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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Barriers Down


All  the barriers have now been removed from the park so you are free to walk anywhere now. They have been replaced with signs telling  you to take care. The fences were doing no good as they were anyway.


The big news is the vandals have struck  again with a memorial seat being smashed to fire wood and the above smashed in the Coronation walk. Its been highlighted in the local paper and Radio Stoke are doing a broadcast on it as well. This is mostly due to the lack of wardens in the park  and all the money spent will be wasted if they destroy everything thats been done.


A lot of the geese seem to have gone this week and now we have mostly gulls of all shapes and sizes like the Vega Gulls



A burst of colour in the park with I think the only Gorse bush in there near the monkey hut.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dan The Man


Dan Band one of the gardeners at the park was one of the three apprentices awarded Apprentice of the year. He has been doing stage two of the horticultural qualification and now going to move on to stage three. Well done to him and George his constant supervisor who make sure he is always working.


I noticed the Bandstand rain dripping everywhere the other day it seems the drains have fell apart.


The exercise area is getting a make over this week as it was raised at a friends meeting that it was muddy when wet. They are now putting concrete down around all the equipment   so it will be ok when it rains.


Volunteers wanted. I visited the bench grave yard this week all the old benches are stacked up and un loved many only want minor repairs. We are after volunteers to fix them and get that back in the park. These are all benches that people have bought to remember their loved ones but they are not the councils responsibility  a sits up to the owners but of coarse many have passed away or moved. It would be nice to get them repaired and back into the park any wood work experts ideal anyone retired that could give a few hours to fix them?


They even get wrecked by kids using them for swings under the bridge


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tents in the Queens Park

queenspark 003

I thought we had squatters in the park with all the tents by the main entrance but it was a scouts sleep over. Lots of scouts are sleeping in the park Saturday night and what a nice night to do it.


If they get hungry then what about this whopper in the lake this week and stranger still we say a terrapin in the lake this week as well not what you expect but I didnt catch a picture of it.


Its been a lovely week with lots of sun and people enjoying the park. A lot of complaints about the weed seen above on Tuesday. The Environment Agency have now given permission to treat it. You cant do anything to the lake without them as it could effect water down stream.

queenspark 010 

A picture taken the same place as the above on Saturday and the weed has diminished by a vast amount. I have seen the dusk eating it all week. While its not all gone it looks a lot better.


The cafe looks very nice and is reflected in the lake this week. The cafe has put out water bowls for dogs this week and if there isnt any out please ask at the cafe. They are hoping to supply meals for dogs so you can have a snack and get one for your dog as well. They are also looking into getting proper food for the ducks and wild birds.


Picture of the island near the golf coarse on a calm sunny day.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Step Back in Time

The Queens Park will be closed from the 15th to the 19th approx. while resurfacing work is done on the main path.


The Park seems to be in a time warp last week the clock tower was clear of scaffolding but this week its back again just like stepping back in time. It has to be repointed.


Along with the clock Elaine was stepping back in time getting ready for the grand opening which is a step back in time with everyone dressed in Victorian costumes if you are a group and havent signed up yet be sure to get your names down.


At the band stand end the path from the bandstand to the Boer war memorial has now been laid ready for the opening.



The Monkey hut has now been restored to its former glory but there is no seats in it as there used to be.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Gatehouse lodges update

queenspark 004

The work on the lodges is well under way and the rear of the lodge above has been knocked down all ready. Scaffolding is going up around the lodges so the roof etc can be done.

queenspark 020

The second chimney on the bowls club is now visible and the roof is under way. The  work done over a week doesn't show up well in a photo unless you look close at the weekly pictures to see the changes.

queenspark 051

Our friend the Mandarin Duck has stayed with us over the winter and is looking very colourful at this time of year.

queenspark 079

I caught site of this cheeky chappy  having his dinner on one of the bird box's

queenspark 061.

At Morton road end the clean up continues and the Monkey hut is now free from rubbish and the area is clean. Hopefully it wont be long before we can get the paths done and get round that side.

queenspark 070

By the lake at the golf coarse end a tree has suffered from the high winds and come down with a bump


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wildlife Invasion


The Queens Park has been invaded by wildlife this week with what seems like hundreds of Canadian Geese there was so  many you couldnt see the grass in places for them a rough count suggest around 300 are in the park.


What has got everyone talking is the return of two swans that came back on Tuesday. They are very tame taking bread from peoples hands. Everyone is delighted to see them back again..



A Shovel duck made an appearance this week

Shovelers are surface feeing ducks with huge spatulate bills. Males have dark green heads, with white breasts and chestnut flanks. Females are mottled brown. In flight birds show patches of light blue and green on their wings. In the UK they breed in southern and eastern England, especially around the Ouse Washes, the Humber and the North Kent Marshes, and in much smaller numbers in Scotland and western parts of England. In winter, breeding birds move south, and are replaced by an influx of continental birds from further north. The UK is home to more than 20% of the NW European population, making it an Amber List species.


The Jay was seen out in pairs also this week but they are hard to spot as they move about quickly.


Some nice Autumn colour about this week this nice tree under the broadwalk bridge.


The trees behind the clock tower have turned into a nice display also


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Autumn comes to the park


It was Autumn  in the park the gardeners have the winter beading out on the main drive


The trees are showing signs of Autumn  but the colours haven't been so good this year maybe the warm spell so late has effected it


Tel: 01270 537896
14™ - 17th February - 1 hr workshop time tbc Queens Park, Victoria Ave., Crewe CW2 7SE MAKE YOUR OWN BIRD BOX
Create your own bird box, take it home and watch with interest the feathered friends
who visit your garden.
With the CEC Countryside Ranger Service
£3 material supplied. Booking Line 01260 297237
January to March 2012
'Spring Watch in Queens Park' FREE Queens Park, Victoria Ave., Crewe CW2 7SE Presented by The Pickle Jar at the Lakeside
Running from January to March 2012 primary schools, in the Cheshire East area, are invited to take part in our Spring Watch' project This will provide an opportunity for children to literally track spring as it happens through observation of plants and animals and support it with photographs they take and pictures they draw Joined by the 'Friends of the Park' and Cheshire Wildlife Trust', together with other groups from across East Cheshire to provide support and information those involved.
This project is sponsored, supported and organised by The Pickle Jar at the Lakeside - the new cafe in the pavilion building in Queens Park. They will be providing an area in a corner of the cafe with display boards for each school to track what they have seen and recorded, and to display individual work from children. We also looking at a series of events to which everyone will be invited and the children will be able to take part. We look forward to seeing you! If you are interested then please contact either Tim or Rachel on: OR call them on 01606 551122
Queens Park, Crewe - Events Programme Queens Park, Victoria Ave., Crewe CW2 7SE Most Sundays 2pm - 4pm
See Or tel 01270 537896 for more details.
Sunday 6th May - 2pm - 4pm Bischofsheim Accordion Orchestra
Wonderful German Band visiting our own Crewe Brass Band, from Crewe's twinned town of Bischofsheim
Sun 17th 4 24th June 2pm-4pm Queens Park, Victoria Ave., Crewe CW2 7SE Clay Art Workshop
Join Sheila to create your own Queens Park keepsake with the 'Friends of Queens Park'! Creations made on the 4th Painted on the 10,h. £3 material supplied
Booking Line 01270 537896 Or, email elaine.dodd(S)
PROV..... Sun 26th August 2pm,-10pm
Folk 'n' Ale Event
Presented by Volume      Pre-promotion poss Sat Set-up Sun am. Sat 4th November
Crewe & Nantwich Lions Association Queens Park, Victoria Ave., Crewe CW2 7SE
Fireworks Display   5pm Gates Open    8pm Fireworks


Sunday, July 31, 2011

Queen Victoria's Big Nose

How many of you have noticed Queen Victoria’s big nose


If you look on the clock tower you will see she now has a big nose. It should be a image as found on the penny black but they got it wrong and will now have to be corrected.


There is good news on the cafe above we can see the woodland walk next to the cafe. The new owners of the cafe the Pickle Jar hope to have it open by the 22nd August maybe with a basic menu to start with but are hoping to put on more menu soon.


The lake has turned a nasty green with weed and algae which the gardeners have been fishing out but it does look a mess.

