5.

The procession starts at 4.30pm at the main entrance to the park. Staff from Cheshire East Council have been visiting schools around Crewe making decorations for the children to carry during the event.

A festive sing song is planned around the park’s Christmas tree. It will be led by Reverend Steven Clapham from All Saints Church. He will also be giving an interactive presentation reminding people of what Advent is all about.

The evening is being organised by the Friends Group, in partnership with Crewe and Nantwich Lions, and it is the second year the lantern procession has been held at Queen’s Park.

Councillor Andrew Knowles, Cabinet member with responsibility for health and wellbeing, said: “This is sure to be a special occasion and events like this improve community life.

“The event is free of charge as well, which is good news for families at an expensive time of year.”

Councillor Dorothy Flude, ward member for Crewe South, said: “I hope the people of Crewe will come out and support this event.

“Christmas is a special time for children and I am sure that the lantern procession will be a big success.”

queenspark 003

The bowls pavilion is progressing slowly with the Sandstone being fitted. Most of the work is at the rear so far so you cant really see very much.

queenspark 006

While in the same area with my new super Finepix HS10 camera with 30X optical zoom I took a snap of the bell on top of the West Lodge I wonder how many walk past the lodge and never look and see the bell?

queenspark 024

The Cafe work has mostly been on the west side roof getting the beams in place.

queenspark 027

You can now start to see the view the cafe will present on the horizon taken from the lake

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Park development rises to the occasion


The new cafeteria at Queens Park has reached a milestone – with the impressive timber structure soaring into place.

A specialist company has been involved in installing the timbers due to their size, weight and complex fixing arrangement. The design will enable users to view the internal timbers when inside the new building.


The wall materials, on both the café and games pavilion, have been carefully chosen to match, where possible, the sandstone on the two lodges located at the Crewe park’s main entrance. The dark-red St Bees sandstone is the same as that which forms the sea cliffs of St Bees Head, near Whitehaven, in Cumbria.

Councillor Andrew Knowles, Cabinet member with responsibility for health and wellbeing, said: “The pace this building is going up is satisfying to see. But the really great thing is that you can now visualise what it will finally look like once completed and see the scale of the new facility.”

Work on the project began in July. It is hoped the construction will be completed by February.

Crewe West ward member Councillor Robert Parker said: “I am delighted with the building work on the new cafeteria. The attention to detail is particularly inspiring and I feel, once the whole restoration project is finally complete, Queens Park will be a major tourist attraction in the North West and a magnet for visitors to Crewe.”

Queens Park was renowned as one of the finest parks in the North West. It is undergoing a £6.5m transformation to bring it back to its former glory. The Heritage Lottery Fund is providing a £2.7m support grant with the rest of the investment coming from Cheshire East Council.

Within the park’s 45 acres are walkways, trees, shrubs, planting, children’s play area, crown green bowling, putting, boating lake (currently drained for construction works), grassed areas, memorials and cafeteria.

For more information on the Queens Park restoration project visit the Queens Park web pages at: – then click on ‘leisure, culture and tourism’ and follow links to the park pages.

If you don’t have online access, you can request a paper copy from Queens Park manager Elaine Dodd, on 01270 537896.


The Bowls pavilion is also making progress with wooden beam going in just like the cafe so they are getting on with it well.

queenspark 003

One of the few trees left showing its Autumn colour is near the main entrance and work on the lodges should be starting soon.

queenspark 008

One thing happening this week that people wont notice is the amount of wildlife in the park with lots of squirrels about and lots of birds over by the main entrance in the bushes after the berries etc  all getting ready for winter.

queenspark 043

The lake still has some nice colours left to show you with a nice dreamy scene its so much better now you can get to the lake its self


Saturday, November 13, 2010

November update

queenspark 008
The bowls pavilion has now got some of the sandstone brick work in place and starting to look something like at last.
queenspark 019
The cafe wood work is progressing but its a big job like a giant jigsaw but a lot of the beams are in and you can see the structure taking place
queenspark 069
The top grass area near the band stand has started to green over very well now its been levelled after being covered in mud for years
queenspark 066
Out side the park by the golf coarse the new footpath is now in place with bollards to protect you from the cars and the playing fields path has also been done

Our favourite rare duck has been out and about all this week and I got a couple of shots of him


Friday, November 5, 2010

November in the Queens Park

queenspark 015

The bowls pavilion is now progressing well and you can now see the basic structure in place

queenspark 023

Most of the work on the cafe has been around getting the wooden beams in place. Its a complicated structure and the crane has been here all week off and on lifting the beams into place each beam cost about £1,00.

queenspark 021

The big thing is the bonfire which is on Friday the 5th and they were building it today

queenspark 040

I noticed our regular visitor to the park nick named Squirrel man who come most days rain or sun to feed the squirrels and its interesting to see how they come and sit with him with him and eat from his hand.


There is still lots of colour in the park and it changes everyday it seems this one from Morton Road of the lake


Saturday, October 30, 2010

October in the Park

The main work you can see has been the cafe getting the wooden post put in place with a crane being on site most of the week. You can now begin to see the structure of the wood at last

queenspark 012


Most of the other action is really about the changing colours of the park trees at this time of year


queenspark 022

You can just see in the picture below the grass is growing on the area by the bandstand

queenspark 003


Friday, October 22, 2010

Queens Park refurbishment has Crewe buzzing


New buildings at Queens Park are taking shape – and causing a buzz of interest in Crewe.

Work on the frames and striking sandstone walls of the new cafeteria and games pavilion has got under way – putting a modern twist on the park’s Victorian heritage.

