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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Goosanders in the Queens Park


A few Robins about giving it a xmas feel this one giving us a tune


The swans are getting white now the females more so than the males. Concerns this week as to how they have been tamed and if you dont know and feed them they eat out of your hand problem was one women had a baby with her and they frightened the mother as she thought they were attacking the baby. If they one do it for food if you have a baby it can happen they attack by accident


Goosanders in the park starting with one then today Mondays we had four of them. These handsome diving ducks are a member of the sawbill family, so called because of their long, serrated bills, used for catching fish. A largely freshwater bird, the goosander first bred in the UK in 1871. It built up numbers in Scotland and then since 1970 it has spread across northern England into Wales, reaching south-west England. Its love of salmon and trout has brought it into conflict with fishermen. It is gregarious, forming into flocks of several thousand in some parts of Europe


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rose in November


Nothing happening in the park but as its so mild there is a rose still out by the monkey hut lots of trees haven't lost their leaves yet very rare for this time of year


The grebe is still on the lake and has been there a few weeks now so fishing must be good as they eat mainly fish

Winter In the Queens Park


The cycle rack by the playing fields that was put in in the summer is having all the tarmac redone that didn't last very long did it


For remembrance day some new plants have been planted at the Gulf War memorial to remember those that gave their lives


Even  in November there are some nice winter colours  in the park its very late this year with such a mild November some trees are only just loosing their leaves


Sunday, November 9, 2014

When is a Wildlife Group not a Wildlife Group?

When is a wildlife group not a wildlife group? That is a good question as the Queens Park wildlife group doesnt in fact seem to be there for wildlife. The leader of the group was asked if she would be helping the birds of the park through the winter by providing nuts bird feeders etc its reported that on Face Book she replied that the birds can go and fly away and get food but the swans cant eat without me.

If its a proper wildlife group then it should be working for all wildlife from hedgehogs squirrels and all the birds in the park isnt it the point of a wildlife group to try and get as much wildlife in the park as possible by providing the right environment for them to flourish. Not to just concentrate on swans as that then makes them a swan group not a wildlife group and by using the wrong name and suggesting they are for all wildlife the may be obtaining money and support under false pretences.

The group has become controversial and many of the original group have left due to the aggressive nature of the leader  and the fact despite being told by many people that  feeding the swans by hand with a dog with you is putting them in danger as we witnessed this week when a dog off the lead went up to them and they thought it was food. Experts have said they will think a dog is friendly now and will learn to late that they kill lots of swans. The same is true of people as a lot of swans end up on the Xmas table and these are so simple to catch but the leader refuses to listen. She sees the swans as HER pets not as wildlife who need to learn to survive in the wild all wildlife hospitals etc keep human contact to the minimum for any sort of wildlife that will go back in the wild. The leader refuses to listen to even experts with years of experience and is putting them in danger.

There are a great deal of people who feed the wildlife in the park and have for years but these have now been split with a gang like culture of if your in my gang you dont speak to others. The Face book page is now a closed group so its activities can be done in secret and anyone disagreeing with the leader are quickly axed  and her gang wont speak to them. Several people have complained about the leader aggressive nature telling them off for feeding the swans



The Mandarin has stayed around for a few weeks not sure if this is classed wildlife by the group or not


Above the park has a new gate as a car smashed through railings opposite Tipkinder how it managed to do that we dont know

Reporter J White

A ‘Bonfire and Firework Spectacular’ took place on Wednesday 5th November 2014 at Queens Park in Crewe. The event was organised by Crewe and Nantwich Lions Club . The fireworks were supplied and choreographed by Blitz Fireworks - - of Crewe. The gates opened at 5pm, the bonfire was lit at 7pm and the fireworks started shortly after 8pm. There were also amusement rides and refreshments. The event was enjoyed by thousands of people. All funds raised are distributed by Crewe and Nantwich Lions Club into the local community to help local groups and charities.

Crewe and Nantwich Lions Club - fireworks display

Crewe and Nantwich Lions Club - Bonfire 1

Monday, November 3, 2014

Winter Colour in The Queens Park


Lots of nice winter colour which as its so mild should be Autumn colour. You would expect most trees to have lost their leaves by now but there hanging on but changing almost daily


One of the most colourful is this tree by Tipkinder end and below the pampus grass by Princess Di s plaque is still doing well


The Friends AGM took place recently were members are voted in for yet another 3 years as no one else turns up they all vote each other in yet again. I did find this interesting and I quote

This time last year the Chair stated we would be starting the paths; it is disappointing this has not happened, however the budget is there and waiting to go -- the only delay is ongoing consultation with English Heritage and our Planning officers –this should be resolved soon. Hopefully, the work will start on site before Spring next year.

It tell us the old old story time again last year they said it would be done in spring then they said it would be August now its next year will it ever get done? Last year they stated that Burma Island would be done by Xmas 18 months later nothing has happened its the same story with Coronation Walk no sign of that being done will the park ever be finished after all these years you could have built a new one.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Restoring The Restorations Again


In 2011 the £650,000 bowling hut was finished built from scratch and brand new. Now after just 2 years the renovation is having to be renovated all the panelling on the hut has had to be replaced. People should be asking serious question why after £7million has been spent on the park they are having to renovate a brand new hut? If you buy a kettle or tv a lot come with over 2 years warranty wouldn't you expect a hut at this price to have an even longer one?  

The next renovation of a renovation is the cafe as the veranda will have to be replaced again after a 2 year period. Why was it signed off as a completed job if it was going to fall apart after such a short space of time. I get lots of complaints about the hut as its a lot of money to spend on a few individual's as its cant be used by the general public as it used to be. At one time you could go an rent bowls and have a game now the hut is standing empty for most of the week. The council seem to like paying money out for small select groups instead of getting the park paths etc restored. The fishing is the same only a few anglers use the lake on a regular basis but they get money spent on them and the general public have to walk around on dangerous paths. The paths they promised would be done in April this year and we are still waiting for them to even start when they do it will be the worse time in winter when it makes it very hard to do.  


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Total Waste of Time


The park now has all sort of volunteer groups including ANTS, Wildlife, Fishing and Friends. The whole scheme is just chaos and these groups dont seem to understand what they are doing is a waste of time. The ANTS have turned up lots of times and done stuff which is a total waste of peoples time. Above they tidied the lodge garden and in the process removed some old rare plants as they have no knowledge. But time and time again they make the same mistakes they cleaned it and thats it as you can see above the weeds are back so all the time they spent cleaning is just a waste of time. They do the same in coronation walk    they tidy it up then never go back for a month or so in which time its its a wilderness again so their time is wasted, the gulf war they planted bushes and left them to die and the border full of weeds.

If they came in every time and just kept 3 areas clean it would stay clean and be improved not revert to a wilderness they could renovate one area and then they could come back and show we have done that as it is when they come back its just wild again as it was before they started. If they are not going to do it properly then leaving it rough for wildlife is a better option.

All these groups are getting out of hand and potentially dangerous along with people from Facebook groups they have resorted to threats and harassment of park users  with people threatening OAP’s not very brave of them if they need to pick on OAP this has been harassment in the internet and physical death threats in the park . There have been several allegation of the wildlife group harassing people in the park and these are women who have visited the park daily for over 6 years feeding the wildlife and now get harassed by  the group. There is still great concern by swan experts  that they are taming the swans and treating them like pets not wildlife hand feeding them with a dog present so they have no fear until one kills them. Even though people who have many years experience of swans  have said they may not survive as they are becoming humanised these people continue to put their lives in danger. All these groups seem to develop a Hitler complex refusing to listen to anyone and harassing them with new laws coming out these troll can get a 2 year prison sentance


A large tree felled by the band stand this week


A grebe back on site and has been around for a week

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Autumn Colour in The Queens Park


At this time of the year very little is going on in the park but there is some lovely colours from the trees and the colours change almost daily and well worth a look






Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Total Madness



Regular reads will remember in the summer that we had a lot of fish dyeing in the lake due to lack of oxygen in the water. Of the last couple of week they have installed aeration devices  and this week on Monday they went live you need at least 6 to full oxygenate the lake but only 2 have been installed no doubt cost several thousand pounds to but fit and install all for the benefit of the fish and fishermen. Above you can see the one near Tipkinder working a treat.


At the other end of the lake were there is fishing we see one floating and not turned on WHY? According to reliable information the reason is the fishermen have complained and dont want it on as it scares the fish. They didnt think to complain before all the money was spent and they were installed! Speaking to several fishermen who fish were they use these they say they are great and the fish love them and it makes for better fishing. As they only went live on Monday they have not even given them a chance to see if if they have any effect.