Sadly the Grebes seem to have gone and their eggs are missing as reported last week kids were seen trying to steal the eggs. We dont know if they succeeded in stealing the eggs and the Grebes then moved on or not but its a sad reflection on society when this happens.

pupils from Edleston primary school and friends

Some more pictures of the Royal visit with Charlie Chaplin

Queens Park 054Queens Park 074Queens Park 138Queens Park 193Queens Park 201Queens Park 207Queens Park 212Queens Park 236 

Nice to see the old train is alive and well just a shame it cant stay in the park but if it was there it would be on Ebay by night fall



Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gone in 60 Seconds

queenspark 044

All I have heard this week is complaints from people about the cutting down of trees by the new cafe. The above picture was taken last week.

queenspark 021

This is what it looks like this week with the trees gone. They have removed a lot of trees so the view from the cafe is better and you will be able to see some of the lake. From the cafe side you will see the picture below but from the cafe you will be slightly higher.

queenspark 014

queenspark 030

Above is the area next to the cafe were a lot of trees have been removed. What do you think should the trees have been removed just so you can get a better view?

queenspark 003

In the main drive way the sprig bedding its looking good in the sunshine.

queenspark 050

I was surprised to catch two Jays in the park while they are not a rare bird they are hard to take pictures of as they dont often break cover and are wary of people but with the Fugi HS10 with 30* optical zoom I managed to catch this one

queenspark 052

Finally the next Friends meeting has been cancelled we will let you know when its due 


Sunday, February 27, 2011



There is work going on at the park but its hard to show much change from last week that can be seen in a picture. The lodge has now got scaffolding around it ready for the work to begin. As you can see we are starting to see the first flush of spring as the pansies come into flower.


The cafe you can just see the bricks on the front triangles but there is still so much scaffolding that its hard to see but once again the flowers brighten the place up


This site has put together the most complete record and pictures every gathered in one spot of the Queens Park Crewe with old pictures to the modern day Click on any picture on the site for a full screen picture


 PC Help

You can see what has happened week by week over the last years by viewing the old news pages below








The Queens Park Blog is now @


Welcome to the news page for 2011 which we hope will be the last year as hopefully the park will be finished this year by May

New Wildlife pictures from the park




The grand opening event all the pictures are here



Monday, December 26, 2011

Mandarin Duck returns



Being Xmas week there is little doing in the park this week but the Mandarin duck has come back again looking as good as ever



Sunday, December 18, 2011

Winter Arrives in Queens Park


Happy Xmas to all my readers remember the park is open Xmas day.

Winter has moved in this week and above the birds are standing on a frozen lake if you view it full screen you see the strange reflections of the birds up side down.


Later in the week the council had all the paths resurfaced with a new type of tarmac which looked a lot like snow LOL. You can see how big the flakes were coming down and there was just me in the park that day.




Monday, December 12, 2011

More havoc and destruction


On Monday I did a Radio interview with Radio Stoke in the Queens park about the vandalism that has taken place lately. After the interview a walk around the park revealed the yobs had struck again this time the Gulf War memorial had bee attacked by the mind less yobs. A memorial for people who gave their live in service of their country and yobs just show no respect for the ultimate sacrifice.


The problem continue as you walk by Broadwalk Bridge to find all the cones have been thrown down under the bridge and even as far as the rock pool by the lake


On a lighter note the Pampas grass by the Diana memorial is still in full bloom



Sunday, November 13, 2011

Remember this


Nothing happening in the park but the gardeners have done a good job of planting up the Boer War memorial lets see how long that stay nice before the kids are allowed on it by parents?

Park 0156-TIFF-(Arc)-[CP8800]

Some older pictures of the park do you remember how it used to be?

Crewe Park Gardens 001-[CP8800]

Coronation Walk

Queens Park 002-[CP8800]

Lake with the old bridges in the distance

Queens Park 006b Jun 2005-[CP8800]

Main Drive with the big trees

Queens Park 011-[CP8800]

Lake with the island full of trees

Queens Park 027-[CP8800]

Main Entrance  again

Queens Park 034-[CP8800]

Two lake pictures with the old bridge and island all from about 2005

Queens Park 036-[CP8800]


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lakeside Cafe

queenspark 003
The new Cafe taken over by the Pickle Jar was opened this week with the new name of the Lakeside. The name was chosen from many suggested as being the most appropriate for a cafe over looking the lake.
Pickle Jar at the Lakeside Winter Opening Times from October 30th
Monday 12 noon - 4pm
Tuesday 12 noon - 4pm
Wednesday 12 noon - 4pm
Thursday 12 noon - 4pm
queenspark 019
The mayor and the Pickle jar team and Elaine Dodd
queenspark 027
Derek Morgan our supportive Chairperson with Daniel - the youngest member of the Friends group- although that might change on the 1st!!!, that's what happens as you get older Dan!! He is also our Youth Representative and very interested and involved.
queenspark 040
Councillor David Brickhill, who suggested the name, along with Cllr Jacqueline Weatherill who unfortunately couldn't come along today, so Karen the Manageress stepped in to cut the cake!
Some maintance  work has been carried out as dead trees have been removed near the lake.
The new path around the keep fit equipment has now been finished so you wont get muddy anymore keeping fit
If you look back a couple of weeks I pointed out the yobs had carved names on the Monkey hut which has only just been repaired this week even more carvings have been done they cant leave anything alone and it does show we want more wardens back to protect the work that has been done


Sunday, October 16, 2011

What a week

Its been a funny week with Radio Stoke doing interview about the park this week you can still catch it for a few day here I am on about 46 mins in and the Mayor is on a few mins latter. The main concern is there is no money to finish the park at the moment but a bid has gone to the lottery 3 weeks ago for a further £330,00 to finish the paths. The lottery are looking at adding it on to the present grant which would mean a quicker decision rather than applying for a new grant.

The paths were not on the original application because at the time they were ok it was only when Wrekin took heavy machines over them that they were damaged  and of coarse they went bankrupt so we cant get money off them.

One of the thing missing that was cut from the interview is the increase of vandals in the park and if we dont get a grip all the hard work will be destroyed in a few months.


Not recant but the Gulf War memorial was destroyed by vandal's a new one is planned once soldiers have their say as what goes on it.


The lake as a lot of examples here near the gold coarse a lovely picture but as you can see a fence and half a gate post have been thrown into the lake.


Here we can see a 15 ft plastic pipe thrown in the lake retrieved by the gardeners this week there are plenty of other examples with dustbins and  fences and other rubbish thrown in. Below the clock tower has recently been restored and there is a ball missing already.


We have this week some new old photos if that makes sense sent in by B Smith to share with the people of crewe.


The old Cafe note the two chimneys which is the current design


The clock tower of coarse


A flower bed and old seat and below the lake the golf coarse end


Back by popular demand are some more panoramic shots of the park taken this week while we had some nice weather. You need to click on them to see a full picture. Taken with a Fugi HS10





Finally a nice one of the new Lakeside Cafe which is its new name



Sunday, October 9, 2011

Panoramic Queens Park Pictures


The Boar War Memorial has now had the white stones remove from its base. Why because parents dont seem to understand respect for the soldiers who gave their lives fighting for their country. Parent regularly have been letting children play on the memorial and kick the stones all  over the place  and then they take pictures of them jumping on the Lions. Has no one got any respect for people who gave their lives some of the soldiers must be turning in their graves wondering why they gave their lives to be treated this way. Stand at the memorial and read the names of the fallen you may find one of your relations fought in that war and died. The Gulf War memorial has been destroyed by vandals bring back  conscription they may then appreciate what hardship and death is all about.


In the same vain the Monkey Hut has just been rebuild only weeks ago and yes the yobs have been there carving names etc into the new wood, in the lake this week you can see dustbin, fences stones etc we are fighting a loosing battle dont parent care where their kids are anymore or what they get up to?


I just grabbed these shots as summer comes to an end and the flowers will soon have to be removed ready for winter beading plants



These panoramic shots are popular taken with a Fugi HS10 you need to double click on them to see them full screen in all their glory






Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wildlife in the Queens Park this week


The blind scented garden has been landscaped this week with a new layout and path. The Gulf War memorial is still missing having been vandalised.


The south side of the park  is now open from Morton Rd and the path isnt to bad there.


The Cafe is now open and servings food etc with facilities for young children.

Wildlife this week


Its been a strange week with new wildlife coming this week and some old favourites' the rare Barnacle Goose   has been around all week.


The Heron has taken up residence on the Island and has been around all week again.