Formed more than 250 million years ago, in the permo-triassic age, the stone is called ‘St Bees’. It is a dark-red sandstone which forms the sea cliffs of St Bees Head, near Whitehaven in Cumbria.

The materials for the two buildings have been carefully chosen to match, where possible, the two sandstone lodges at the park’s main entrance.

Councillor Andrew Knowles, Cabinet Member with responsibility for Health and Wellbeing, said: “The new build has created a lot of interest in Queens Park which is satisfying to see, particularly given the attention to detail and the modern twist on the Victorian theme of the park.

“The new pavilion and café are wonderful facilities and the improvements will encourage more people into the park.

“The building work is drawing on the latest engineering skills in the same manner as our Victorian predecessors, when they first constructed the park for the people of the area.”

Work on the project began in July. It is hoped the construction will be completed by February.

The St Bees sandstone been sourced from Birkhams Quarry, in Whitehaven.

St Bees sandstone was originally used as ballast on ships to the US and then as a brownstone substitute for building in the US and Canada.

Its physical performance results in a sandstone which is extremely durable and versatile. It has been used on restoration projects such as Liverpool Anglican Cathedral and the Chester Song School, part of Chester Cathedral.

The stone has been used widely in Britain and especially in Cheshire, Cumbria, Liverpool, Manchester, the Wirral and Wales.

Queens Park was renowned as one of the finest parks in the North West. It is undergoing a £6.5m transformation to bring it back to is former glory. The Heritage Lottery Fund is providing a £2.7m support grant with the rest of the investment coming from Cheshire East Council.

Within the park’s 45 acres are walkways, trees, shrubs, planting, children’s play area, crown green bowling, putting, boating lake (currently drained for construction works), grassed areas, memorials and cafeteria.

For more information on the Queens Park restoration project visit the Queens Park web pages at: – then click ‘Leisure, Culture and Tourism’, then follow links to park the pages.

If you don’t have online access, you can request a paper copy from Queens Park manager Elaine Dodd, on 01270 537896.


The other change people can see is the fence by the lake has been removed so now you can walk right down to the lake.


The Autumn colours are changing daily with some wonderful sites to be seen


Like this tree by the path


The squirrels are cheeky as ever collecting their nuts for winter




Sunday, October 3, 2010


queenspark 006

The mud mountain by the main rd is all but finished and has been levelled off. This was needed to stop the wall collapsing and to make it safe for disabled people. There is now a slight bank so it should now be ok for everyone.


This week the cafe had the concrete arrive for the floor so now all that is done


The outside they have started to put the sandstone brick in place so you begin to see what its going to look like

queenspark 005

Autumn colour is slowly coming in with the tree by the lodge starting to change

queenspark 069 

The trees near the War memorial are also starting to change and these are the most spectacular at this time of year.

queenspark 049 

Up near the bandstand the area has now been landscaped and is back to a flat surface after a long time being a mud hill


queenspark 050

In the same are people have asked if the floor in the Bandstand is finished the answer is as you can see is yes and it looks like new

queenspark 065


Monday, September 20, 2010

Sluice gate repair


The Sluice Gates at Tipkinder which are used to fill the Lake were getting a overhaul this week. Originally made in Crewe works they are generally working well but a few improvements are needed.


The Cafe is progressing with walls going up at a good rate of knots


The mud mountain near the main road has had bull dozers on it all week levelling it off and creating a slope into coronation walk thankfully the 3 million year old stone has now been removed from the walk into the office before someone through it away thinking it was rubbish


Its been a strange week with on one hand the Butterflies still out enjoying the flowers and what we think of as a winter visitor the Robin seen down by the lake


What is clear is that winter is on its way as Autumn comes to the park with the first trees starting to change colour the trees on the far side of the lake are the first to go. There will be some good pictures  in the near future as Autumn colour takes over



Friday, September 10, 2010

Park Meeting


This week we had the Friends meeting which was postponed from July and details can be found on the Friends of Queens park page


A lot of work has happened around the Cafe this week. The new steel work arrived and was put in place with a crane

DSCF0234 DSCF0242 DSCF0244

As you can see the cafe is now taking shape  with the basic walls and steel work in place you can appreciate the size of it now 



The fence around the lake has been replaced between the two bridges and the gardeners have been seeding the slope so it can be fully opened once the grass has grown. But it does mean you can now take some pictures of the lake


Outside the park by the Golf Coarse the path has now been laid which will be part of the cycle track to Nantwich



Finally the bowls hut walls are starting to grow and this was one of the hot topics at the meeting as to prevent the project going over budget the hut will not now have any shutters on the windows



Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lots of Work at the Park


The main drive is at its best with all the hard work the gardeners have done and everything is now in full bloom


The bowling hut is now getting underway again with the base concreted in


The cafe is beginning to take shape  as the wall near the lake is being built up



The metal fence near the lake has been removed between the bridges and you can now see the lake at its best. The duck were struggling after being used to going under it the plastic fence was keeping them guessing how to get under


Finally on the top near the bandstand were all the excess  mud  had built up they have bulldozers levelling it off so hopefully we will soon be able to use the new bandstand