This is total madness and waste of public money and who do these fishermen think they are?   The groups in the park are getting out of hand as they all think they are Capt Mannering There has been complaints today by lots of people of harassment by the Wildlife group members who are abusing people who feed the wildlife they are described as little Hitlers and all the groups have the same attitude. The Wildlife group are to plant on the islands but the correct way to do this is to analyse the soil before you start to test for PH etc before you can choose suitable plants but the yare not doing any of this and will they know how far apart to put plants to match growth height etc  

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Before and after renovations


Sunday saw the park full of bike of every size age and type from penny farthings to modern bikes, Dr bike was there doing free repairs for all bikes




After over 5 years and 7 million pounds of renovation parts of the park are still a tip. Its been that long people wont remember what it used to be like above is Coronation Walk today un kept and full of weeds and no water fall. Below is how nice it used to look before they started renovating it which is better? The park is being destroyed and made worse than ever



Monday, September 15, 2014

Wildlife habitat destroyed by the ANTS


A new ram has gone in on the island at the bottom of the lake so the moorhen's can get on to the island with their young. For  along time they nest by the little bridge in the bamboo along with rabbits but this has all been destroyed by the ANTS cleaning it up. Its in borders so cant go far and it doesnt grow to big but they saw fit to totally destroy it. in the same area there are 10 self seeded trees that want pulling out and the borders with bushes are full of weeds but they have left them. The whole problem is people come into the park think they are doing good but in fact they are destroying it. They removed very old plants form the lodge garden that were rare totally wiping them out. The groups in the park dont have a master plan to work to and just step on others toes due to lack of communication.  The ANTS put up bird boxes many in the wrong place facing the wrong way as they dont know what birds go into which area they dont know what box to put were and put them facing to wrong way the chicks can get to hot if in direct sunlight.

Would you take your car to a garage that let untrained volunteers repair it no you wouldnt as they could wreck the car in the same way these people know very little about gardening and wildlife and just destroy everything. What is needed is groups to work together and to get trained supervision of these events. In the same way the wildlife group are feeding the swans in the wrong way and they could suffer as they are now to use to humans and when they leave they may well suffer as they seek out humans all of which arnt nice people  


Monday, September 8, 2014

Autumn is on its way


One of the first trees to change with the onset of Autumn is this one in the park and its started changing colour and dropping leave so its on its way you do get some nice colours over the next few week as the trees change


Two new power box have gone in this week by the lake ready for the new aeration scheme to  pump oxygen into the water as the fish were dying due to lake of oxygen they will float on the surface and be like mini fountains and have to be anchored down or the spin out of control. This should have been done as part of the restoration but wasnt done


A few Robins are collecting in the park just like Xmas. The cygnet no3 has been returned this week from the RSPCA after it had the fishing line in its mouth. The swans are now learning to flap their wings and normally the parents will chase them off but as dad is alone its more likely they will stay and dad will go and find a new mate return and then drive them off


Monday, September 1, 2014

More Cygnets hooked in fishing line


Last week saw 2 cygnets and a duck caught in fishing line the picture above show what came from one cygnets mouth and the duck is now in Stapley. So despite everyone best efforts this is not working. The problem is that people are going down all day feeding the swans which is good but its how you feed them that is causing the problems. They are now so tame they eat out of anyone's hand and this how they are being fed. People are doing this out of ignorance and think its very good but swans are wild life not pets. As they are so used to humans they think this is how they get food so they see fishermen and head over for food and as a result get caught in line. No Canada gees have been hooked as they are not hand fed.

This presents another problem its ok for the duck, squirrels etc to get very used to humans as they often stay in the park for life  but swans the father will sooner or later drive them away and they will leave and find new homes but believing food will come from humans so they will go to any one and of coarse some people arnt nice and may catch them for dinner or get hooked in more fishing line.

The problem is the hand feeding this must now stop they can be fed from the bridge or have food placed on the ground for them but humans must back off so they find food by natural foraging if this doesn't happen they will leave and be unable to survive in the wild. Problem is people now wont see that and they will eventually suffer as a result. All wildlife sanctuaries try to keep human contact to the minimum if creature are to return to the wild


above the power supply for the lake aeration is now in and this will bring more oxygen to the lake for fish wildlife etc  as fish have been dying due to lack of oxygen it was part of the original plan along with plants to help but never got done

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Deadly Path Made Safe?



After last weeks report of the deadly path the Chronicle also ran the story this week with picture and low and behold a gang of workmen appeared and created a new feature a mud wrestling ring and closed the path. But at least its responsible sae now. The council claimed it was down to fly tipping but as I witness back in may the council do it this wasnt the case, it sad that you have to get press coverage to get things made safe when it was so clearly deadly


The cygnets have been ringed this week and we have 2 boys 2 girls and one they dont know. The one from Stapley injured by fishing line  will be released soon they hope but cant return to the park as father may drive it off


A ramp has gone in on the island so wildlife can then get back on the island with their young as it was once they left the island young couldnt get back and were in danger,


The swans are growing well now and dad is still looking after them well


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Could You be KILLED in the Queens Park


Above is a lethal death trap in the park for  a long time the path at the end of the lake by the golf coarse has been very bad as its very narrow and slippery on one side is the lake and the other is a trench left by the restoration which for ages has been full of dirty stagnant water so either way you fell you would have got wet. But then the council decided to create a death trap and dumped a load of rubbish in the trench turning a wet pool into something lethal. click on the picture and take a close look at the metal very sharp rusty and just right to kill you. If you fall onto that your dead or very seriously injured. If that doesn't get you then there are bricks concrete slabs and other nasty's to crack your head open. The council have left it like this  and created the problem them selves. How can anyone say this complies with Health and Safety laws there can be no argument its deadly and they have done nothing about it the person who instructed this to be done could be criminally liable. Even though they know about this nothing has been done when anyone dies or get hurt they can come on this site for photographic evidence of the CEC H&S failings and win a compensation claim


The clock tower has had its 3rd renovation with new finials' this week the colour doesn't match but will fade in time



A new sign this week by the bandstand with a map and local details of the walks available locally part of the Sustrans project


The cygnets are doing well with no more fishing problems and are growing well the only real danger to them now comes from humans and fishing. The cygnet in Stapley may be able to come back in a couple of weeks lets hope it doesnt get driven off

Monday, July 28, 2014

Cygnets Hooked by Fishing line AGAIN


Once again the fishermen have injured more cygnets one above with a hook in its mouth and line trailing behind was spotted by the wildlife group and action was taken to save it we hope that its not swallowed the line and has internal injuries. Once again the low life that do this don't report it to the RSPCA or anyone to get it help they run off and leave it to die a horrible painful death. The other cygnet is still at the RSPCA Stapley and still isn't out of the woods yet lets hope it pulls through.


Again there is a possibility that another has been caught in line tonight and the one below we are worried about its leg as it seems to be injured.


The problem is there is no end in site things are just getting worse with an almost daily problem and these are not kids fishing these are adults doing this. Nothing is being done to stop this happening. You can see below an illegal act not just park rules but its illegal to leave a rod unattended as it states on the licence if found by the environment agency  you can get a hefty fine and banned from fishing

Once kids start in the school hols things will be totally out of control and the CEC are doing nothing to help the situation they are covering up criminal acts when swans are attacked every incident with a swan attack should be reported to the police not covered up.

Something must be done I have heard of people suggesting vigilantly patrols and this must be condemned but people are shocked and upset by lack of response by the park


Going by other park rules in the uk the rules need to be changed

no ground baiting (the wildlife see this and come over then the angler doesn't lift the rod)

Clear notices of how to contact the bailiff so people can report problems and if they hook wildlife report it. The stupid £5 fee want increasing to a reasonable £30 then this would pay for more bailiffs

No catapults these are weapons and not suitable in the park as last week the kids were firing at wildlife.

Bailiffs to note who is on what peg and times and that person is responsible for the peg and to clean up after them ie no left line this would also give a clue as to who was fishing if wildlife are hurt.