A new addition this week is Moor hens

Latin name

Gallinula chloropus


Rails (Rallidae)


The moorhen is a medium-sized, ground-dwelling bird, that is usually found near water. From a distance it looks black with a ragged white line along its body. Up close it is olive-brown on the back and the head and underneath are blue-grey. It has a red bill with a yellow tip. It breeds in the UK in lowland areas, especially in central and eastern England. It is scarce in northern Scotland and the uplands of Wales and northern England. UK breeding birds are residents and seldom travel far.

Where to see them

There's a chance of seeing a moorhen anywhere where there is water - from a small ditch or a lake in a city centre park, to a big lake or reservoir.


There has been two the older one and the young one which doesnt have the coloured beak yet.


The bedraggled Mandarin Duck has come back he has not been around for a while(click on the image to see it better)


Stef Bennett sent this picture in of the Grebe and all so a small grebe has been seen fishing but no pictures yet.

Winter is coming and Blue Tits, Squirrels, rabbits have all been seen this week 


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Queens Park Restoration Review

There has been a lot of comments on the state of the park with the grand opening. I thought a review of whats been done may be interesting.


Starting at the main gate the lodges have been restored at a cost of £250,000.00


In the same area the clock tower has been done with a clean repaint of the iron work and broken bits of stone work repaired cost of £24,000.00



The bowls hut and the cafe have been total rebuilt in sandstone and the paths around them re-laid. They are both state of the art and cost £1,625,800


The Boer war statue has been renovated and the old base recovered after 30 years and now stands proud cost £27,000


The bandstand was lovingly restored and and an area for Bats provided cost £160,000



All the bridges have been rebuilt and are all new and the lake has been restored with edges re done the lake clean out and desilted  along with the islands. Some work remains like the bank to Morton road planting of flowers etc in the lake and Burma island. cost £1,850,354  The cleaning of the lake cost £330,00 and the massive Broadwalk bridge cost £250,000


The Monkey hut is now finished at a cost of £28,000 aprox and the children's play area shelter has also been done at the same cost aprox



The play area has been rebuilt from scratch with all sort of new activities at a cost of £210,000.

There are other things that have been done like all the fence the new gates at every entrance the man footpaths. So the building work has now been completed and what remains is really maintenance. Left o be done is Coronation Walk planting and paths along with the stream and fountain. The main work is on the paths but Morton road south east side is now open its just the west side were heavy cranes destroyed the path that most work is needed along with a Tidy up of building material. The truth is the park will never be fully finished just like your house there will all ways be maintenance to be done  and there is a 10 year plan to keep the park in good condition and keep it replanted


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Grand Opening Event

Next week on the 10th September the Grand open event is on so dress up and come and join in the fun.


There has not been a lot going on this week the main work is the Bowling hut were the path has been excavated and its hoped to be ready for the opening. The flowers are putting on a good show.


The main entrance flowers are in full bloom and lovely at this time of year.


The sting in the tale is Autumn is on its way. The first sign is this tree in the Queens Park as every year this is one of the first trees in Crewe to show its on its way as its colour starts to change.

On the wildlife front the white duck has settled into park life and taking bread from visitors.


This week we had 3 herons on site so the lake is getting popular with them.


The Barnacle Goose has been seen all week and now getting tame.




He has rings on so he must have been tagged at some point but its still a rare site


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Opening Event Count Down


The main talking point this week is the wardens with the Chronicle and the Guardian carrying the story. We are still down to one warden and this week even security suffered when a young 8 year old child smashed his window in his car. His father just hung up when he was approached on paying for the damage.

The events and details for the opening event have been released as follows

Queens Park Crewe, Programme in Brief-
Complementary Heritage programmes on all week also at the Lyceum Theatre Crewe.
Procession Will wind its way from the Cheshire East Council's Pyms Lane Depot, opposite Bentley Motors at
Procession includes 10 x local Crewe Primary Schools, who's pupils wltl be in fancy
dress, from:
Pebble Brook.
Briertey Street.
Saint Thomas Moore.
Beech wood.
Ruskin Road.
Edteston Road
Sir Thomas Stanier Schools
-   Arranged via workshops in schools with community works Maggie Boone and
Plus. Bands.
Street Theatre, Community Groups. Vehicles. Rose Queens. Cadets...
Entering into Queens Park echoing the procession of 100* years past, with the kind support of the Cheshire Fire Services..
Judges - Councillors: Roy Cartlidge - Crewe Mayor Michelle Sherratt Peter Nurse
Friends - Derek Morgan- Chair Ray Stafford (ex Clr)

Large Marquee
Reaseheath College, Nantwich
Are joining forces with the Crewe and Nantwich Allotment and Horticulture Association
Cheshire Wildlife Trust
Discover Newts and pond creatures Hunt for minibeasts and investigate moths Make a wildlife kite and fly it in the park Have your face painted with a wild animal design Make a bat hat and much more...
'Old' Bandstand
The first Band to perform on the newly refurbished beautiful Bandstand is our very own Crewe band - The Crewe Concert Band
(3.30?) 4pm - 5.00pm
The Crewe Concert Band (formerly Crewe West End Concert Band). Organised by Rev Peter Powell on 01270 560919.
5.30pm - 9.00pm
Featuring x 4 / 5 Electronic Bands
On Site...
MAIN ARENA FROM 3.3Qpm - 7.05pm with "the CAT fm"
Welcome from Leader of the Council (& Crewe Mayor?).
Birds of Prey
Crewe Railroaders
Wingate House
Shavington Village Fest Cttee
Fire Cadets
Laurel & Hardy
Daylight Fireworks...
"Rashacklicious" -Theatre on the move!!!!
Edible flowers • demo_
Seed Sewing_
Seed identity's_
Hanging basket demo_
Paul Lewis - Symbio - James
Vegetable plot_
Flower identity's      _
Flonstry children's activity
Haurel & Lardy
Sport Development - activities arxj "Nordic Walking"
Youth Development with Abzofbed Entertainment presentmg
Face Painters - Henna Tattoo Artist - Arts and Crafts activity table (Victorian theme)
Circus Sk*$ equipment - Space Hoppers - Chedren s entertamer
Crewe LAP (Local Area PartnersrHp)
Fire Services with a Vintage appliance and brand new tire engine Queens Park Bowling Club - Bowling competition on Crown Green R.N.L.I.
Join in the FREE (amity 1km ' WALK ' PUSH ¦ SCOOT ' from 3 30pm onwards
The Heritage Centre with a beautiful miniature STEAM engine.
Giant /or hs rides and attractions, children's activity comer, funfair, on site until Monday.
StarQuest f m.ili-7.30pm StarQuest
7 15 Gabereliie Smith
allow 10 mm spots 5 mm turnaround
7 30 Clover Irish Dancers
Pauline McMullin & Hayley
7 45 Bramall
8 00 Jack Grey
8 25 Louise Green
8 30 Sharmane Smith
Juooes - CoonaKofs
Roy Cartlidge - Crewe Mayor
Mo Grant
Michelie Sherraif
Dorothy Flude
Friends - Derek Morgan
CN Lons - President (sponsor) - EHa Gruseto
7 30pm Pre Event
With fire pots and a small collections of water lily lanterns floating on the lake together with two large-scale lantern swans aim  to create a genee tableau to be viewed by you the audience 9pm Finale
Watch m wonder as statues become alive      a programme not seen in Crewe before
St Johns first Aid on Site at  the Gatehouse Lodge



This week saw the arrival of 2 white ducks its believed that someone came with them in a cage and released them shortly after only was was seen.


Another dragon fly sunning him self by the lake


The Barnacle Goose is back again and its still a rare site this far south at this time of the year.


The Heron has been back but this time he brought a friend so we have had two on site most days this week.


The hot weather means the weed in the lake is getting worse and the East end is green all over.


The clock tower has now been completed after they had to come back and point it. ITs looking very clean and new and the summer bedding is look very good.


In the same area the banking by the main road has been cleaned and levelled this week


Monday, August 22, 2011

New Path

A quiet week at the park as its been closed from Tuesday to Friday for the new path. It should have been close don Monday but it was opened by mistake. On opening the toilets they were found to be totally destroyed by Yobs who had broke in via the window. Another reason why we need Wardens if the park isnt to be wrecked.



The new path from Tipkinder to the cafe now completed


The Heron was back again this week and unusual


Sunday, August 7, 2011

No More Park Wardens

Park Wardens are to be a thing of the past as you can read below a reply to Brian Silvester. What this means is there will be no one to stop the vandals wrecking the park, no one to pick up rubbish and if someone has an accident the ambulance cant get into the park as the gates are locked.