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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fencing Removed

queenspark 041

The metal fencing around the lake was being removed to day and replaced with a nylon barrier which means you can see the lake better and take pictures of it now. The bank has to be grassed over to make it safe and they should start that this week. Up near the band stand the bull dozers were hard at work getting the top areas straight again

queenspark 026 queenspark 028


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Big Balls in the park

hs10 017

A strange site for anyone entering the park today as giant balls were seen floating about. It turned out the local firm  Zorb it events had brought the Zorb over for a fun day out so people could give them a try and there was lots of interest as the kids all wanted ago. The new play area was heavily used as well and the  official open is tommorow

hs10 033


Saturday, August 28, 2010

More on the Play Area

qp 001

Just to remind everyone there is no Procession this year for the Carnival

More pictures of the new children's play area they were just finishing painting the railings as I was there today. Its open but there will be an official opening on Tuesday

qp 003 qp 012 qp 013 qp 016

The Bowls hut is now back on track with the footings back in

qp 017

Over near the main entrance the mud mountain by Coronation Walk had bulldozers levelling it out. It will give us a flat road so its safe for disabled and all so help to support the outside wall which was in danger of collapsing. It will be levelled off  and a smooth path down to the walk

qp 020 qp 023

The Cafe now has the floor in and a few bricks


Friday, August 27, 2010

New Children's Play Area Open


The fences down the main entrance have now been moved right back to the Coronation Walk  so there is a lot more grass for people to walk on now


At the picnic area the railings have been taken down and moved to the new children's play area to stop children running into the road


Next to the picnic area the new range of keep fit equipment has now been installed so there is no excuse for not keeping fit


The equipment includes steppers twisters and press up equipment

DSCF1999 DSCF2001

The big news is the new play area will be open from Friday 27th August ready for the carnival


The last minute fittings going in are the swings


The swirly thing above


Trampoline above


Another swing type of thing


The railing are being installed that were removed from the picnic area. The opening is just in time as the kids are still off school and I have no doubt there will be lots coming to try out the new area.


Next door the Fair is in town ready fro the Carnival


Friday, August 20, 2010

The Return of Dobin


All go this week as a crane was on site putting up steel work for the Cafe


You can now start to see something happening with the cafe as it slowly starts to take shape


I wondered what was going on with the bowls hut I could have sworn the foundation had been put in but its all gone. It turns out they had made an error and been 1.3 meters out so they have had to start again


New keep fit equipment has gone in at the rear of the bowls hut so now you can get down to the park and have a free work out. I am sure the Park manager will be there every morning leading by example


A long last an old friend Dobin has returned to the Queens Park play area It an old favourite of many children and was condemned this year and removed. But now its back having been restored back to its former glory and to bring pleasure to the next generation of young children in the new play area


The play area other equipment is going in thick and fast but there is a delay for the massive climbing frame which first need planning permission.

The trees that were cut back last week at the Tipkinder entrance have now been felled



Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cafe and Play area


The main work on the cafe is the old flower beds at the back has been removed and new foundation are being installed. It has involved moving a lot of soil from the raised flower beds so the foundation could be laid


The play area work this week has been around getting in the safety surface and paths for the area so there doesnt seem to be a lot of work done but getting the safety base down is a big job


In the same area the two trees at the entrance have been trimmed right back and I believe they will be removed so new gates can be installed


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Eco Arts


Eco Arts from Moss Farm in Preston came down on Sunday to let people have a go at Willow Weaving. People of all ages took part learning how to make Birds and baskets from willow. It was surprisingly simple to do with both children and older people making things on the day.

You can contact Jeff or Heather Allen of Eco Arts tel 01772-435992 Mobile 07878-936346 or email



Friday, August 6, 2010

Cafe, Play area and Bowling


A new climbing frame above and swings below are the new pieces of equipment that have gone in this week on the play area


The Bowling green has the basic foundation now in see below


The Cafe the first layer of bricks is going down at a rate of knots so we can see things moving once more


The next meeting of the Friends of Queens Park is on the 8th September at 5:30 this time its in the lodge all are welcome


Friday, July 30, 2010

New Play Area


There are lots of new things going in on the new play area despite the bad weather we have been having. The sit on roundabout above


The sensory area has things to make noise and a Simon Say along with other sensory toys something the very young will love


A big spider climbing frame come trampoline has just gone in which seems like a lot of fun and the tyre swing frame is also in. More good news Dobbin(rocking horse off the old play area) is being renovated and will be back soon


Monday, July 26, 2010

Star Quest Talent Show

qp 011

A large crowd turned out at the Queens Park for the Star Quest Talent show put on by the Friends of Queens Park. The show ran from 12-2 o'clock with talent of all ages taking part. It included singer and dance troupes with members as young as five.


Some of the act that appeared at the show who were introduced by Cat radio and could win money and a session in a recording studio


  qp 015

An amusing picture below which has been happening over the last few days. Gangs of Gulls have decided the new Burma Island bridge make a great meeting point for Gulls. I have seen them congregating on there for several days I dont know what the attraction.

qp 008


Friday, July 23, 2010

UFO at the Queens Park?


It looked as if a UFO had landed at the park this week (picture above) but its part of the new play area which despite the rain is going ahead with great speed


New climbing equipment going in between showers of rain. Its been another week were the cafe and bowling green there has been work done but not a lot to see. The cafe looked like a new lake today as it was flooded with the rain. The footings are now in and its hoped the brick layers will be on site next week to start building so there will be something to see.


Play Area on Bowls update

Sunday, July 18, 2010


There has been a lot of work this week but not a lot to show for it as a lot has be prep work. Both the Bowls and the cafe foundations have been worked on but there isnt much to see just a bit of concrete


The play area is going in leaps and bounds and as it was only a 10 week contract there is lots to see. Many of the footings for the equipment are in and they have tried the swings and things in the week to ensure they fit

DSCF1691 DSCF1695

After some problems with the lake leaking it is now being filled slowly again but as they can only do it for 4 hours a day progress is slow. The gardeners had fun this week as they had to row out in a boat to weed the islands but it did get done and is now weed free.