No casting close to wildlife and rods to be lifted if wildlife come close


Apart form the cygnets there are a lot of baby ducks moorhens and rabbits to see in the park at this time


Monday, July 21, 2014

Wildlife Blood Bath Continues while CEC do nothing


Last Sat 12th,they  had to use a boat to reach a cygnet that was tangled in fishing line. On Mon 14th Derek, one of the bailiffs, had to untangle a cygnet from fishing line. What sort of fisherman hooks up cygnets then leaves them in horrendous pain to die instead of reporting it to the RSPCA or the bailiff they can be only described as low life. If you see anyone doing this report it straight away. Its very clear and proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that all these problems come from fishing which is what the wildlife group tried to stop

Once the kids come off school things can only get worse and CEC are not doing anything to solve the problem. Despite the bailiffs and people turning out to help these things are still happening so they have proved in effective. So far its only swans that have been the main victims but the Grebe on the lake this week is also a protect species. Part of the problem is fishermen using ground bate which the swans see and think its food then swim over and get caught as the fishermen wont lift their rods to save them. The bailiffs Tel number needs to be displayed all around the area so people can report problems. The low fee of £5 is stupid and should be £35 or so this would provide money for more bailiffs.     


Some new baby ducks on the lake this week lets hope they survive and below a mysterious egg floating in the water this week



Very heavy rain this week meant the sewer at the bottom of the lake over flowed into the lake


The boat house has had a face lift and some painting done to it


Two weeks ago the ANTS cleaned Cory walk and removed the rubbish and two week later the rubbish is still there now causing problems for mowing and rotting the grass so they have just moved rubbish around and solved nothing there is no reason they couldnt have done a proper job and used a wheel barrow to remove it all together

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Injured Cygnet Latest


Report just in from the wildlife group on Face Book

got back from visiting our cygnet at Stapeley. How cool to be allowed to see him but how sad to hear he has a 50/50 chance of surviving. His injury, confirmed to be caused by FISHING LINE has made him unable to walk. If he can not put weight on his leg and is unable to walk he will have to be put to sleep. Made me want to cry. Poor little thing. He is on painkillers and my fingers are crossed. More care MUST be taken when fishing. This is a protected species.

If there is no action taken by the fishing group and the park management then more are going to die the fishermen throw in ground bait and the swans think its food so come over to them we watched today as swans swam under rods and the fishermen made no attempt to lift the rod to keep them safe. Once the kids start then all hell will break loose and the council will do nothing they remove any comments on Face Book trying to pretend nothing is happening. If the RSPCA gave the fishing group a £4,000 vets bill every time this happened they may get their act together.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Injured Cygnet update


Today volunteers from Queens Park Wildlife Conservation mounted a rescue of the injured cygnet and many turned up to keep an eye on it while waiting for the RSPCA. Most of the day members have been on the phone trying to get help for it. The RSPCA turned up later in the day and helped by volunteers who are known to the swans it was captured and taken away to Stapley as it was in to bad of a state to leave. What shocked a lot of people was that this was all done by volunteers while management who get paid to do the job by CEC did nothing. Its there job to take action on injured swans and give a swan in distress caused by fishermen top priority.

You can join the group on facebook

Ban Fishing in the Queens Park before all Cygnets Die


Call to ban fishing in the Queens Park after attacks on cygnets. The female swan died and the body was disposed of so no one could examine it but the pictures of the dead swan sent to lots of swan rescue centres believe the injury was from a fishing hook as it’s a unique wound and these are people that rescue swans every day. They cant be 100% as there is no body but they believe it to be the case.

Two cygnets were witnessed being attacked by fishermen purposely trying to hook them one did hook one. Another witness saw a fisherman hitting the swan with a landing net, a week ago a cygnet was rescued tangled in fishing line Sunday saw kids fishing and using a catapult to fire on cygnets and wild life. Today a cygnet has been caught in line again. Other witness have seen the attacked with spray cans. Fishermen have been seen kick at swans My dog was caught in a fishing hook left on the grass as have other dogs. Fishermen should have to be signed onto a peg then any problems they can be spoken to as its their responsibility

The injured cygnet has to wait until tomorrow for the RSPCA to rescue it lets hope its ok

All these are actual crimes swans enjoy statutory protection under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and it is an offence to intentionally injure, take or kill a wild swan. As far as we can tell these crimes have been covered up and not reported to the Police which in its self may be a crime and CEC may be guilty of this.

Given this level of attacks the only sensible action is to ban fishing before we have a wildlife blood bath despite peoples efforts these crimes are increasing and measures to stop them are not working. Some swan rescue centres who have had this sort of problem hold the fishing club responsible and charge them £4,000 for every rescue and vets bill. All this when we are supposed to have responsible fishermen once the kids break up and we get swamped with then all hell will break loose. If action isn’t taken then people may start taking action against these people as the CEC sit back and do nothing again.

The new wildlife group have people looking after the swans as best they can and you can join in and help save the swans on facebook

Anyone seeing attacks on swans should call the Police as its a criminal offence lets get the Police down and prosecute these people it will deter others from doing it


The post for CCTV are going in complete with pre configured graffiti


This may help to some degree with problems but only if people take action on what is seen. Below the fence broken by kids going fishing, they had fun playing with the boats last week and were on the boat hut



Lots of young rabbits about if you walk about the park

Monday, July 7, 2014

New Queens Park Wildlife Conservation Group


The first meeting of the new group took place today in the park soured by a heavy downpour of rain but still over 20 people turned up for the meeting. It was set up after the mysterious death of the female who had 7 cygnets one of which has gone missing. The aim of the group is to protect the wildlife in the park mostly from humans after there have been now 5 witness attacks of the cygnets none of which have been reported to the Police as they have been as its a criminal offence.

On objective is to make the islands a safe haven by providing suitable plants on them and building some sort of steps so wildlife can get to safety on the island. A few companies have shown interest it helping including Bentley, PET Hire and Cheshire work wear. The next meeting will be next Sunday at 2pm in the bowling hut. You can join the group on facebook


One of the problem faced by wildlife is as you can see a very large dog off the lead there are many dogs off lead and they often attack wildlife despite there being a bylaw on the park that they must be on the lead


Some of the wildlife on the lake this week is the Coot back last year we had lots of them and they did very well but we have the only one now


A new set of baby duck with mum out today and the baby moorhen out on his own


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Three Attacks by Fishermen on Swans in Queens Park




After the horrific Death of the mother swan who had 7 signets in the Queens Park which is still a mystery more attacks have happened this week. We heard disturbing news off a bailiff fisherman. He has witnessed twice in one day, two males fishing who purposely dangled bait in front of the cygnets and caught them up. The bailiff had to untangle them and threaten the males involved. Another witness told me how he had seen a fisherman hitting a swan with a keep net so that is a total of 3 attacks in one day. The mothers death is still a mystery as its claimed by the press that the RSPCA have no knowledge of it but it was quoted on Face Book that the park had called them and it was the wardens who had made the call but speaking to them this week they said they hadn't made a call and knew nothing about the dead swan. The body has disappeared and a request to the park were it went hasnt been answered. A vet who specialises in swans looked at our photo and said with out the body he cant be sure but it looked like a human attack from the photo as there were no canine teeth marks.


Legal status

As native wild birds, swans enjoy statutory protection under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and it is an offence to intentionally injure, take or kill a wild swan. 

The Act similarly protects the eggs and nests of swans. It is an offence to take or possess the egg of a wild mute swan, or to damage or destroy the nest of a mute swan whilst in use or being built. Unfortunately, swans and their nests are sometimes a target for vandals. 

Anyone seeing an offence against swans or other wildlife is encouraged to contact their police Wildlife Liaison Officer through their local police station.

There is history at the Queens Park of swan abuse with vandals stealing and smashing their eggs and no one does anything about it but now a new wildlife conservation group has been formed and the first meeting will be in the Queens Park pavilion Sun 6th July if you want to help save the wildlife in the park come along. You may wish to ask your local councillor why the CEC isnt doing anything to protect the wildlife as they have a duty of care. Since the attacks they have taken no action to patrol the park or get the Police in to investigate.


There are other problems in the park this week kids covered the CCTV on the bowling hut and then rode bikes all over the green. Above the Gulf War memorial that was regenerated by the ANTS now has all the new plants dying do to the fact that they plants have been left and have not been watered in hot weather. Its no good putting these things in then just leaving them to rot they need care in the early stages.

Further dead fish have been seen in the lake


People in Danger in the Queens Park?

Lots of complaints about the main path by the lake which is thick with smelly goose dropping which can be toxic to children and dogs. The CEC has failed in its duty of care leaving this in such a state

Canada geese feces can be hazardous to people's health, but usually only when inhaled or ingested. Walking past geese feces, or even lounging near them on the beach is likely safe for healthy people. However, the elderly, children, and pregnant or breastfeeding women are particularly susceptible to health risks posed by parasites that inhabit Canada geese feces. At even higher risk are those with weak immune systems, such as people with HIV/AIDS, chemotherapy recipients, and recent organ donors and recipients. Similarly, people with gastrointestinal (GI) problems, such as ulcers and irritable bowel disease, are also at increased risk, since they, too, cannot easily combat parasites from Canada geese feces.