Let us have your comments at the bottom of this post  

From: WHEELTON, Mark
Sent: 03 August 2011 17:14
To: SILVESTER, Brian (Councillor)
Subject: queens park

Good Afternoon Councillor Sylvester,


Apologies for the slow response. As Phil has alluded to in his e-mail, with the reduction in the Council’s overall budget, changes to operations have been required of many services and this has meant that difficult decisions have had to be made. Along with grounds maintenance the  Greenspaces service has  also had to achieve significant savings  and unfortunately the loss of the park wardens along with a number of rangers through a staff restructure has been necessary . In  normal circumstances this is clearly not something we would have done. As part of the ongoing redevelopment within Queen’s Park we had planned to review the way that the park wardens worked,  we were considering making changes by converting the Wardens to Park Rangers and making their role far more positive and community focused. The objective being to help further stimulate the community activity in the park and thus displace the anti social, vandalism and misuse that are perpetrated by a minority of the local community. However as outlined above the need to make significant reductions to our expenditure prevents this at the present time.


As you know through the project work and support to the development of the Friends of Queen’s Park we are all committed to making this a success and our staff input is therefore still very significant. It is staffed at present with a Park Manager and four full time gardeners with an input from the Streetscape Area and Technical Teams to support the maintenance activities. The Park Manager has direct support from her team of 3 park management officers in the new structure and will receive support from the Council’s Countryside Ranger and Play teams to help with the delivery of activity programmes. The park buildings will be maintained by the Council’s Asset Management team. At the present time it is also our intention to retain the existing security company who I understand have been involved over a number of years in Queens Park including out of hours call outs, special events and other times as required.


The problems of misuse and abuse of the park are not new and have been continuous despite the presence of the Park Wardens. Cheshire East Council are committed to trying to resolve these issues  and are, despite the challenges, looking to find different approaches to do this. The Park Manager is engaged in forming a broad based partnership of organisations and the community that will join together with this as its core objective. It may take time to resolve what has become an entrenched problem but we believe that this is the only way forward. It has worked in other parks. To date we have met with the Police and other Partnership organisations twice and will continue to focus on this issue looking to make progress. In addition, with the appointment of operators of the café and the imminent reopening of the offices in the West Lodge there will be a regular presence in the park to further deter nuisance behaviour.


I understand that clearly there continues to be concern about this issue particularly given the current investment and positive work that is being done by the Friends of the Park but hopefully the above has explained that despite the budget challenges we fully intend to ensure that the benefit of this investment is realized for the local community of Crewe.



Fun Day at the park



Wednesday saw the Queens Park packed for a fun day. There were more people than at the carnival enjoying the sunshine and the activities laid on Including the Zorb Balls and climbing walls.


Even the Mayor turned up with his friend the Frog


The best entertainment came on Thursday as the gardeners attempted to clean the lake and were only given a boat and rake to remove the weed


It was a brave effort but it was a cross between Big Brother and Fred Carnoes Circus and kept the crowds have. They have to go away and rethink the plan.


On the restoration front the path from the bandstand to the Boer war statue is underway and also around the Bandstand


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Royal Visit Part Two

Friends Meeting (23)
Tuesday 26th July, 2011   5.30pm
At   Games Pavilion, Queens Park, Crewe


1.    Apologies

2.    Minutes of Last Meeting

3.    Matters Arising

4.  Consultant Presentation by Ian Bright,  Architect / Director -
SBS Architects, Manchester 

5.  Summary of VIP visit 19th July, 2011

6.    Public Celebration, Sat 10th September, 2011
“Your role”!

7. Any Other Matters

8.    Date of Next Meeting

Queens Park 143Queens Park 144

Photos of the royal visit to the new cafe. The queens Park display at Tatton can be seen here on youtube.


One of the side effects of the royal visit is the barriers were taken down for the day and people took the opportunity to get around the park like the south side were the Grebes are on the nest and this has caused problems as the mother has been disturbed and kept jumping off the nest.


What is worse that yobs were seen about to enter the lake to steal the eggs but they were shouted at by people watching and so far they have survived.


The cafe is now finished apart from odd little bits to be fixed and I managed to get a shot from the other side of the lake. As most of the effort this week has been the visit and putting fences back there isnt a lot more to report this week



Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Royal Visit


The Queens Park had a Royal visitor this week.

Birgitte, Duchess of Gloucester (Birgitte Eva; formerly van Deurs; born Henriksen, 20 June 1946) is a member of the British Royal Family, the wife of Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester, who is a grandchild of King George V.

Together with her husband, the Duchess of Gloucester undertakes royal duties on behalf of the Duke's cousin, Queen Elizabeth II.

The Duchess of Gloucester is patron of a large number of organizations, many of which have medical, educational or welfare connections. She has also accompanied the Duke of Gloucester on his official visits overseas: her first such visit was in 1973, when The Duke and Duchess represented The Queen at the 70th birthday celebrations of King Olav V of Norway.

The Duchess is sponsor of two Royal Navy Ships: HMS Gloucester and HMS Sandown. The Duchess is the patron of Bliss, the special care baby charity. She is also patron of St Paul's Cathedral School, St John's School, Leatherhead and Bridewell Royal Hospital (King Edward's School, Witley) and regularly attends functions at all three schools.

After the death of Princess Diana she became the president of the Royal Academy of Music.


She visited the Queens Park at 2 o'clock we will have picture soon. She then went on to Tatton Park were I met with her and the Duke at the display of the Queens Park at the event


The display show the Queens Park as a pop up story book with the lodges and clock tower and pictures of a spider and web to represent Webb who helped to create the park. If you going to the flower show be sure to take a look and even win a hamper


Monday, July 18, 2011

Wildlife Special

In the Queens Park this week we have had twtchers the cause of the excitement has been 

The Barnacle Goose

A rare site at this time of year this far south


Branta leucopsis


Swans, ducks and geese (Anatidae)



A medium-sized, sociable goose, with black head, neck and breast with creamy-white face, which contrasts with the white belly, blue-grey barred back and black tail. It flies in packs and long lines, with a noisy chorus of barking or yapping sounds.

Where to see them

Largest numbers on the Solway Firth (England and Scotland) and on Islay, Scotland.

When to see them

October until March.

What they eat

Leaves, stems, roots and seeds.

Estimated numbers

UK breeding 1,000 birds (feral)

UK wintering 68,000 birds



We have a nesting pair with a few eggs visible in the nest.

Small to medium-sized water birds, characterised by their pointed bills (long and dagger-like in larger species), round bodies, tiny tails and legs set far back on the body.

The legs are flattened and the toes have broad, leaf-like lobes, so that the forward stroke underwater has minimum drag but the backward stroke can exert maximum pressure for forward movement. 

They are expert swimmers and divers but unable to walk on dry land. They build floating nests anchored to aquatic vegetation. Many other species are found almost worldwide

They have an elaborate courtship display in which they rise out of the water and shake their heads. Very young grebes often ride on their parents' backs.

Where to see them

Lowland lakes, gravel pits, reservoirs and rivers. Also found along coasts in winter.

When to see them

All year round

What they eat

Mainly fish



What they are after is our fish



We also have baby Coots nesting on the lake banks pinching all the straw from the lake. It was interesting to watch them dragging stuff from the lake to build the nest as other Coots has nested far out from the bank.


There are lots of other youngsters about and tame enough to eat out of your hand.


The only problem we have in the park is Kids kicking and chasing young wildlife. If you bring you child to the park teach them respect for wildlife and dont let them hurt young babies


Restoration Nearing Completion?


A day of celebration is being held at Queens Park in Crewe to mark all the restoration work that has been carried out over recent years.

On Saturday, September 10, the park will be alive with music, song, dance and a whole host of fun activities for people of all ages.

Some of the highlights planned for the free event include:

  • Dance routines from local groups;
  • Falconry displays;
  • A hilarious travelling theatre show;
  • Play and sport development activities including Nordic walking;
  • Funfair;
  • The Heritage Centre miniature steam train;
  • Charity stalls; and
  • The Starquest 2011 talent show finale.

In addition, there will be a procession involving pupils from several Crewe schools which will travel from Pyms Lane to the park, led by the Crewe Sea Cadets Corp Band.