Some fun in the week when the armed response unit was called to Tipkinder after some lads were discharging weapons in the woods. After a lot of people rand 999 a unit was dispatched its lucky no one was hurt shooting so close to the road even a air weapon can be deadly if it shoots a driver


Monday, July 12, 2010

Play Area


The cafe is now all gone and the foundation are underway for the new building with the concrete already in. There is not really very much to see at the moment.


The Play area is coming on in leaps and bounds with new section appearing almost daily they even have talking flowers in one area. At this rate it will soon be open and ready for the kids on holiday. The big equipment will be delayed as its that big it need planning permission.  DSCF1592

As normal the gardeners have a great flora display in the main entrance and its all ready full of summer colour



Monday, June 28, 2010

Cleaning Windows 7 in the Park

gf 009

Well not exactly cleaning Windows 7 or even windows 7 but a George Formby appreciation Society  after noon of fun and songs by the great old singergf 014


With singers from Dab Town and over the Border in Wales the concert went on for over 2 hours. The band tried to play quicker to finish faster but it didnt work. gf 019

A lot of people sat around on the lovely sunny day to listen the the great music its such a crying shame it could have been in the new bandstand after all thats what its there for but next perhaps. I am sure the band will be back to give us a tune another daygf 022 gf 029


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Restoration Progress



Everything is going on this week above the new play area is getting under way by Tipkinder with paths and foundations going in



The big mystery  this week is what are the green bales in the lake as seen above? The answer is to help stop the algae its basically straw bales  which should hold and collect the algae.


Over near the main lodge the mountain is growing this is in fact the old mountain from  by the bandstand being moved along with other rubbish to  the old path. Once finished it will cut out the old very steep path down to Coronation Walk which was unsuitable for wheel chair users. Once completed it will be a slight incline that everyone can use

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The Cafes last Days




The Cafe saw its last this week The roof tiles were removed in the week and by Thursday (above) they were removing the roof



Today all that is left is a pile of bricks but the dozer made a perfect  frame for the war memorial. Its hoped work can start next week building the new one but it may take some time to clear the rubbishDSCF1452

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Going Going Gone


The work on the Bowling Green has started and its soon been knocked down all that is left is a pile of rubbish . The Bowling green is till open so people can still playDSCF1317

The cafe should have been knocked down this week but has been delayed as they had to check the roof for Bats before they could knock it down. Its hopped the work will start next week

A reminder to everyone the Friends meeting is not on next week as it clashes with the football


Cafe Update

qp 003

The bowling Green above and the cafe are the next things to be renovated. The Cafe has been fenced off ready and demolition will start Wednesday/Thursday this week. They will have to start work early and work late as they cant bring any lorries into the park during the day so they have to fetch everything in before 9 o'clock

qp 008

The Lake is half full or is it half empty but its looking good after all this time qp 023


Lake still filling


As you can see the lake is still being filled at the rate of 4 hours a day. They cant fill it any more due to restriction of the Environment Agency as it would effect wildlife etc down stream. Its beginning to look good and the duck are still having a great time


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lake is being Filled


The sluice gates were closed today and the lake started to fill  after years of being empty. The duck thought it was their birthday as they all dived into the water as it flooded in. It will take some time to fill the lake up to two weeks as they can only fill it for 4 hours at a time as any longer than that and the stream across the golf coarse would dry up and could effect wildlife. Still it was a magnificent site to see the water final flowing into the lake. It will look so different with water in.

Did you know the lake holds 32,397 tons of water about 6,672,928 imperial gallons give or take a pint or two, its hard to get an exact figure as its not a flat surface but it does give a rough idea of the amount of water. More pictures as the lake fills soon


Monday, June 7, 2010


Friday, June 4, 2010

Cafe final days

A few pictures of the Bandstand now its all done. It is looking very good and its the first part of the park to be finished

The landing stage is all but finished and by next week the final touches should be done and that will be another job done. This is one of the things holding up filling of the lake.

I grabbed these final shots of cafe before work starts next week to demolish it



Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Queens Park Refurbishment is motoring ahead

The viewing area by the lake is now finished as you can see in the above photo, and the landing stage is nearly complete and should be finished next week.

Queens Park Refurbishment is motoring ahead with Playground works commencing as from the middle of next week with initial site preliminary works. Contractors are Country Landscapes, who are installing equipment from the Wickstead range. The range of equipment has been selected given aspirations from Sir William Stanier School at Coppenhall, students have been working closely with Cheshire East Council to ensure younger visitors get a playground which will provide much play satisfaction. They were also keen to ensure the range was inclusive for those with mobility difficulties and also sensory equipment, plus their 'wish list' included equipment to appeal to all ages. Their consultation included liaison with their Feeder Schools so it our represented youth talking to other young people, ultimately driving the final design and selection. The inclusive element has also received a financial 'boost' from fundraising done by ex The Worshipful the Mayor Councillor S Roberts. It is envisaged the playground will be completed by the end of August although an earlier date is hoped to be achieved.

Progress regarding the filling of Queens Park Lake. Some birds can be seen to be nesting on the bed of the lake at this time, these will need to hatch whilst final preparation works continue to enable this to happen. There is also some debris causing a blockage from the Valley Brook following dumping into the Brook waters which are being cleared. It is likely water filling will commence towards the middle/end of this month. The initial filling of waters will need to be gradual and monitored to ensure there is no leakage or other problems.