Geese feces usually contain the parasites cryptosporidium, giardia, coliform, and campylobacter. Cryptosporidium poses the most serious health hazard, since it causes cryptosporidiosis, an illness with the following symptoms:

  • watery diarrhea
  • dehydration
  • weight loss
  • stomach cramps or pain
  • fever
  • nausea
  • vomiting

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Save the wildlife


There are still 6 signets left and we have lots of people watching out for them after the mysterious death of the mother. The controversy roles on with claims made by the press that the RSPCA no nothing about the death  even though the park made this statement on  Face book  Sadly Swan found dead on the lake this morning. RSCPA notified. All indications are eaten, possibly by a fox, no indication of being ravished by dog. Hence previous assumption removed off the web as unnecessary. However, mum may possibly find it difficult to look after all her young, so please all keep monitoring them and help. She has plenty of food thank you to all. Thank you Waynne also for your prompt call.


Queens Park wildlife conservation group

The group was setup after the death of a swan and other wildlife the aims and objectives are.

Urgent need for ramps onto all islands on the lake so wildlife can escape onto them away from human and natural predators

Islands to be planted with wildlife friendly plants to provide cover and suitable nesting

Lake plants need to be planted to provide to oxygenate the water and provide nesting for wildlife reed beds are needed in the middle of the lake for protected species that cant nest on land ie Grebe

Make the park more wildlife friendly by planting suitable bushes and plants to encourage wild life which fits in with the schools education programme

After a serious dog attack last year we were promised a dog control order which hasn’t been actioned dogs off the lead are a major problem as they attack wildlife and children the order is of no use unless dog wardens enforce it. The remaining swan was attacked last week by a dog off the lead.

Small water holes to be placed around park for wildlife to drink from as most can drink from the lake.

Log piles and bee hotel to get more insects in the park cost nothing and helpful for children’s education.

There will be a meeting in the park pavilion on Sunday 6th July 2pm all invited


There has been a lot of dead fish in the lake estimates between 50-100 and experts say this is down to failure of the CEC not providing plants for the lake or a fountain to oxygenate the lake. Its believed they all died due to lake of oxygen. This is all despite Cllr Jones promising last year to do all he could to protect the wildlife in the park they have failed to get the dog control order requested last year and no effort has been made to do anything for wildlife 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Signet Disappeared


After the death of the swan last week this week a signet has gone missing and its reported today that there are 100 dead fish in the lake. A member of swan watch witnessed a staffy type dog attack the remaining swan while it was off the lead. What is going on when will someone do something?

The Wagtails are about on the lake catching flies for their young and there is also baby moorhens on the lake they are very tiny and vulnerable


More illegal fishing below these came with big dogs and fished at the wrong end of the lake with bread which the ducks were trying to eat as it was floating make you wonder about these and the dogs?


Friday, June 13, 2014

Dead Swan


This is an upsetting image of the dead swan but it is evidence of what has happened. It is claimed on Facbook that it was found on the lake headless and a carcass on Tuesday am. But this photo was taken at 7:45 on Monday by 5 witness to its death. Its claimed its a fox. But the facts are its very rare for a fox to come out in the day when people are about and this happened in broad day light between 4-7 o'clock.    Foxes and swans have lived in the park for years and its never happened before. Why would a fox take on a swan when there is easy picking with other wildlife special lots of rabbits which would not put up a fight?

Foxes normally only kill for food and take the head straight away as its the most nourishing part. If it was a fox in daylight doing this are children safe? We know this was in the bushes the swans have never ever gone in the bushes.


But look at the swan it has a single hole in  the neck a bite from a fox or a dog would look like the above with the two canine teeth 25mm apart and a dog similar but wider so if there isnt the two bite marks it suggest it wasnt done by a dog or fox everyone who has seen the picture agrees with this. So what has killed it? As the body has disappeared we may never know and cant find out but a single hole suggests a shot or a arrow or something like that we will never know. If anyone saw the swans on monday let us know we know it was ok up till 4 oclock so if you saw it after then alive we can narrow down the time if you saw anything else or heard anything let us know. We have sent the images to experts to see if they can provide any more evidence as to what did this

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mother Swan Killed in Queens Park


The two swans have had 7 signets in the Queens Park a few weeks ago. Last year they had four signets the first time in 10 years but they all disappeared in mysterious circumstances. This year members of the wildlife group from the park setup Swan watch so members would come in during opening times to keep an eye on the swans. Last night 5 June at 7:15 they found mother the swan dead in the bushes it had not been eaten which suggests it was a fox that did this as that would have only killed for food. We believe its the results of a dog attack as dogs off the lead have been a problem for along time. Witness saw a greyhound type dog attack the signets a few weeks ago until a member shouted at the owner.


So far the signets are ok as dad below is looking after them taken today



A photo taken today of a dog off the lead heading towards the swans at 1:30. On Sunday a dog off the lead caused havoc around the children's play area for over an  hour. The park and the dog wardens refuse to do their jobs and protect both children and wildlife.

The Park has tried to cover up this story and are lying about the incident below you can see on QP facebook they claim it was dead in the water and reported to the RSPCA when it was reported the night before by our members why are they lying and trying to cover up what has happen?

Queens Park Crewe

13 hours ago

Sadly Swan found dead on the lake this morning. RSCPA notified. All indications are eaten, possibly by a fox, no indication of being ravished by dog. Hence previous assumption removed off the web as unnecessary. However, mum may possibly find it difficult to look after all her young, so please all keep monitoring them and help. She has plenty of food thank you to all. Thank you Waynne also for your prompt call.

Problems in the past are highlighted by this incident the same German Shepard was in the park off the lead on the day in questions.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Dangerous dog attack puppy Jax in the Queens Park


Monday @ 2 oclock I was standing by the Gulf War memorial in the park talking to a lady with a Yorkshire terrier and another man watch by the gardeners. A larges German Sheppard came towards of the lead both are dogs were on leads. I explained to the owner dogs must be on the lead in the park. The next minute his dog savagely attacked the lady ran for her life fearing for her dogs safety. Fortunately my puppy is an Alaskan Malumute and was able to defend his self while the man made vain attempts to stop his dog. He eventual got hold of his dog but became abusive and still refused to put it on a lead despite being shouted at by the gardeners and walked off shouting abuse with it still off the lead there were 9 witness to the attack.

We went straight to the dog wardens office and explained what had happened and told them he was still in the park so they could catch him. In front of 4 witness they state.

Its not an offence for a dog to attacks a dog and wouldn’t do anything or call the Police.

The don’t patrol the park

The cant enforce not having a dog on the lead in the park even though its stated as a bylaw.

Its not the councils job to deal with this sort of problem.

We pointed to another dog running loose and they did nothing for 15 mins then drove round the dog was a 3 min walk away.

We want the dog wardens to undergo further training so they can do their job properly a quick look at the official Government site

Shows it is a crime to have a dangerous dog loose, the council can enforce it and it is their responsibility. The site

States Dogs which behave dangerously may be seized by the dog warden, and their owners prosecuted. The dogs may be destroyed if the magistrate considers that they are a danger to the public.

This man is a regular in the park and never has his dog on the lead he normally goes by the bandstand between 12:30 and 2 oclock as do many others off the lead. The posh man and women visit at these times of the day with a black Labrador off the lead and they claim the law doesn’t apply to them. As the children are off school still and the park is now used for young children for education purposes its vital the dog wardens get out of their offices and catch these people. If a child had been near when it attacked it could have easily been killed by such a big dog. Its noted by many users that a certain councillor visit the park every day and sets a bad example with her dog off the lead.

Overview From Government website

It’s against the law to let a dog be dangerously out of control:

in a public place

in a private place where the dog isn’t allowed to be (eg a neighbour’s house or garden without permission)

The law applies to all dogs.

Some types of dogs are banned.

Out of control

Your dog is considered dangerously out of control if it:

  • injures someone
  • makes someone worried that it might injure them

A court could also decide that your dog is dangerously out of control if:

  • it injures someone’s animal
  • the owner of the animal thinks they could be injured if they tried to stop your dog attacking their animal

A farmer is allowed to kill your dog if it’s worrying their livestock.


You can be fined up to £5,000 and/or sent to prison for up to 6 months if your dog is out of control. You may also not be allowed to own a dog in the future.

If you let your dog injure someone, you can be sent to prison for up to 2 years and/or fined.

If you deliberately use your dog to injure someone you could be charged with ‘malicious wounding’. The maximum penalty is 5 years in prison.

Dog Control Orders

Local councils in England and Wales can issue Dog Control Orders (DCOs).