Reaseheath College is joining forces with Crewe and Nantwich Horticulture Society to present a fabulous local produce and activities show, including demonstrations.

The climax to the day will be a huge pyrotechnic show including fireworks, flame shapes, gas jets and special effects from 9pm. Arena activities start at 4pm.

Councillor Rod Menlove, Cabinet member with responsibility for environmental services, said: “This is set to be a great day and with so many events on offer, there is sure to be something for everyone.

“In Queens Park, the town, along with Cheshire East, has a great asset and it is only right that we celebrate the excellent restoration work that has been carried out there.”

Councillor Roy Cartlidge, ward member for Crewe St. Barnabas and Crewe Mayor, said: “Events like this really bring the community together and it is only right that we celebrate Crewe’s rich heritage and exciting future.

“I would also like to encourage people to dress in Victorian period clothing for the day. I will be easy to spot in a top hat and waistcoat and I am looking forward to seeing the other outfits on show.”

This week has been mad with everything happening all at once in a prelude to the royal visit next week. Its hard to know were to start so starting at the main gate they have been cleaned up and looking good.


The lodges are finished and the gardeners have even got the flowers in for a usual show of colour. The path between the lodges has been resurfaced.


All the rubble by the lodges leading to Coronation Walk has been levelled and there have been lots of bulldozers putting in top soil in the area.


The most work has been around the cafe and the Boar war statue you wouldn't believe the difference to the area in a few short days.


The lions have returned back to the original position from years ago as they have for many years been to high.


The side of the cafe has been landscaped over looking the woodland walk.


This is the view from the cafe veranda looking out onto the lake. The only blot on the landscape is the hot weather has turned the lake green at Tipkinder end.



Monday, July 11, 2011

Queens Parks X Factor


The talent show was on In the Queens Park on Sunday. There was some good acts despite the bad weather.


Just like the X factor we had the judges But who was playing Simon Cowl


The Cafe has come on in leaps and bounds this week  with it all virtually finished


The Clock Tower has also been finished. The broken stone work has been replaced and the clock face had a face lift with the weather vane and metal work repainted. The whole structure has been cleaned


The Boer War Lions have been cleaned and put back in their original position which is lower than they have been for 50 years.


The area around the statue is getting a face lift with new surfaces.


Tommy is also looking refreshed after being restored


On the wildlife front the Heron has been around most of the week



I spotted a Dragon Fly the other day taking in the Sun


Sunday, July 3, 2011



Meet the new style rubbish bins in the Queens Park s a way of encouraging children to put litter in the bin.


If you check last weeks post we asked you what was missing in a picture of the main drive did you get the answer? Well take a look again at this weeks picture something else has gone can you spot what it is? Answers please on the back of a £10 note.


The base of the Boar War memorial is getting a make over this week with Granite edges all around the statue.


This is how that area looked before the Boar War statue was put there with the bandstand in front of the cafeDSCF3114

The cafe still isnt finished but the glass veranda is now in just waiting for the top rail. there is still a fair bit to do at the cafe.



On the wildlife front anyone know this duck its been around the park the last week or two but I cant seem to track down what type it is?


Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Bedding


In the main drive the summer beading has now been planted out but there is something missing in the picture above can you spot it?


The Boer War base is getting a make over with a new surround going in which I would think will be done next week


The heron now seems to have taken up residence in the park as its been seen all week.


There is a few rabbits with babies been seen around the cafe this week so they seem to be doing well.

We are waiting for the lodges ,cafe, Boar war, clock tower and monkey hut to be finished all should be done in the very near future


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Gone Fishing


We have had a Heron in the Queens Park this week doing some fishing



Also there are a few Robins about which you dont expect to see this time of year and they are very tame I got to within 3 feet of this one.


The main drive has had the new road put in and its only taken them a week to lay the edging stones and tarmac it.


They are now clearing around the Boer War statue and the entrance to the cafe


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Something Fishy at the Queens Park


Some time ago we reported over a 1000 fish were put into the lake but this is the first time we have been able to see some of them they are as yet very small well the ones that have been seen anyway.


They seem to love the weeds which looks a mess in the lake but its actual aerating the water and the ducks love it.


The main drive edging one side has now been done and work on the other side is well under way. The edging is granite and will look very nice once its all done.


The Hut on the new play area is getting under way with the roof on.


and the old play area has now been levelled and seeded over and will soon be a nice grass area.

On the south side the Monkey hut is being rebuilt


The hut was dedicated to Charles Dick centre


CHARLES DICK J.P. (1838-1888)

Manager of Crewe Railway Works (1882-1888)

His career shows how a man of humble background,

may, by energy, perseverance, and intelligence,

rise to a position of influence in the community.



Another duck was out and about showing off her new family this week. There has been a lot of babies this time. What was shocking that as myself and another lady stood feeding the babies a child of about 3-4 years old came up and tried to kick the babies as his mother stood there saying nothing. Its surprising how many parents let their children chase the poor baby ducks. It a sad reflection on society were people have no respect for wildlife and what will these children grow up to become if parents allow it? If you see it contact the Park staff this again highlights the need for Park Wardens



Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Cafe and Bowls Pavilion inside first pictures


The bowls hut building is finished and only the decorating and minor things left to do.


The first look inside shows the lockers and other minor things left to do and painting is under way so hopefully it should soon be open.


Inside the new cafe the situation is similar with the doors going on and minor work inside to finish off. The cafe is different in that once its finished it still cant open as the building will be finished but the new management will then need to install the kitchen equipment  before it can open.


It does look nice an bright inside with all the windows letting the sun in.


At the main lodges there has not been much progress to see as its all  sheeted off and a lot of the work is inside. This week they are starting on the new sandstone wall at the rear of the  east lodge.


The main drive is all go as at last the new paths are starting to be laid with a granite edging and drains going in with great speed this week.


The old play area has been removed and top soil has arrived ready to be put down.


We have had some nice days this week and one of the most popular attractions is the train trip around the park on the mini train


The lake is picturesque but we still have the problem with the weed coming up.


The babies are out on the lake and enjoying the sun as well this week with mum on guard


Queens Park opening event



You can click on the picture for a full screen view


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Heron moves into the Queens Park


Its good to see the heron back in the park but it may be bad news for the fish.



There is also new babies for the geese  and those from a few weeks ago are getting bigger and bolder



The Coots also have some babies but they do look bedraggled and aren't coming in close like the others


Even the squirrels have been out and about again this week


The old hut from the old play area is now being rebuilt on the new play area and the Tipkinder gates are now in place last weeks deliberate mistake if you didn't spot it was they wouldn't open as the path needed to be lowered which has now been done



Monday, May 23, 2011

Monkey Hut


Work has started on the Monkey hut across the lake this week and the roof is off and scaffolding around it.


The old hut that was in the childs play area is now being put back on the new play area so you can shelter when it rains.


The new gates have gone in at Tipkinder end of the park see if you can spot the fault with them?


The old play area equipment has been removed and the tarmac has been dug up and put over the other side of Coronation walk its surprising how much there was


Sunday, 15 May 2011

Rare old Pictures of Queens Park


We have found some rare old pictures of the Queens Park many of them old postcards.

You can see them all at the main Queens Park websites Above is the Boar War statue with the old

cafe and the guns.



The old Lilly pond


The path at the end of Coronation walk note the cafe in the background




Saturday, May 7, 2011

Midgets in the Queens Park

queenspark 038

I spotted these two midgets in the park but it turned out they were big men down a big hole. They are putting the old shelter that was removed from the childs play area back in its new location in the play area but it does seem a big hole for foundations.

queenspark 030 

At the main entrance the clock tower renovations has started as scaffolding has been put up around it for work to begin. It shouldnt  take much as the clock its self is maintained. So it basically need a clean and minor repairs to stones that are missing but it is a skilled job to fix.

queenspark 006

The park gates are all go this week as the new gates go in at the Georges end above.


The gates at Morton Road end were going in today(Friday) and Tipkinder next weeks hopefully.