Finally, the Building Contractor - Tolent who did the park bridges - take possession of the buildings this week. Works to the Cafeteria will commence the second week of June, with temporary catering facilities provided at weekends and school holidays. Works to the Games Pavilion commence the week following, again temporary facilities will be provided for Bowlers and other users.

All of these imminent elements will be vast move forward in her refurbishment programme.

Exciting plans for the play area


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Work Update

There is still only minor work going on this week. The wood for the landing stage is now on site and being put into place. This is holding up the filling of the lake as the lake cant be filled until the work is done or the men will be working underwater.

Over the other side the wall by the viewing area has now been removed as it was in a state and the work is progressing there. The Cafe and the play area will hopefully be starting soon.



Free Pet Check

The PDSA were at the park today offering a free pet check. You could take your dog along and have a full check which included weight, eyes, coat and teeth check. The nurse was there to offer advice to those who needed it.

The park is at a standstill at the moment with only minor work in progress like the lake landing stage which is being rebuilt and the new wood should be here in a week or so. Soon to start are the Cafe and children's play area


Latest Friends Meeting on the friends page

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Friends Meeting

The next meeting of the Queens Parks Friends is on Wednesday 5th May at 5:30 at the cafe everyone is welcome.
Some landscaping of the banks near Morton Rd have been going on this week


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Queens Park Bridges


All the bridges are now finished bar a few cosmetic fittings above the Burma Bridge from Morton Road

Coronation Bridge taken from out side the park with a Fugi s1500 Finpix with 12

optical zoom note the wall is now finished

Same bridge from the other side

Pictures of the massive Broadwalk Bridge one of the biggest bridges of its kind.

Below the bridge with daffs out


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Broadwalk Bridge


Its been a buzzy week at the Queens Park the island by the golf coarse has now been planted out ready for summer

The Broadwalk Bridge is all but finished above early in the week they were lowering the last parts into place and then came the job of putting down the actual rails.

A view of the bridge behind the daffs and spring color

By the end of the week the path to the bridge was well underway as you can see it was just a big hole on Monday. By Friday the bridge was but finished just minor things to be done to finish it off



Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Broadwalk Bridge


A massive crane was on site today to finish lifting the final part of the bridge into place

There had been problems last week when the crane refused to lift as the wind was to high but with today being a nice day all went well

The final piece goes in and the rails and cross member have now to be installed


Island Planting


The second island is being planted and the gardeners are working hard to finish it. That is two island now planted with only Burma Island left to plant

The main entrance is a spectacle of Spring colour and well worth a visit


Friday, April 9, 2010

Broadwalk Bridge Update


Unfortunately, there has been some delays through the weather causing concerns with this installation which remains underway.As you now it was hoped to complete the installation around Easter so we are about 1 week behind.

Health and safety considerations means the large crane cannot operate with winds 25+mph. Last week these averaged 23mph and so was too close to the tolerance for installation.

The good news is the first section is in. It is anticipated the second section will be Thursday of this week, weather permitting – winds forecasted at 12mph at this time. Unfortunately, there was no crane availability to rearrange for today.It will take probably a week to install and complete, with the decking the week following.

Contractors remain on site and are top soiling the lake edges at this time. Also, they are finishing the installation of the handrails on the Burma Star Bridges; additionally they are working with our gardeners to enable the West Island to be planted up this week.

But as you can see there are some good floral displays at the park with spring bedding now in full bloom

The wall on the lake is nearly finished and the island near the golf coarse is ready for planting any time now


Broadwalk Bridge


The Island planting near Tipkinder is now complete and the gardeners will be moving onto the other Islands to prepare them for planting

The second section of the bridge is in and they are putting the decking on. The rest of the section are being put on hold until Tuesday as the strong winds are giving problems with the crane


Broadwalk Bridge  29th march 2010


The bridge over Broad walk was being put into place today but due to the size and complexity they were having trouble getting it to fit. They had to take it out and put it back a few times and by 3 o'clock they only had the first section in and it looks as if it will continue tomorrow.

The Daffs our now coming out along the main walk at a rapid pace

Lots of gardeners were out planting the island today as it needs to be done before any water is in the lake.


Broadwalk Bridge  Friday 26 March


As reported the other day they had trouble getting the giant steel support into and in the end it had to be done the next day. It was just down to a safety computer on the crane which wouldn't let it lift the steel as it was to windy.
However on Thursday the wind had dropped and the support was in place.

There is now some work to do on site welding the top supports onto the steel and as you can see in the above picture that is now going ahead the bridge its self which you can see in the background will be lifted into place on Monday as the men are working over the weekend to get everything ready

The metal supports for the end of the bridge were lifted into place. The work will then be completed by Thursday night when all the bridges will be fully installed. One of the Burma Bridges has yet to be lowered a few feet after the initial settling period. The contractor Tolent will then be leaving the site after Easter but its hoped they will get the Cafe contract so they can start work straight away

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Broadwalk Bridge


Work Started today trying to get the giant steel work in for the Broadwalk bridge which will be lifted into place on Thursday. They managed to get the base fixed with little problems. But then the giant crane hit a snag it has a computer control which measures the wind speed and it would not let them lift as the wind speed was to high. They needed to lift the massive steel supports very high over the trees in order to lower it into place but by 3 o'clock they still couldn't do it due to high wind speed. I have know doubt they lifted it in the end but we watch for several ours as they kept trying only to be defeated by the computer and weather. More reports tomorrow


Queens Park Grandest Bridge To Be Lifted Into Place


Picture the new massive steel structure on site on Friday ready for installation on Monday

Another milestone in the multi-million pound restoration of Crewe’s Queens Park takes place next week with the installation of its grandest bridge.