These mean that in public areas with DCOs, you may have to:

  • keep your dog on a lead
  • put your dog on a lead if told to by a police officer, police community support officer or someone from the council
  • stop your dog going in certain places - like farmland or parts of a park
  • limit the number of dogs you have with you (this applies to professional dog walkers too)
  • clear up after your dog

DCOs don’t apply to private land if you have permission from the land owner or person who controls the land.


If you ignore a DCO, you can be fined:

  • £50 on the spot (a ‘Fixed Penalty Notice’)
  • up to £1,000 if it goes to court

You can’t be fined if you’re a registered blind dog owner.

DCOs in your area

Local councils must let the public know where DCOs are in place.

Example If dogs aren’t allowed in a park, there must be signs saying so.

If the council plans to put a new DCO in place, it must put up a notice and publish it in a local newspaper and on its website.

The notice must tell you:

  • where the new DCO will apply
  • if there’s a map and where you can see it
  • where you can write or email to have your say - you should have at least 28 days

After 28 days, your local council will decide whether to go ahead with the DCO or change it. If there are lots of changes, the council will publish another notice, with the same timescales.

Report a dog

Anyone can report a dog and their owner to the police.

You can report a dangerous dog to your council’s dog warden service.

You can also report dog fouling to your local council.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Swans on Parade


The swans are doing well and the parents have learnt from last year and sticking closer to the babies this time. Above they are wandering around the park like troops on parade with mum in front and dad taking up the rear. They have spent a lot of time on the main drive and other grass


here they are on a nice sunny day taking in the rays


They are very clever swans as they have produced a poster to tell people to shut the main gate


A close up of one of the babies nice and fluffy


The bowling hut has had small plaques put on the drains to remember Frank Web and Richardmoon we are taking bets how long they will last. The ducting for CCTV has started going in so maybe that will deter the vandals.


The main balcony at the cafe is going to have to be replaced just a couple of years after it was built as the underlings structure isn't sound and will have to be replaced

Monday, June 2, 2014

Lots of New Wildlife


The bowling hut has at long last had its down spout fixed since it has been built the water poured on peoples heads as there was no spout as it should have had a fancy chain. Now they have boxed it in with a pipe so you dont get wet any more.


The heron has been on the lake nearly every day this week even though its been closed season for fishing


Last year we had lots of coots on the lake and they bred very well but there ahs been none for ages then this one popped up this week lets hope he brings his mates


The rare Barnacle goose has also popped up again this week he hasnt been seen for a while.


The swan still has all the signets and they are growing slowly unlike Nantwich were the swan lost young within a week.


One of the young all wet from a dive


Proud mum with her new babies there are a few duck with young now so lots to see

Monday, May 26, 2014

Swan Watch After Dog Attack


The island were they put the boats at night is suffering damage from the boats smashing into the stone work with a lot of the top slabs destroyed by the boats. So this will be another restoration of restoration.


More babies in the park this time Canada Geese there is now a lot of ducks and geese with babies.


Every day this week the Herron has popped in for his dinner he doesn't know its closed season for fishing until June


members of the parks wildlife group are keeping a close eye on the swans and babies. A witness saw a man on a bike with  a grey hound type of dog off the lead attack the signets this week luckily they were close to mum and water and escaped but the dog followed them into the water. Being in the water the swan was able to defend her young. Last year the baby swans disappeared in mysterious circumstances  so we are trying to keep watch over them this year. If anyone sees any thing happening to a swan call the Police straight away


The plaque on the clock tower has now been renovated

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Lots of Baby Wildlife


Some improvements have gone on this week with all gates getting the shields which dont seem to make much sense as they show canal boats on them?


New bike stands up near the bandstand which were put on the playing field then removed and put in the park they must have had the map upside down.



At the end of the lake were there is a mini lake the council have chucked rubbish in it for what purpose I dont know as its just dumped there and just make it worse not better. What is a muddy hole full of water has now been turned into a death trap. You can see there is rusty metal that is razor sharp so fall on that or catch it with your leg and it could cut you in half, add to that the concrete and its a lot more dangerous than if they had left it alone


Lots of Babies about with ducks Canadian Geese and of coarse the swans


Mum has been out on the grass sun bating with her babies



The babies are sticking close together in the water lets hope this year they survive as last year they got a few months old and after being hooked by fishermen the last 3 disappeared in mysterious circumstances. As a swan and eggs have been removed from a local site we need to keep our eye out for anyone messing with them.



Having a swim with mum


Monday, May 12, 2014

Seven Baby Swans Born


The Mayor Cllr Dorothy Flude  came for a ride on the boats in the park this week. We are having major problems with the boats not being supervised. The first incident were people using the boats to run over baby ducks and chase them around the lake while staff did nothing. There were then two separate incidents reported by the fishing bailiff and seen by others. These are serious problems that rowers got near the far side of the island and messed with eggs on a gooses nest. On the second occasion they threw the eggs and smashed them. If it had been the swans eggs they could face prosecution. Again on all these occasions staff did nothing they must supervise these boats and walk round to see none of this type of behaviour happens. They are making lots of money from the boats so they must protect wildlife and stop vandalism.  


Its a major wildlife week this week with 7 baby swans being born. Last year was the first year we had young but none survived so this year is a bumper year. There are baby ducks one has 12 babies another with 5 and one with 4 but these tend to loose a lot to gulls and dogs. There have been idiots with a black dog letting it chase duck on Sunday.


The Mandarin everyone's favourite is back again this week


Mum out with her babies keeping them close while dad chases of the bad geese





The jay down by the lake which is strange they tend to be hidden and stay out of site

Monday, May 5, 2014

First baby Ducks this year


The first baby ducks appeared this week with the mother of 5 chicks swimming around. How long will they last as people watched on Sunday as kids in a boat chased them all over the lake trying to run the chicks over and the staff never saw anything. The boat have duel hulls so they can run   them over and kill them with the paddle blades




An obscure notice went up by Tipkinder bridge were no one will see it but what does it mean? how fast is fast how large is large how small is small It defines nothing total waste of money


Once again fishing gives problems spot the illegal activity above. This is often happening and highly illegal leaving a rod unattended and often its happens while the fisherman goes to relive himself in the bushes which is also illegal. The offence is worse in the park   as should a swan or wildlife be caught in an unattended line it could drag it all around the lake and suffer a lot of pain and suffering. It now closed season but that didnt stop 7 fishing anyway. Its up for review at the next friends meeting and so far there hasnt been a lot of fishing due to the weather etc so given all the problems once kids are off school they arnt going to cope



Monday, 12th May, 2014 6.00pm

At the Pickle Jar Lakeside Pavilion Queens Park, Crewe


1. Apologies

2. Minutes of Last Meeting

3. Matters Arising

4. Chairpersons Update

5. Burma Star Island

6. Events Diary

7. Queens Park Angling Review

8. ANTs Review

9. Queens Park – ‘vote’ re web page

Any Other Business

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Restoring the restoration


We have had some nice sunny days this week at the park and the flower beds are a real treat with spring bedding in full flower


The lodges were restored in 2011 but now we are restoring the restoration with the lodges being restored you can see several panels have been removed and the wood behind the notice below.



The gates have had a paint job on them but so far they still lock them with a padlock instead of fixing the lock on the gates. Why wasn't all this done first time round who signed it off and paid if it wasn't all done correctly

Monday, April 21, 2014

ANTS Good or BAD?


In the grass cutting Grand Prix the mower lost control in the drs zone and spun out of control on a corner and the race had to be stopped while the mower was retrieved


The boat are back on the lake and are very expensive costing up to £10 which is a lot just to row around a little island as they shouldn’t row down the bottom of the lake because of fishing. Some have gone down the bottom so they wont be very popular. Even after a couple of days problems are starting to come to light. The boats are being tied up on the island at night were the swan is nesting and as such if she leaves the nest she can only get back on at one spot and that is were they are putting the boats so she could loose the eggs as she cant get back. Also people are going close the the island were she is nesting which isn’t helping. Its frightening the ducks away and they are going down the bottom of the lake were they are fishing as such risk being hooked by fishermen.

One important concern is who are the people running the boats as they help young children in and out of the boat questions have been asked are these people CRB checked are they first aiders and are they life guards in case someone falls in?



There has been a lot of discussion about ANTS this week on social media etc as a result of a letter to the Chronicle complaining. ANTS was formed when the BBC highlighted the state of the park and Cllr Jones asked for backing from local people. He specifically stated that he didn’t expect people to pick up rubbish etc that’s was the councils role.