A new Family has moved in to the Park


Yes there are a few new families of ducks that have moved in and its good to see wildlife doing well



Having a day out with mum

queenspark 018

A worrying development is the lake as you can see above the warm weather has brought out the weeds which are popping up all over the lake. The problem was the lake was dredged and then when the contractors went bust it was left without water for a long time and weeds started to grow. We are now seeing the results of this in the lake. I dont know if it can be removed by weed killer now there are fish in the lake or if it can be removed without draining we will wait and see but if its not talked it may take over the lake

A very Sad Tale

We live in a sick society and this case does highlight why the park needs wardens. Some time ago we mention an old  man affectionately know as squirrel man. This man could be seen everyday in the park come rain shine and even when there was snow and ice and –20 he sat by the lake feeding the wildlife who ate out of his hand. He has not been seen for a while but it came to light why this week. Apparently some very sick young individuals  started demanding he give them money and as a result he is to afraid to come to the park any more.

It goes without saying if you see anything like this or know these yobs call the Police and lets get them locked up


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Queens Park Wardens Update

queenspark 051

This week shows why we need the park Wardens. Above the fence has been wrecked as people force their way into the park. we have had kids swimming in the lake while other stood on Burma Island throwing rock into the lake. We have had motor bikes chasing around the park so its essential we have wardens.

We have had a reply about the wardens from Cllr Andrew.Knowles

There has been gross misleading information being circulated about re Rangers/Wardens in relation to Queens Park I want to emphasise and I quote “In terms of the future operation of Queens Park once the restoration is complete the Council will have staff in place as part of the Management Plan which has been agreed with the HLF,this also includes a Queens Park Manager. There will be both rangers and a parks officer who will have a permanent base and presence in Queens Park

I hope this clears up any rumours

We have asked him to clarify some points as the wardens have received redundancy notices yet he says there will be rangers. As soon as we get more info we will let you know whats happening.

queenspark 058 

The Cafe scaffolding is slowly coming down and its looks better This picture take with a Finepix HS10 with 30* optical zoom from the main road.

queenspark 040

The lake has looked good this week in the nice sun we have had.


Whats on this summer in the park click on the poster for a full view


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Save the Queens Park Wardens


I wonder if anyone knows that from June there are no Park Rangers. One sadly passed away a few months ago and there are no plans to replace him, another has already been made redundant and the third retires in June and again there are no plans for a replacement. I also believe that the external security company brought in by the Council to add additional security when the ranger's are off duty has also had the contract cancelled. An open invitation for all the undesirables to wreck all the good work in a very short space of time. I wonder if the Heritage Lottery hierarchy are aware of this. I would have thought that there were conditions attached to the bid that required the Council to commit staff to protect the park!

The wardens carry out many task open and shutting the park, controlling yobs and security, provide first aid, ensure any events have all they need to be able to carry out the event. They keep the park clean report faults and many other functions.

If they go the 6.5million spent will rapidly go down the pan as yobs start wrecking the park. What if you are taken ill or have an accident who will be there to save your life?

Its hard to see how they can be made redundant as someone must perform these task and if anyone does then the Wardens haven’t been made redundant but have suffered wrongful dismissal. To make someone redundant the job most have gone. Its not clear what the intentions are for the Queens Park but there was talk about leaving it open 24/7 while this may work in other posh areas in Crewe it will be wrecked within a week. Why spend 6.5 million to get the park right and then leave it to yobs to wreck.

The cost of the wardens is a drop in the ocean and not great saving are to be achieved by this move. Everyone is up in arms that knows about this and I visit the Queens Park daily and everyone is against loosing the wardens this could be the election big issue.

Support our campaign to save them by email your support to the link

click here to email


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter in the Queens Park

queenspark 017

Easter and there has been plenty of Spring colour in the park both from the tress by the lake above and the spring bedding on the main entrance

queenspark 005

Moving on the Bowls pavilion is now close to completion with the roof and the main structure now done. Even the windows are now in place

queenspark 039 

queenspark 011

The cafe roof is now all but finished and the scaffolding is slowly coming down and the fence is going up for the veranda on the lake side both these projects are due to finish in May

queenspark 040 

The sun and holidays has brought people out to the park with train rides and bouncy castles being on site for the kids. We have had a good week weather wise and more sun is forecast for the Easter weekend


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tree Felling at the Queens Park

queenspark 036

There has been a few complaints this week about what's happening at the park. Firstly a lot of trees are being removed by the new cafe and by the lake so you can get a betters view of the lake etc from the new cafe. About 6 have already been felled and there are more to come. Many people don't agree that trees that have been around for year should be felled in this way what do you think?

The second problem is that one of the park keepers is finishing in June and wont be replaced and there has been discussions going on if the other park keeper will have to go. How the park will be protected and who will be there to help people is still open to debate. Having spent 6.5 million on the park don't we need someone to look after it and be there to help?

Thirdly its believed that firm who have done the cycle track to Nantwich have agreed to do the main paths in the park on condition bikes can go in the park. Again many fear the BMX will then come in and put people in danger. While sensible bikers maybe fine what about idiots?

queenspark 011

The bowls hut is getting close to being finished as a new Zinc roof goes on and the main veranda is now in place. Lets hope its open for the new season.

queenspark 013

The lodges are having a roof maker over as you can see. As a lot of the work is behind covered safety sheets there is not a lot to see.

queenspark 022

The cafe roof is now not far off being done its seems to have taken forever to do the roof but its now looking good with all the daffs out(wonder how many will be left after mothering Sunday). Once the roof is done there isn't a lot of work to do inside as its a big open space.

The Boar war work has ground to a halt at the moment.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Boer War Memorial uncovered


The Boer War Memorial has had the base uncovered as part of the restoration. It has been covered for at least 35 years as we have photos showing it covered at that time how long before that it was covered we are not sure. What was amazing was that someone had covered the old bolts in grease and cloth all those years ago and now they are as new.


Below the statue as it used to be


Spring has come to the park in the shape of the daffs display which is always a good show but its been the first time in a few years that they haven't been behind the barriers so this time we can see them in all their glory

queenspark 020

By the lake the trees and bushes are also bursting into life for spring with a wonderful show

queenspark 044

Work is still going ahead with the cafe and bowls hut mostly on the installation of the roof. The old hut in the play area has now been totally  removed and will be put back soon in the new play area.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Friends of Queens Park Meeting No 23

Wednesday 9th March 2011
Queen’s Park

Derek Morgan    Sheila Blackburn    Elaine Dodd Allan Leah    Mervyn Goodwin    Roy Cartlidge Pam Minshall    Graeme Fletcher    Roy Prince
Lisa Prime    Daniel Prime    Linda Cooke Ray Stafford    Dave Lumley    K Morrell Nigel Irlam    Carl Clarke    Jan Wright
Maureen Grant    Bronwyn Dean    Roy Sparkes Janet Sparkes    Keith Harding   

1.0  Apologies
Councillor Dorothy Flude    Tim Crewe - Ghost Tours    Hazel Evans
George Broughton    Mark Wheelton   

No    Item
2.0    Previous Minutes
The minutes of the last meeting were agreed as correct
3.0    Matters Arising from the Minutes

Friends Chairperson’s Update and works in progress
Derek Morgan presented his report.
( Comments and questions arising are itemised below )

i. Pavilions – Contractor ‘Tolent’
Completion expected early May. Weather much better and some construction time has been caught up, but some time has been lost due to recent theft of recently installed electricity cables (copper value). The roof structure and walls are approaching completion and the internal works are in progress.

ii. Lodges- Contractor ‘ISG’
A 16 week programme commencing 31st January and completion date is 20th May.  A good start has been made with the site compound fenced off, cabins installed, scaffolding erected, demolition of non-original extensions completed and some stone cleaning underway.  A temporary access has been created 50 yds from the Lodge to assist users of the Park - it has been signed accordingly at both entrances.

iii. Structures – Contractor ‘Maysand’

queenspark 021
The scope of works, for this contractor, includes the restoration of the Clock Tower, Boer War memorial, the monkey shelter (Southern Timber Shelter) and Play Area Shelter.  Works commence on the 14th March; completion date and programme are not known yet but probably about 12 weeks.

iv. Play Area- Contractor: County Landscapes
There are some defects still to be made good and a new path linking gym equipment is proposed,  plus removal of old play area agreed. Timescale is likely to be approximately four to six weeks and should commence on 14th March.

v. Footpaths
Costs for footpath works are due within the next two weeks, following which we will be able to agree the scope of works, programme, finalise costs and decide which contractors will be involved.

vi. Connect 2 Works

queenspark 024
The traffic calming works and Tipkinder crossing is underway this week with a new cycleway across Tipkinder. Access for disabled drivers is possible but a bit restricted until the new access road through the depot is formed as part of the footpath works later in the summer.


queenspark 036

The Weeping Willow just coming into leaf looking good

Fish are to be returned this month. Following checks it appears that there has been a lot of poaching of the large carp. When the holding pool is partially drained it will be possible to determine how many large carp are left. A health check requires ten fish, so assuming there are only fifteen it would be better to give them away to our partner angling clubs and purchase a new healthy stock.  This will be investigated.


queenspark 013
The Queens Park Cafeteria Services was recently advertised via the Councils procurement process, however, the contact was linked to three park sites of which CEC has received an objection.  We await legal advice on how this will be resolved and will let the group know in due course. 
The Parks Manager has applied for a Cafeteria Licence for the sale of alcohol and to utilise the venue for entertainment to increase opportunities to maximise footfall through events, functions and refreshment sales.  Maximum opening hours the cafeteria could potentially operate is between 8am – 2am with alcohol and hot food sales up to 1am -- again to facilitate the venue fully for functions and events. We will invite the successful contractor  to introduce themselves to a future Friends meeting once the contract details are confirmed.