Following this week’s positioning of the Burma Star Bridge, Thursday (March 25) will see the 40-metre Broadwalk bridge hoisted into place over the Coronation Walk dip.

The structure, which is six metres wide, will span the steep incline to improve access between the two halves of the park.

A giant crane will lift the arches in four separate pieces and install them on a huge steel central support.

The bridge beams are constructed of sustainable ekki hardwood, a longer-lasting timber which reduces the pressures of logging on the forests of the world.

Self-preserving and with self-repairing properties, its timbers can only be machined as the wood is too tough to work with hand tools.

The new structure is the latest development in the Heritage Lottery-funded £6.5m restoration of the 45-acre park, which will eventually house five impressive bridges.

Councillor Andrew Knowles, Cabinet member with responsibility for health and wellbeing, said: “The lifting into place of the Burma Star Bridge was a sight to behold and I am sure the Broadwalk installation will be just as spectacular.

“The new bridge will be a very impressive structure and will be particularly welcomed by people with pushchairs and wheelchair users, who will no longer be forced to negotiate the steep incline.
Below the last bridge on Burma island now fully installed

“The park restoration is really gathering pace now thanks to the hard work of the design team whose members are seeking to complete works ahead of schedule wherever possible.

“Over the coming months, park users will notice more big changes as more areas re-open to the public.”

The next stage in the restoration will be the completion of the lake edges and bed, with the filling of the lake scheduled for summer.

The design and selection of the new playground equipment - in conjunction with Sir William Stanier School - is currently being finalised and will be installed in time for the school summer holidays.

Anyone who would like to find out more about the restoration is welcome to attend the next meeting of the Friends of Queens Park this Wednesday (March 24) at 6pm in the park cafeteria.

Regular updates are available by mail. Please contact Queens Park Manager Elaine Dodd on 01270 537896 to register your details.


Second Burma Bridge Arrives March 17th 2010


The second Burma Bridge arrived to day just one week after the last one This time a heavier crane was need to get the bridge into place

View of the new bridge from the far side of the lake (Morton rd end) so you can see what the two bridges now look like. Notice the wall around the lake which has been completed

The crane lifting the bridge into place. next week is the big week when the long awaited Broadwalk bridge comes. As its so big this will take 3 days starting Monday when the steel support will arrive and this will have to be welded on site. Its hoped to have the bridge in by Wednesday ready for the Friends meeting which is on Wednesday at 6 o'clock at the cafe everyone is invited to attend.
There is now like 2 weeks for the contractor on site and the job will be finished its hoped the same firm will get the contract for the new cafe as they are already on site and can start straight away.


Burma Island Bridge


More pictures of yesterdays bridge which is now full installed. Above the bridge from the lake Tipkinder end

The new bridge from across the lake Morton road end taken with a Fugi S1500 12X Zoom

The bridge taken from the Gold Coarse with the island in the foreground which is being renovated you can see that its being heightened a lot to match other Islands

The Island near Tipkinder now renovated and dug over ready for the new planting any day now

Another visitor to the park the South African Shelduck seen walking about the park



Burma Star Bridge Spectacularly Lifted into Place


The Burma Star Bridge – the second largest landmark bridge in Crewe’s Queens Park – was hoisted into place on Wednesday (March 17)
From 11am onwards, A 300 tonne crane lifted the 22.5 tonne bridge into place.
The Burma Star Bridge – named so after the Second World War Campaign in the Burma jungles – will arch over the Burma Star Island and Memorial, which is also undergoing renovation.
It’s all part of a £6.5m restoration of the park, thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund. Eventually, the 45-acre park will house five impressive bridges.
Councillor Andrew Knowles, Cabinet member with responsibility for parks, said the special occasion was close to his heart.
His uncle, James Knowles, who served as a Chindit during the Burma campaign, died in 1944 aged just 20 years-old. To this day, Andrew has kept a medal he won as a keepsake.
He added: “This will be an important part of Crewe’s history when this bridge finally settles into place.
“This incredible Victorian park is slowly being brought back to its former glory thanks to Cheshire East Council and its funding partners, as well as all the help and support from members of the public who have been extremely patient during renovations.”
The Burma Star Bridge is a tribute to the Burma Star Association who refer to themselves as the “Forgotten Regiment”.
The Burma Star Association was officially founded on the 26 February 1951, with 2000 founder members who exist to promote the comradeship experienced during the bitter fighting in the jungles of Burma, as well as help members and their families in times of ill-health and poverty.
The Association has representatives from the Royal Navy, Army Royal Air Force and Royal British Legion on the National Council.

The bridge being lifted with the steel work. Most of the work was done by 3pm but the second part of the bridge hadn't arrived at that time

What the bridge will look like when the lake is filled

Besides the bridge the new wall near Burma Island was going in around the lake

Further down the new wall by the golf coarse was cracking on as well.

More pictures soon as there is a lot happening at the moment


Queens Park Progress

March 4th 2010


Click on the picture to see it full screen

A progress report on the state of play at the park. Details have been announced of when work will be done and finished.

Work done so far is Dredging, Tree removal, Railings, Bandstand and Drain repair.