The ANTS was then formed and they held a meeting in the park it was clear from the start that they weren’t going to listen to what users had to say they had their own ideas and that was that. Most of the founders by their own admission hadn’t been to the park in 2 years so new nothing about it or what was going on or what people who visit daily felt about the park and they weren’t going to listen.

They started doing some bench repairs and brushing up some of the rubbish from the first day last August is still piled up near the café and now a lovely garden of nettles.

Many people then commented that one leader ran her own hairdressing company and as such was using ANTS to promote her company, another had political aspirations and was using it to further his political career. There were then problem with allegation of ANTS leaders coming in the park slagging off Friends and other people and verbally and emotionally abusing people. You don’t have to agree with what people say but defend their right to express their opinion the ANTS seem to take a Gestapo approach if you don’t agree with hem then you are trash an example is these comments about the writer of the letter to the paper given they know nothing about this person

Chris Curran I've now read the letter . I think the old duffer has neglected to take his medication writing some intolerable nonsense as that

Matthew Reen Pfffttt, I hope he has a bad Friday and the easter bunny doesn't visit him, loser!

This trend seems to have become the norm if you don’t agree with what they say then they become abusive on social media and threaten people who cant defend them selves. They have continued brushing up and cutting down shrubs etc in doing this they have destroyed the nesting areas that were used by wildlife so they have no were left to breed, damaged the heated floor in the bowling hut with varnish.

The council was applying to the lottery for a further 1.2 million pounds to do the paths it was then found out the cost was on £320,000 so the CEC decided they would pay for the path and as a result the lottery who were holding back £500,00 released the money giving the CEC a profit on the deal. The ANTS claim it was all there doing which it wasn’t.

The argument is now that by cleaning up they are just doing someone out of a job and the results only last for a day or so before its back to the state again as there are no full time people cleaning up. The only long term things they have done is the bench’s and planted the gulf war memorial area. The latter has had plants stolen and half the other are dying as you cant just put plants in when its very dry weather not water them and expect them to live.



The grebe was back  again this week but was down the bottom of the lake and at risk from fishing as they dive and swim great distances under water were they can be caught in the line. They are a protected species and heavy fines if they are hurt

Monday, April 14, 2014

Killer Swan


They have made it nice and simply for yobs to break into the park at night and cause trouble. Down by the golf coarse the fence has been removed for repair and temp fence put up which the kids have wrecked and left in a dangerous position and left it wide open to get in the park at night.


A couple of Greylag geese are back this week lets hope they breed.


With the swan on the nest the other swan has become a killer spending most of the day attacking Canada geese all around the park. We watched as he jumped on the back of one and pushed it under the water and it never came back up. This isnt the first time they have done this they killed one of the white geese before.



Some nice bushes in flower at this time of year the rhododendrons and forsythia well worth a look


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Plants Stolen


New plants were planted just over a week ago at the Gulf War memorial and by the Bowling hut but today some have been stolen and other pulled out at both locations some of them were Pieris and no doubt now in someone's garden or given as a present. The memorial has just returned after being vandalized and has been put back at the same location. In my view if its been broken once it will happen again and should be moved to a more public location so its harder for the yobs. There have been large stones found in the area as if they have been used to attack it. In the photo you can see the holes which once contained plants that ANTS planted. Ants have still not replied about the scouts who offered them help maybe they now dont want anyone else to join the group and help



Further vandalisms occurred at the Tipkinder gate were the old sign glass has been smashed 


The new paddling pool is now finished or in this case its the new path which has turned into a paddling pool as they have put no camber on it or raised it above surrounding earth but it does make a good photo

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hot Days


A couple of nice days and spring continues with butterflies  in the park


This cheeky chappy playing king of the castle


The Gulf war memorial has been planted up with new plants and tidied up lets hope the yobs leave it alone this time.


The swan is still nesting on the island but after we bought hay to help her build a nest the park manager refused to get it put on the island so she has no material to make a decant nest which will have an impact as eggs will be colder without straw to keep them warm. There are no materials for any wildlife to build nest and much of the cover they used to hide has been destroyed by the ANTS last year


The hot days brought out the train and the bouncy castles for the kids to enjoy


The daffs are still a fine show with the trees in flower as well

Sunday, March 23, 2014


The friends meeting was held last week and the mins are here The interesting bits are they now have money to pay to restore thing that have been restored. They are also contemplating a web site which would evolve spending money raised for the park on it instead of providing nesting for wildlife or other useful things. Considering my two sites  have been running for over 5 years with 1,000 of photo and weekly reports wit hover a million hits whats the point of wasting money on another one? I had an offer from the scouts to help the ANTS and I passed this on to them over a week ago and they have not responded so I assume they dont want help?


With the few nice days we have had spring has burst into life the rabbits are out down Coronation walk. The swans are trying to nest on the island but have nothing to make a nest from. The wildlife group brought hay but no one would put it on the island for us


There a few lady birds about which is a good sign


The daffs have a great show of yellow down the main drive just right for people to take for Mother day I have seen people taking them as it is


The flower bed by the lodge is looking good and the path has now got stone laid its just waiting for the tarmac


Gardeners have been out with their new toy that grinds old tree stumps down they have done a lot by the lack. The question is will the mess be left like this or cleaned up when stumps were done last August they left the mess and its still there.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Vandals strike again


This week the Guld war memorial has returned after it had been vandalised and its better than ever. Its gone back in the same spot which is out of site so people wont see it and vandals can wreck it without being seen lets hope they leave it alone this time and remember those that gave their lives


They have started doing one of the path near the lodge this week it will only have a tempory top on it so it can be finished when other paths are done so they will all be the same colour


Vandals wreck one of the seat again this week one thats used daily by people as its shaded under the tree near the lake.


The blossom is out all over the park and seems to have come out all at once in a few days with the nice weather

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Birds are coming


A air of Jays are back in the park this is the first siting of them this year


The lake has been swamped with gulls I have never seen so many they were every where


The first section of daffs is now out and soon we will have a full display


Once again the fishing raises its head as the rules state it must only be on pegs but here we are fishing in the little pool were there arnt any pegs. Thats not fishing you may as well put fish in a barrel. The bailiff was seen talking to them but took no action what was worse there were a load there the other week with 3 dogs off the lead and all the park management team walked past and did nothing


Tuesday 11th March, 2014   6.00pm

At the Pickle Jar Lakeside Pavilion Queens Park, Crewe


1. Apologies

2. Minutes of Last Meeting

3. Matters Arising

  1. Chairpersons Update
  2. Web implications – Guest - Peter Sinclair
  3.   Events Diary up-date
  4.   ANTs Review
  5.   Any Other Business


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Spring a little closer



More signs of spring as lots of robins about the trees being blown over have brought more birds to the park as the wood contains insects etc and the birds have moved in to cleanup.


Some of the trees and Bushes are starting to flower as spring gets underway

ANTs and SW

The Queens Park ANTs (Actions Not Talk) volunteers met last weekend to continue the winter clear-up and greet new members.

The event was billed as a “Drop-In” session where potential new volunteers could see what goes on and ask questions about the on-going projects around the park, and numbers were boosted by members of the Sydney Arms Slimming World Group.

Sheila Cotton, SW group leader, said: ‘Getting involved with the ANTs was perfect as part of our Body Magic programme. Members are encouraged to be more active at home and in the community, so helping out at Queens Park was great exercise and everyone benefits.’

The ANTs are an informal group that meet monthly and new volunteers are welcome to spend just an hour, or as long as they can spare. The work is light and easy-going, but a great fun way to burn off a few post-Christmas pounds. Gloves, hi-vis jackets and basic tools are supplied.

Please contact for further details about the next session.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

The week the Wind Blew


The side effects of the bad weather is the wildlife coming in for some shelter like the Goosanders above we had four on the lake this week along with 4 grebe then the next day they have gone


The wigeon above  is a medium-sized duck with a round head and small bill. The head and neck of the male are chestnut, with a yellow forehead, pink breast and grey body. In flight birds show white bellies and males have a large white wing patch. Birds breed in central and northern Scotland and also in northern England. Many birds visit the UK in winter from Iceland, Scandinavia and Russia. With large numbers of wintering birds at a few UK sites it is an Amber List species.
Latin name

Anas penelope


Swans, ducks and geese (Anatidae)

Where to see them

Large numbers winter on the coast. A great place to see thousands together is on the RSPB Ouse Washes nature reserve in Cambridgeshire.

When to see them

All year round.

What they eat

Aquatic plants, grasses, roots.