No Palace confirmation has been received.  Therefore, it is proposed to plan for the
re-opening possibly on the second Saturday of September.  This will allow sufficient time to make the event arrangements and engage with the community.  Also, the Park will be much closer to completion.  Should the Palace confirm, separate arrangements for an appropriate event/display will need to be arranged.

The heritage lottery visited the site to discuss the Managers initial pre grant application.  Whilst that went well, they require longevity of activities to be confirmed.  Given the restricted resources available in terms of administration we are not sure how practical this is.   The grant application was £15k; however, some limited monies have been identified within the project which would ease the event arrangements considerably. 
Key events would include a re-creation of the original procession which entered the Park.  Already discussions are underway with local art workers to produce costumes with school children to recreate this, a marching band and fireman’s arch echoing the event of some 120+ years ago.  The later date makes school involvement possible.  Plus, Victorian themed side shows.... budget permitting.  And, concluding with a pyro-show, the like of which most local residents would not have seen.  This would be an interpretation of Crewe evolving from an industrial engineering town into today’s more modern economy.  We await to confirm availability of this performance.

5.0    HLF Agreed Project Extension
HLF has agreed to extend the expiry date until the end of September.
6.0    Lake Fishing
Refer to Chair’s report above.
7.0    Cafeteria Procurement
Refer to Chair’s report above.
8..0    Re-opening Event
Refer to Chair’s report above.

9.0    AOB
Q: Is the Tipkinder Car park to be resurfaced?
A: (A. Leah) no money is available for resurfacing or bay marking etc – to undertake this project would take monies from the paths in the park. The problems with the TipKinder car park are problems with holes, rather than a need to resurface – finding filler for these can probably be arranged.
Park access for events and disabled drivers will change as the paths are completed – there will be no vehicle access via the east gate when the project is finished.
To the west, the new Cycleway needs soil and reseeding from the Golf Club area.

Opening of south and west gates: The gates are being fabricated. The final costing for refurbishment of paths is greater than foreseen. This is partly because some of the paths were not  originally well-constructed. It is envisaged that the paths project will enable a link norh –south and east –west through the park and across the bridges. Other paths might have to be given a temporary surface until further funding is available.

Q: When will the Games Pavilion be completed? The season begins on April 1st.
A: It is scheduled for completion by 1st May and won’t be far off completion when the season starts. Temporary facilities will be confirmed in the interim – Elaine to arrange.

Q: When will there be access to Burma Star Island and use of that bridge? Could the barriers be removed so that the bridge can be used as a viewing platform?
A: It will be linked to the forthcoming footpath project and  take into account changing levels and gradients, plus some changes to footpath layout.  The viewing platform suggestion will be considered.

Q: Will the large roof space area of the new pavilion be utilised?
A: No. As in the original plans, the beams will remain exposed and the open-plan design will allow a clear vista.

Q: Is the double swing in the new playground dangerous?
A: It is in accordance with required health and safety standards – some signs about suitable age group of users and usage will be considered.

Q: The gym equipment area gets very muddy – what can be done about this?
A: A path link is to be added and drainage improved.

Q: What are the two Lodge houses to be used for?
A:  They will be used for offices, staff facilities and as a community facility with approved and signed disabled access and toilets.

Q: What sort of re-opening event will there be? Will it be in place of the Carnival?
A: The event is no longer contingent on a royal visit (see Chair’s notes above) but requires an amount of funding that is not currently available. Nigel Irlam suggested approaching the townspeople for support by staging publicity events in the town centres.
It was pointed out that the Friends Group, as organisers, is not a registered Charity.

It was also suggested that a plan of action for the publicity be put to the Town Centre Manager by Nigel.
There was a further suggestion that the opening event should involve local community groups and reflect the multi-cultural society we live in.
With regards to Carnival, CEC has not approved any event budget.  The re-opening event is a separate issue and has only £10k allocated at this time with a further £5k contributed form Crewe Trustees.


Q: How will children and young people be involved?
A: Elaine referred to the success of the Christmas Lantern Procession. If the opening goes ahead in September (?) there will be a Victorian Parade with multi-generational involvement. School-based workshops could begin in June. If there is to be a parade, a route will have to be agreed – all ideas are welcome!
AOB    Derek Morgan : presented the Friends Group with a cheque for £85, this being half the proceeds of Santa’s Grotto in the Park, as agreed. He was thanked for all his work on this project.
He also advised the group of a September event for Scouts: The Monopoly Live Run with groups camping overnight in the Park, entertainment, a Jamboree and sponsored prizes.
Donations will be made to the Friends Group.
AOB    Elaine informed the group that there is to be a competition to name the new Pavilion and details will be in the Chronicle.
A time capsule will also be buried this year and suggestions for its contents are invited.
Wednesday 20th April at 5.30pm
Venue to be confirmed


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Name the new Cafe

With work well underway on the new cafeteria pavilion in Queens Park, the Chronicle would like to offer readers a chance to name the building, which is to replace the 34-year-old Jubilee Cafeteria.

queenspark 022


The impressive timber structure is now in place and the design will enable users to view the internal timbers when using the new facility.


The wall materials, on both the cafe and games pavilion, have been carefully chosen to match the sandstone on the two lodges located at the park’s main entrance, where possible.


Councillor Andrew Knowles, Cabinet member with responsibility for health and wellbeing, said: “Queens Park, as the name implies, has many royal connections with a history to suit. Readers may wish to name it after a royal event, maybe one that is taking place this year or even a past occasion.


“The details of the winners will be engraved on a plaque within the building and they will also be invited to be the first people to enjoy a meal in the new facility, together with up to five of their friends and family.”


Readers are also invited to suggest ideas for what items they consider should go into a time capsule, which will be buried in the park grounds. Those with the winning suggestions will receive a voucher for coffee or tea and cake for two at the cafe.


Councillor Roy Cartlidge, ward member for Crewe West, said: “This is a quality facility which will be the hub of activities within Queens Park and a focal meeting point for many years to come.


“We obviously can’t keep referring to it as the new pavilion and so would welcome readers’ ideas. The idea for the time capsules is a fun one which will provide much enjoyment when it is unveiled in years to come.”


Queens Park, once renowned as one of the finest parks in the North West, is undergoing a £6.5m transformation to bring it back to its former glory. The Heritage Lottery Fund is providing a £2.7m support grant with the rest of the investment coming from Cheshire East Council.


Within the park’s 45 acres are walkways, trees, shrubs, planting, children’s play area, crown green bowling, putting, boating lake (currently drained for construction works), grassed areas, memorials and cafeteria.


For more information on the Queens Park restoration project, visit the Queens Park web pages at: or – then click on ‘leisure, culture and tourism’, then follow links to the park pages.    


Those without online access can request a paper copy from Queens Park manager Elaine Dodd, on 01270 537896.




Suggested capsule items can be sent on a postcard to:


Elaine Dodd, Pym’s Lane Depot, Pym’s Lane, Crewe, CW1 3PJ.


Entries to be received no later than Friday, March 18.


Don’t forget to include your name, address, daytime telephone number and email address if you have one.


This week has seen the new steps go in and part of the roof going on

queenspark 002

The lodges are progressing with the West lodge having the rear which wasnt original knocked down

queenspark 006

The scaffolding is also up around the lodge for external work to be done.

queenspark 011

The bowls hut is coming on with most of the wood now in place and its hoped it will be open for the new season, the grass has been cut ready to go.