Work to be competed by June 2010 Bridges and Lake, New Play Area. Planting on the Islands

Work to be done by June 2011 Footpaths, New Depot Main Pavilion, Bowls pavilion, Lodges and Clock, Boer War Memorial, Gates and Coronation Walk


The last of the footing for the Broad walk has now been done ready for the new bridge

A lot of work has been done this week on walls around the lake above is Burma Island wall almost completed and the bank wall leading to it from Tipkinder

Work on a new section of wall near the new bridge was well underway today and the top stones on the islands were going on. Planting of the islands is expect in the next couple of weeks subject to weather

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snow progress


Progress has been slow at the park this week due to snow, frost and rain. The stones for the top of the wall were due to be done but couldn't be done with it freezing. There has work been done on the Broadwalk as the template for the bridge is being framed ready for concrete.

A lot of the hardcore 800 tons that was used to get the bridge in last week is being removed to be used in other parts of the park.

Burma Island has been cleaned up ready for the bridges and planting and work on the other islands has gone ahead ready for being planted.

Our friendly rare Mandarin duck is still strutting about the park and looks a bit like Roadrunner keep your eyes open for him.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Second Bridge arrives at Queens Park


The second bridge arrived at the park today. It taken all week to lay over 800 tons of hardcore in order to get the crane and bridge on site with over 300 tons just for the crane. Its not the biggest bridge but as it has steep paths to it there was difficulty getting a massive lorry and crane down to the site.

It started at about 11 o'clock when the steel work came first and was lifted into place as we all held our breath. As it was built off site and the tolerance was in millimeters would it fit? Well it was perfect right down to the bolt holes. The steel had struts on it so two parts could be lifted at once. It took to about 1:30 to bolt the steel in place.

The bridge then came on site being reversed down a steep hill on a big lorry this was a good bit of driving on the drivers part with only inches to spare. The bridge was split into two parts and lifted into place with no problems. It gives a good idea of what the new bridges will look like when its all finished. The next bridges for Burma Island are expected about 17th March

The steel structure in place waiting fro the bridge

The bridge arrives on the lorry ready to be lifted

The first section being lifted into place

The second section is lowered spot on

The bridge complete with just some boards to go on it.

While we were watching the bridge we caught site of the rare mandarin Duck swimming in the lake I had not seen it for a couple of weeks since I last took its picture but its still here

Work was also going on around Burma Island to build up the base to the new wall the new coping stones for the lake walls are expected next week when there will be lots of bricklayers on site to get them laid


The friends meeting Feb 9th 2010 is here


Friday, February 12, 2010


The wall around Burma island has been built for most of this week

The second landmark bridge is to be installed at the historic Victorian, Queens Park, in Crewe next week.

The bridge is 14.5 metres long and is supported by tubular steel with timber beams, decking walkway and handrails.

Last month the very first bridge, Tipkinder, was installed to a fanfare of media and public attention and Coronation Bridge is promised to be even more impressive.

The media are invited to witness this historic installation on Wednesday, February 17 from 12 noon. The installation is expected to last throughout the afternoon. Please come to the Tipkinder entrance off Queens Park Drive.

Members of the public are also being encouraged to come along and witness history before their eyes. For those who want to get a close-up view please call the park manager, Elaine Dodd, on 01270 537896 so she can arrange a public viewing area.

To allow these extensive works to be carried out, around two thirds of the park have been closed off to the public, but it’s hoped that three quarters of the park will have been re-opened by the end of the year.
Other works in the pipeline include a planning application for replacement buildings, the largest of which is the new pavilion to replace the Jubilee Cafeteria built in the 1970s.

Modern in design, it will be made out of sandstone and glass to give customers impressive views over the park’s grand grounds.

Planning permission for a new bowling pavilion is currently under-way and designers are in talks with the Queens Park Bowling Club to get the best facility possible. Both buildings will have newly refurbished public toilets.

Derek Morgan, Chairman of the Friends of Queens Park Group, said, “Things will start to move very quickly during the Spring and Summer months. People will start to see a real difference as the Park is brought back to its former glory”.

The East and West lodges will also be improved and up-dated and there are plans for a “Memorabilia Lounge” at the West lodge.

Councillor Roy Cartlidge, of the Crewe West Ward, who has supported the project throughout, added, “The installation of the main bridges will be a significant part of the Park’s history and are intended to last the next hundred years and beyond. “


Queens Park Treasure


A nice little item for the past turned up at Queens Park thanks to Mrs Marjorie Taylor from Bedford Street.

Marjorie obtained this little treasure from Sam and Francis Buckingham’s clearance shop, once situated on Nantwich Road, some 35 years ago.

It’s a small handbag mirror depicting a picture of Queens Park Lodges and the Clock Tower. We don’t know what is was produced for or when and wonder if anyone else out there may have any information or anything similar? It’s likely there will be a memorabilia room in the Lodge once the refurbishment is completed; so dig out those small items of treasure for anything you may wish to donate.

Its believed that there were also medal given out at the park

If you have any objects contact

Elaine Dodd

Queens Park Manager

West Lodge, Queens Park,

Victoria Ave, Crewe CW2 7SE

Tel: 01270 537896


Friday, February 5, 2010

Tree Fellers at the Queens Park


The lake wall section by Burma island has now been built in a very short time and more wall building is going ahead this week

This week we have seen the tree fellers working in the park removing dead trees like the one on the island above which will be replanted in the near future. other trees in the park have been felled and pruned as needed.