The wind took its toll all over Crewe but lots of trees suffered in and around the park above a big tree on Tipkinder car park 


One blocking the bridge by Coronation walk


This one by the cafe luck it wasnt any bigger or it would have hit the cafe


By Tipkinder end the one tree was badly hit butt other in the area lost lots of branches each tree that falls means other trees are in danger of wind damage. a very large tree came down by the golf coarse end of the lake


Monday, February 10, 2014

WE now pay for restoration of restoration

    Friends of Queens Park

Minutes - Monday 27th January 2014

Lakeside Pavilion 6pm


Derek Morgan

Joanna Clewes

Leanne Haythornthwaite

Sheila Blackburn

Derek Halfpenny

Kirsty Taylor

Joan Dickinson

Diane Scoffin

Myra Curran

Elaine Dodd

Chris Curran

Karen Crosse

Charlie Griffies

S Curran


Lisa Prime

Eric Buckley


Daniel Prime

Howard Curran


Roy Prince

Ian Henry


You will see that those who turn up for the meeting are people who very rarely come to the park and are not representing the people who visit daily as such the value of is this group to users of the park is Zero until we get people who actual attend on a regular basis we will do know good

1 Apologies were noted

2 Minutes of the previous meeting were approved

3 Matters arising – none

  • Councillor Michael Jones, Leader of CEC Council, had emailed Elaine Dodd to express his appreciation and wishes to the Friends and congratulate the ANTs on their on-going support and enthusiasm
  • Former Mayor, Ray Stafford MBE, had specifically rang also asking her to pass on his appreciation to all involved in the project so far and the progress made.

4 Confirmation of Member Structure / outstanding placement of posts:

  • Angling Representative: Ian Henry was nominated, seconded , vote motioned and carried.
  • Media Representative: No nominations received. This post is to be held in abeyance.
  • Youth / Education Representative: Ben Wye is unable to confirm his candidature at present. This post is to be held in abeyance.
  • Fund Raising Officer: Kirsty Taylor was nominated, seconded , vote motioned and carried.

5 Chairman’s Report and Update

Derek Morgan welcomed all attendees.

5.1 Works in progress

Small works packages are underway:

Designs and specification for mini-tender purposes are shortly to go to specialist Heritage Contractors via Assets. The works are for:

West Lodge: possible renewal of a section of the main horizontal load-bearing timber beam to the rear elevation. Carving of bespoke wordage on the new beam is required and may need to be carried out off-site and then installed once prepared.

Main Entrance: Rails and gate are to be repaired. Ornate features to be recreated where needed as broken. Curbed rails are to be repaired

Entrance areas East, West, South Gates: Crest plaques are to be installed. The base plates are already on the gates in readiness. (A copy of the design was available for attendees to view).

Bowls Pavilion : Installation of rainwater goods to Front Elevation –  this is required for Building Regulation Approval

Gulf War memorial – the base went in last week. The monument is now back or return is imminent.

Electrical works in Lakeside Pavilion, East and West Lodges for building regulations – works are mainly to the toilet (disabled provision) and kitchen venting.

5.2 Planning and possibly listed building consent will be required for the package of works Assets are also currently collating a package for:

Boer War Memorial

Work to clean off kerbs, and posts, 24 new post fixings, re-fix, supply and install new chains and eyelets, inner plinths to be cleaned

Clock Tower

Damaged sandstone ball to be replaced

Plaque to be cleaned and wording picked-out.

Games pavilion

Engineer to inspect structure due to movement in wooded frame and cladding. Same engineer to report on Lakeside Pavilion veranda re non-slip strips.

For all of the above we are anticipating at least £29K worth of investment.

It would seem we are now paying to restore the restoration? How on earth can we pay for thing like the cafe and pavilion to be brought up to building regulation standard when they are new how did all these things get passed and paid for if they arnt right? If you buy a kettle you get a 2 year guarantee so you would expect a longer one for over 1.5 million pound cafe. Many of the items above only require a handy man to fix them but in will go to tender and with admin cost £1000 which could be done for  a £10 from B&Q

5.3 Footpaths

Design Issues

This phase of works needs to comply with the original HLF funded submission. Design brief/standard details will need to have approval and are currently underway, this will encompass -

1. DDA compliance, or as close as practical, to be achieved to all areas of the park.

2. Restoration of path network around the north of the park.

3. Restoration of southern paths (to the rear of the lake)

4. Support vehicular access improvements around park

5. Undertake hard and soft general landscape works required in relation to path works

· Identify / cost the surface finish options

· Provide a consistent edge detail to pathways.

· Complete granite edge to main primary route.

- Include sections of concrete kerb repair/infill.

- Include sections of limestone kerb repair/infill.

- Remove crazy paving only on paths to be restored.

- (Coronation Valley route not included in works)

· Additionally DDA ramp to one bandstand (Southern Shelter) is requested.

· Any drainage issues to be identified.

· Stabilisation of bank to south west boundary. Allow for use of large sandstone rocks & soil infill.

· Additional bays for seating to be included where appropriate.

· In some areas roots may be a problem, consultation with tree officer is required. Some invasive seedling ash/sycamore/bamboo could be removed as part of the path restoration.

· Approvals for funding have passed the first stage and we are hopeful of full Council approval with an early start to works this Spring.

5.4 CCTV

Elaine Dodd has liaised with English Heritage and CEC Conservation Officer, who both have posed no objection to the columns and their locations. She has completed a Planning application which was despatched a fortnight ago with advice received from the CCTV Controller’s team. Approval time is anticipated 12-15 weeks. In the meantime preparation works can continue re BT licences, ducting and cabling works, external equipment housing. The purchase of equipment is around £25K in total for 2 fully functional black 'predator' cameras (360 Vision Technology) that will pan 360 degrees and tilt of 180 degrees.

CCTV is no good if there is no one to enforce it

5.5 Lakeside Pavilion

Elaine is working closely with the Pickle Jar to assist in marketing the facilities. Ideas to date include:

A Wedding Information Pack – She has prepared some draft designs to keep costs down for them, including the idea of Inserts make the pack flexible.

Plus an idea, to introduce a PRINCE and PRINCESSES Club. A modest membership fee would apply; when joining, each child would receive a membership card and gift. Prior to their birthday each year, they would receive notification about children’s parties in the pavilion, encouraging parents to have “the mess here and not at home”, then a birthday card with offer of a free ice cream or similar. It is envisaged that the child would bring along friends and guardians so the scheme would also generate some purchases . Collection of addresses and emails is an issue as someone needs to keep on top of applications and dispatch information. Resultant data could also be utilised on a database for other forms of ‘relationship marketing’.

5.6 Boating on the Lake – plans are underway to re-introduce this. A contractor has looked at the area and is developing plans for a landing stage, together with tidying of perimeter. Works to fencing, steps etc will be separate. The Pickle Jar’s bank are ascertaining details about how other areas operate and this will assist with Risk Assessments and Insurance issues.


The boats were on the lake this week as a trial apparently they can only go as far as the bridge so they dont disturb the fishermen we wouldn't want to do that would we. How many people will pay just to paddle around one island is open to debate. What is clear is there is conflict with wildlife straight away as most of the ducks etc stay at the top end and nest will be disturbed and wildlife frightened by these boats. Its show the CEC have no respect for any wildlife

5.7 Memorial Benches

Three new benches have been purchased by families, including one for Lindsay Capper one of the Park Wardens who sadly passed away. Elaine Dodd is to escort Lindsay’s mother to view the bench located next to the bowling green. Hopefully, her photograph and a press story will create more enquires. A summary information sheet is available and the Cemetery are kindly adding this insert into their bereavement packs.

5.8 There is some external funding support from Highways for Cycle Racks to complement the adjacent cycleway. Some improvement works to the entry to the cycleway at TipKinder is also planned of installation in March.

5.9 Burma Star Island

A sponsorship package has been sent out to ‘The Round Table’ for their kind consideration, following a meeting last year with the ANTs and Elaine . The Round Table held a meeting last week so we await their support concerning this project with interest. The Friends have already committed funding raising toward this project and residual monies will have to be made up from either existing Ground Maintence Budgets or a grant application to WREN, or a mixture of the two. Plans are also be revisited and updated and will be presented at the next meeting.

It was stressed that the Friends have not specified an exact amount to be used from their funds but will commit an agreed sum as previously voted to support this scheme. An estimated project figure of £12-15K has been calculated, this is to be discussed at a future meeting.

5.10 The CEC Queens Park Website Elaine Dodd has recently been updated re Works in Progress, Benches, Angling and Events Calendar.