Some news from the Friends meeting that the work on the Boar War, the clock tower and the Monkey hut will start next week. fish have been put back into the lake this week but there is still more to come so hopefully people will be able to fish soon. Outside the park by Tipkinder new drains have been going in this week as the area is always flooded.

queenspark 050

Spotted on the lake on Saturday this Coot. I am not sure exactly what type it is but its new to the park and if you look closely you can see its ringed on its leg. It doesn't appear to be a common bird in this area.

Latin name

Fulica atra


Rails (Rallidae)


All-black and larger than its cousin, the moorhen, it has a distinctive white beak and 'shield' above the beak which earns it the title 'bald'. Its feet have distinctive lobed flaps of skin on the toes, which act instead of webs when swimming. It patters noisily over the water before taking off and can be very aggressive towards others.

Where to see them

Mainly on freshwater lakes, gravel pits, reservoirs, rivers and town park lakes when deep enough. Sometimes seen offshore, especially in winter if freshwater areas are frozen.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Friends agenda



Friends Meeting (22)
Wednesday 9th March, 2010   5.30pm
At   Marshfield Community Centre, off West Street, Crewe


1.    Apologies

2.    Minutes of Last meeting

3.    Matters Arising

4.    Friends Chairpersons Update and Works in Progress

5.    HLF Agreed Project Extension

6.    Lake Fishing

7.    Cafeteria Procurement

8.    Grant Applications - Potential Re-Opening Event 2011

9.    Any Other Matters

10.    Date of Next Meeting

queenspark 030

On Thursday there was a taster session for Fitness Walking and Nordic Walking Poles in the queens park. Its hoped that further sessions will take place later in the year.

queenspark 015

The work on the lodges continues as the rear of the east lodge is being removed as part of the restoration.

queenspark 024

The bowls hut veranda is coming on and the second chimney is now visible its hoped the slates can go on the roof in the near future.

queenspark 041 

The cafe they are just starting to put the roof tiles on and the ends are now completed so you can see the sandstone effect coming alive now. If the weather hold I would imagine the roof will be near completion next week


Saturday, February 12, 2011

House proud at Queens Park


Work has begun to restore the gatehouse lodges at Queens Park to their former glory. 


While the work is under way, the adjoining main gates on Victoria Avenue will be closed. However, a temporary entrance has been created 50 yards along the road, for pedestrian access.

A total of £300,000 has been allocated for the refurbishment, which includes new roof cladding, replacement windows, porch repairs, demolition of extensions and structures that are not original, reinstatement of drainpipes and gutters to match originals and restoration of the garden and boundary walls to their original condition and location. 

Both lodges will have new gas central heating boilers, new floor coverings and be completely redecorated.


The West Lodge will also get a disabled toilet, new kitchen, offices, new memorabilia room and a meeting room for school groups and other users.

The East Lodge will be completely rewired and have new toilets, showers and mess facilities for the gardening team, offices, a training/meeting room for horticultural students, storage for hand tools and an external cleaning area for equipment within the walled garden. The work is due to be completed by the end of May.


Councillor Andrew Knowles, Cabinet member with responsibility for health and wellbeing, said: “It is fantastic that these premises will be brought into park use and will benefit from the significant investment in the Queens Park restoration project. 

“The Heritage Lottery Fund is extremely supportive to help bring the exteriors of the lodges back largely to their original condition – which is great news, as we think this particular view is probably one of the most photographed in Crewe.

“This is another example of our determination to be an excellent council and work with others to deliver for Cheshire East and enhance the environment.”

Crewe South Ward member Councillor Dorothy Flude said: “I am very pleased to see that the two lodges are being brought back to their former Victorian glory.

“The space within the West Lodge for use by school children is an excellent idea. It’s good that schools will be encouraged to use this facility so youngsters can enjoy learning about the history of the park and the wider Crewe area as well as taking part in environmental and conservation activities in their community.”

If you want to learn more about the project, come to the next meting with project officers and consultants at Marshfield Bank Community Centre, off West Street, Crewe, on Wednesday, March 9, at 5.30pm. Or, you can become a paper or email member by ringing Queen’s Park manager Elaine Dodd on 07825351808.

Queens Park was renowned as one of the finest parks in the North West. It is undergoing a £6.5m transformation to bring it back to its former glory. The Heritage Lottery Fund is providing a £2.7m support grant with the rest of the investment coming from Cheshire East Council.

Within the park’s 45 acres are walkways, trees, shrubs, planting, children’s play area, crown green bowling, putting, boating lake grassed areas, memorials and cafeteria.

For more information on the Queens Park restoration project visit the Queens Park web pages at: – then click ‘Leisure, Culture and Tourism’ and follow the links to the relevant pages.    


The Bowling green now has a chimney sticking up clad in sandstone


The cafe mean while is going more and more pink as more roofing goes on in a nice pink colour


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Life in the Queens Park 1900’s


We have some new old pictures of the Queens Park  park if that makes sense. It shows life in the park in the 1900 and the photos are courtesy of Rona MacKay. They are in very good condition considering they are over 100 years old



See the ducks were still there in those days


I am guessing this would be Burma Island in 1911



See we had snow in 1908


Another bridge not sure were this would be

queenspark 004

Work on the two lodges is now getting under way as lots of workmen's cabins arrive ready to start work and the main gate is closed(it was open today Friday) Work is due to go on until June.

queenspark 011

The cafe has pink lattes going on the roof this week and the weather has helped but there is not a lot to see.

queenspark 020 

The gardeners have been buzzy cleaning all the rubbish etc from the bushes along the railings and felling several trees over the other side of the lake. The area looks a lot better for a tidy up.

queenspark 049 

Using the new Finepix hs10 with 30* optical zoom I was able to get pictures of the band stand taken from the golf coarse. You have to admit its a good picture form that range and 30* comes into its own at times like this.



Saturday, January 29, 2011

Climbing Frame open


On Radio Stoke on Monday they started a rumour that the park wasn't going to be finished you can here the rumours here

I spoke to the horse mouth so to speak the manager of the Queens Park and there is no problem what has happened that the paths were all to be one contract but as there are different requirements for the paths ie the path by the lodges will all be on new soil and will settle in time so will need to be temporary paths. So what they have picked up on is that the contract has been stopped and changed to the new one were several tenders for different parts of the park. But she assured me the money was there and everything was going ahead as normal.

You can see on the the main website for the park  that everything is progressing with work on the lodges starting next week.

queenspark 011

The Bowling Green roof is way underway with scaffolding up and lots of work on the roof and the veranda can now be seen.

queenspark 022

The cafe has had lots of glass put into the roof and really taking shape at last once the roof is on the weather wont effect the work so bad. With all that glass its will be nice and bright inside.

queenspark 033

Outside the cafe I caught a robin taking in the sun and its interesting that despite the cold weather you can see if you enlarge the picture by double clicking that the plants are slowly budding meaning that hopefully spring is to far away.

queenspark 038

The climbing frame for older children is now up and running and there were children out enjoying it today


Sunday, January 23, 2011


queenspark 007

Radio Stoke caused a panic in the park last week as they interviewed everyone about rumours that the council had run out of money and had nothing left to finish the park and as such the paths planting etc would never be finished. I contacted the park manager and she assured me that everything was going ahead as planned. If any more info comes to light we will be on the case.

The work is still going ahead and the bowling hut is now getting the roof put on slowly

queenspark 015 .

The cafe is also getting its roof put on and the glass windows at the top can be seen going in.

queenspark 021

As you come in from Tipkinder the path down to the lake had fencing all the way down this has now been removed and the area cleaned up so there is a little extra space.

queenspark 033

The new climbing frame has now got its play surface put down and should be open very soon. As with all things at this time of year the weather is a major problem which can soon put things back if we get more snow or frost


Saturday, January 15, 2011

A new year begins

queenspark 005

After the snow and ice and the break for new year work is slowly getting started again with the cafe roof boards starting to go on.

queenspark 051

From across the lake you can now see the cafe emerging from the trees. Picture taken with a Finepix HS10 with a 30x optical zoom from the golf coarse.

queenspark 032

Over at the play area the new climbing frame has now got all the guy ropes in and the lads were working in the snow to get the job done. The safety matting was just going down today so it should be open in the very near future. It has been a struggle with the weather to get it done.

queenspark 037

At Tipkinder entrance the trees have been removed to make way for the new wider gates coming soon