Date of next meeting for Friends of Queens park is on Tuesday 9th February 2010- 6pm Jubilee Cafeteria

Everyone is welcome so come along and get a free brew and get the latest news on the park. We hope to see you there but failing that we will report after the meeting what happens


Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Queens Park Mad House


The workmen at the park have been working like mad men this week. In fact they seem to keep popping up from everywhere. Yesterday the bridge arrived and 24 hours latter its i and the path has been made up to it already. It had been reinforced to take the weight of the crane but by today the path has been remade

Burma Island in last weeks pictures there was no rocks at the cafe side but this week both layers have been put in place and the wall is close to being finished

The wall around the lake was started this week and you can see how much has been done already this week. The wall doesn't go all the way around as some of the lake has a soft edge. So all in all its a mad house with work going great guns and people can see the difference every day. As you can see the conditions are not ideal as there is a lot of water around from the snow which is hampering the work


Thursday, January 28, 2010

First Bridge back in the Queens Park


At 10 o'clock today the new sluice bridge was on the back of a lorry from Huddersfield waiting to be list into position at the Tipkinder end of the lake. It took some time to get the crane right but at 1 o'clock the list began

The crane lifted the bridge over our heads and swung it around into position.

We were all surprised at the size of the bridge as it seemed a lot bigger than we had thought

By 1:30 it was in place and the finally fixing was being done

This was the first of the bridges which should have come in December but due to the snow and ice had to be put back. As a result of that they now intend to get the next 3 bridges in in the next few weeks and they will be trying to do the three at once. Today's bridge is the small one so getting the other on site and in place should be a spectacular show.

It was noticeable today that work was progressing at an alarming rate with work men everywhere, Burma island stone work had none at the front last week but yesterday they had the bottom layer in and today the next layer was going on. Watch this page as we will be reporting weekly as things happen


Sunday, January 24, 2010

This week at Queens Park


The lake has only just unfrozen after the snow an ice and work is hampered by very wet conditions.

 The work on Burma Island has continued and they are close to finishing the surrounding structure

On Broadwalk the new footings for the bridge support is now in and the bridges shouldn't be to long now with the first on expected next week

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Arrival of First Bridge into Queens Park


Arrival of First Bridge into Queens Park
Media Invite - Wednesday, January 27, 2010 at 10am
The first in a series of landmark bridges will be installed at Crewe’s Queens Park next week, when the region’s press is invited to record this historic moment.
Queens Park, the only formal park in Crewe, is more than 130 years old and is currently undergoing a £6.5 million pound restoration, thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund.
Altogether the 45-acre park will eventually house five bridges, the first of which is Tipkinder Bridge over the inlet at the entrance to the park.
It’s the smallest of the five bridges at 7.3 metres in length and is made from timber and steel.
The most impressive structure will be Broadwalk Bridge, which will be 40 metres in length and will be unveiled later on this year.
Councillor Andrew Knowles, Cabinet Member with Responsibility for Parks, said: “The installation of Tipkinder Bridge marks the beginnings of a new chapter in the history of Queens Park.
“Since the 1870s, this wonderful public amenity – handed to the people of Crewe by the London and North Western Railway Company - has brought enjoyment to generations of Crewe families, and will continue to do so with a modern twist on the traditional Victorian park.”
To allow these extensive works to be carried out, around two thirds of the park have been closed off to the public, but it’s hoped that three quarters of the park will have been re-opened by the end of the year.
Other works in the pipeline include a planning application for replacement buildings, the largest of which is the new pavilion to replace the Jubilee Cafeteria built in the 1970s.

Modern in design, it will be made out of sandstone and glass to give customers impressive views over the park’s grand grounds.

Planning permission for a new bowling pavilion is currently under-way and designers are in talks with the Queens Park Bowling Club to get the best facility possible. Both buildings will have newly refurbished public toilets.

Derek Morgan, Chairman of the Friends of Queens Park Group, said, “Things will start to move very quickly during the Spring and Summer months. People will start to see a real difference as the Park is brought back to its former glory”.

The East and West lodges will also be improved and up-dated and there are plans for a “Memorabilia Lounge” at the West lodge.

Councillor Roy Cartlidge, of the Crewe West Ward, who has supported the project throughout, added: “The installation of the main bridges will be a significant part of the Park’s history and are intended to last the next hundred years and beyond. “

Filming, radio, photographic and interview opportunities available by contacting:

Beverley Walkden
Media Relations
Cheshire East Council
01270 686 585 / 07533 873 778


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Pavilion Design


The new pavilion design is finalized and presented here. Work will start around Easter time on the new pavilion which is highly energy efficient and can be divided into areas so it can be used for small groups

It is designed to mimic the main entrance which has a lodge each side and the tower in the middle. The pavilion has the same two structures and the war memorial in the middle. Being mostly glass it will give a great view through it onto the lake

The Boer war statue will be restored and the base will be dug out as the original footing are still there. This will mean people can then read the names of the fallen.

What is interesting is there will be guns brought back like the original inn the picture above. But it will be interesting to see what we get the was a lot of controversial talk about the guns as at the time the guns used were not the type used in the Boer war and a lot of complaints were voiced at the time. So will we get Boer war guns or just old ones we will ask at the next meeting




I spotted the ducks in the snow and this one caught my eye its not our normal duck we get in the park. It looks like some sort of wood duck can anyone tell us what it is and is it rare in the Park?

We have found out
The Duck is a Male Mandarin. Not all that rare but very nice to have in an urban park and not very often in this part of the world


Weather delays new bridge January 6th 2010

The bandstand looking good in the snow

The first new bridge should have arrived today but it had to be called off due to the weather. The park like the rest of Crewe is covered in snow and very slippery in places so it wasnt safe to work on the bridge. Its hopped it will be installed next week if the weather improves

The lake is frozen over but the ducks have found there own little pond and being fed by visitor

Another view of the frozen lake

The main entrance to the park under snow