Friends of Queens Park Website: Sheila Blackburn (Secretary) has suggested that the group has its own web site. Secretary is to write to a web-site designer, known to CEC, to invite him to discuss issues at the next Friends meeting in March. Kristy Taylor, ANT’s, is also very knowledge in this regard and specialises at work in IT so is able to assist.

6 Events Diary to date

Last year we probably saw more community type events here than in the previous 20 years. The draft programme to-date is available and is to be posted on notice boards in the Park. The UK triathlon, Orienteering Society and Education are yet to confirm any dates and requirements. We only at the end of January and already usage is already looking good.

7 Queen’s Park Angling Review

Permit visuals were made available for attendees to see – the artwork is very profession and thanks were made to the Elaine Dodd. All indications are that the Angling Initiative has been very successful to date and many appreciative comments have been received from users and local Clubs.

Ian Henry reported that there are 27 temporary, trial pegs set out so far and plans to create 3 disabled pegs with access. One of the pegs has already been identified to be re-sited. Membership has been set at £5 per year or £3 for a day ticket. There are no fees for under 16s. There is already a membership of 70.

The group wants to promote active and responsible youth involvement through negotiations for a coaching day with Stapeley Angling and through liaison with the Police. Hopefully, the group will be able to set up a member data base in the future.


The report that the fishing is all going good is a total lie you only need to look back over the last few weeks to see photographic evidence of illegal activities and problems. Another report from a dog owner this week of his dog being caught up in discarded fishing line. Above we watched as the angler who are supposed to be responsible cast time and time again with in inchs of the swans. Any good angler would bring his rod in and wait for the swans to move and not endanger them. Whats going to happen when its nice and the kids come out and others if they cant control it now they will never control it. It going to be hell and a safety nightmare  in the summer and someone will be hurt. For the friends and CEC to tell lies that its all ok isnt helping action is needed its just as bad as it was before. Below fishing under the bridge off the pegs casting near ducks were are the bailiffs?


8 ANTs Review

8.1 Chris Curran presented a report, beginning with the latest day of action happening the day before the meeting, when 21 volunteers braved the weather to work outside, tidying specific areas, whilst others worked inside to refurbish benches and clean windows.

The ANTs have plans for the Community Garden to the rear of the East Lodge: they are to initiate a design competition in a local Primary School, inviting garden designs from pupils in 13 classes. The overall winner will receive an award and the winning design is to be presented to garden planners at (eg) Reaseheath College so that the design can be realised and pupils can be involved in the very first “digging”. It was also agreed that prizes for winners from each class should be provided.

This project is seen as a valuable way to involve children in the voluntary workforce and to encourage responsible use of the Park.

8.2 The ANTs are also hoping to establish a group of volunteers who can come to work in the Park outside the recognised Action Days. This is based on a scheme at Birkenhead Park that now has a regular force of 80 volunteers, especially retired people who would like to be involved. The ANTs are looking to establish this activity with a signing in scheme and small tool storage.

8.3 The 23rd February is the next ANTs Day of Action when volunteers will be joined by members of Slimming World as part of their Body Magic Programme.


9.1 Dogs in the Park: Joanne Clewes gave a detailed account of how she was walking her dog on a lead in the Park recently and was set upon by a large dog that was not under control. The owner of the dog is known to the group. The police and Elaine Dodd were informed and visited. The Dog Wardens and PCSOs are to talk to the owner about maintaining a dog under control in the Park.

During detailed discussion, it was pointed out that the ‘Dog Control Order’ is being revisited and is to be updated, however, the Council is looking for a wide order to cover several parks and this could take some time. It was agreed that the Secretary should write to George Broughton asking for the matter to be given more urgent consideration in view of recent dog-related incidents.

The above is not a true account of what happened. The dog which has visited the park every day from a small puppy and is know to everyone as a friendly puppy pulled off the lead and went to play when this women's vicious staffy attacked it and had it by the throat. The dog being a puppy thought it was a game and just wanted to play. As an Alaskan Malamute when full grown can bring down a polar bear if he had attacked it then it wouldnt be alive. This women then started a cyber bullying campaign on the Face book Group and several members joined in this nasty bulling and issuing threats of violence to a 67 year old man they have all now been reported for these offences but the admins of the site took no action. People are very brave sat behind a pc threatening an OAP but not so brave faced with 9 st of Malamute. What this women didnt point out was there in fact 3 witness to the incident.

9.2 Structure Changes: Derek Morgan introduced initial proposals for the new Parks structure and expressed his concerns, especially in view of the loss of Park Wardens. It is uncertain what will happen to the role of Park Manager. The group would be most concerned if her support was diluted further in any way and Derek assured the meeting that he would not hesitate to write to relevant personnel if there are any developments. Howard Curran pointed out the CE are losing staff and that it is hard to do anything until possible outcomes are known. It was stressed again, that the post of Park Manager should not be diluted in any way.

9.3 Improvements

Thanks were passed on for the new, privately purchased bench, sited close to the west gate and bandstand – this is much appreciated by daily dog walkers and visitors to the Park.

9.4 It was also confirmed that two new notice boards are to be installed this week along the main drive and by the Tipkinder entrance. The board formerly at the front gate is to be relocated at the south gate (Moreton Road).

9.5 In response to a question about the old depot and any developments about its demolition and use of the land, Charlie Griffies replied that there is no further information. He was also able to confirm funding procedures for the footpaths. Howard Curran asked about the steps from the Burma Star Island bridge to the south gate and was assured that improved access through gentler gradients is part of the footpath plans.

9.6 Power Boats on the lake: in response to concerns about the use of large, remote controlled boats on the lake, Elaine Dodd agreed to request guidance from George Broughton. There was a lot of discussion about the impact on wildlife and any contamination and it was suggested that incidents are logged for future reference.

10.0 Dates of Friends Meeting 2014:

Tuesday March 11th

Friends Group Meeting: 6pm in Lakeside Pavilion

Monday 12th May

Friends Group Meeting: 6pm in Lakeside Pavilion

Further meetings to be announced planned around events programme.


Monday, February 3, 2014

New Notice Boards


This week two new notice boards have been erected one at Tipkinder and one at the main entrance. They only appear to have bolts on no locks given the other board have been smashed time and time again and they had locks how long will these last?


Spring is showing its head as the periwinkle come into flower. Vincas, commonly known as periwinkles, normally have green leaves and single flowers in either purple, blue, pink or white. However there are double-flowered forms and variegated forms too so the choice is wide, although they all send out runners. The Lesser Periwinkle, Vinca minor, offers the greatest choice of colours and flower type.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

More problems with Fishing


Another new bench this week up near the Bandstand


The people fishing at the moment are supposed to be responsible fishermen but they continue to be a menace we have had rods left in the lake while the illegally use the bushes and leaving a rod unattended is also illegal, we have discarded hooks, not fishing on the pegs. What they are doing now using 30ft poles is blocking all the foot paths with their poles so people can walk around the park in safety. This is going to be a major problem in summer when lots of people want to walk down the paths and cant. On Saturday they were fishing off the pegs, fishing down by Tipkinder, blocking paths as you can see. If the fishing club cant control these  people now when there is only  a few then come summer when there are lots its going to be bedlam. One man acting as bailiff who only comes around once a day simply wont cut it.   



Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New bench in the park


I have re vampded the website which should now work with most mobile devices hope you like it

Last week we had one greylag goose this week there were four of them they keep coming and going two are ringed and two arnt.


A  new seat has arrived in the park under the big tree near the cafe which is an ideal place to sit if its raining or nice and cool in the summer. Its the first new one for a long time and its in memory of Eve & Reg Buckingham a family I have know for over 50 years I am sure it will give a resting place to many tired people in the summer 


Applications for the new footpaths  budgetary provision has been submitted and passed Gateway 1, Gateway 2 is underway for presentation in Feb.  Hopefully, looking positive, however, full council approval required.  Jacobs engineers are working on the designs at this time, with hopefully an early start in the new financial year, subject to the above. 

There is still illegal  fishing on the lake as its supposed to be restricted to the bottom half of the lake but people were out fishing today near wildlife on Tipkinder end so much for bailiffs


Friday, January 10, 2014

Another new year in the Queens Park


The start of another new year in Queens Park its now over 6 years since I started the website it was supposed to last a year before it was all restored but we are still waiting for that day to come. As  you would expect this time of year there is very little happening in the park. We have had the idiots with their xmas present's of boats using them on the lake showing little regards for the wildlife. So we all thought there is a god when the idiot chasing ducks with the boat lost control and it ended up stuck in the middle of the lake.


We have had a greylag goose return o the lake as well as the Grebe coming back from time to time. The wildlife seam confused with the mild weather and show signs of mating. Some birds seem early as nut hatches have been around this week.