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Monday, December 28, 2015

Last Update 2015


The paths south side are getting the final coat of tarmac. It was stated this would be open for Xmas but the gates are still locked


By the bandstand there has been lots of sandstone which was supposed to go under the bridge but a lot has now been removed and placed by the lake.


I assume they are using the sandstone to contain the mud they have used to bank up the borders. Its a lot of money to remove mud from site so its a good way of getting rid of it. I still think the water is still going to flow onto this path as its draining from above.


The path west side of the bridge is nearley finished and they have a layby set ot may be a bench is to be put there which will not go down well with fishermen and you wont want to sit there is their casting close by



The other side (east) is now done just the path from the gate to the bridge is taking a long time as they are trying to reduce the hill.


A few greylag geese are in the park this week


Monday, December 14, 2015

Copyright Violation

I have run this site for many years at my own expense and spent 1,000s of hours and a lot of money taking photos  of the restoration. It seems Facebook Groups like Crewe & Nantwich Past and Present
see fit to steal photos from this site to put on their page all material on my site is copyright. For most I own the copyright some that belongs to other is stated by the post ie reporter J White or others who have supplied photos they own for the benefit of others and a record for history of the park restoration. If you need photos they can be bought or used as a link with credits to the site with permission
No matter what time of the year there is always some bushes  in flower to be found in the park

More mushroom growing in the park most arnt safe to eat unless you know what your doing

 The Goosander have stayed in the park in large numbers again

Peacock butterfly in the park very late for them
Red wings with black markings and distinctive eyespots on tips of fore and hind wings.
The Peacock's spectacular pattern of eyespots, evolved to startle or confuse predators, make it one of the most easily recognized and best known species. It is from these wing markings that the butterfly gained its common name. Undersides of the wings are very dark and look like dead leaves. A fairly large butterfly and a strong flyer.
Although a familiar visitor to garden buddleias in late summer, the Peacock's strong flight and nomadic instincts lead it to range widely through the countryside, often finding its preferred habitats in the shelter of woodland clearings, rides, and edges.
The species is widespread and has continued to expand its range in northern parts of Britain and Ireland.

 The path from Morton rd is now curved round so you dont use the wooden planks to struggle down to the bridge

The path by the golf coarse is a mystery as they have now used all the mud to bank up the shrubs and put down a membrane under the stones they are putting down. IT will be interesting to see what its all about as the path is so low water is going to still drain from the golf coarse path and flood it unless there is a drain of some sort   

Dear All
I write to request your assistance please!

I am seeking to apply for funding for works which will complement the water-course  works already being progressed with regards to the Valley. 
The bid will address the issues re the paths, landscaping, rockeries, earth movements etc.

I am required to demonstrate a public need and desire to see this happen to support the funding application.

Therefore, can you please write to myself to request this project happens, indicate a desire to see the Coronation Valley returned to her former glory as part of completing the original aspirations of the restoration project and any other thoughts you may have.

Please let me know what value it is to your group, and the wider community if you can.  An early response would be appreciated as I need to hit the January deadline for the application.

Elaine Webster,
Parks & Recreation Manager
c/o  Pyms Lane, Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 3PJ, Tel: 01270 686708

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Are the paths going to be safe?


At the bottom of the lake by the golf coarse they are still building the pyramid and its getting higher if they are then going to put the path on top its going to be high and a possibility of people falling off into the lake


Unless the paths are to get a top coat the quality of some of the paths leaves a lot to be desiredDSCF0783

How safe will the paths be as they have metal edges give it a while when they get broken and leave sharp edges and if you then fall it could be deadly


The bank by the bridge on the south side is now a mud bank



The goosanders have been out in force this week with lots of them on the lake. One of the problems of doing the paths is the effect on nature as it is there are puddles on paths which give birds etc  a source of water remove that and they have no were to drink as they cant drink from the lake. The wildlife group with all their money in the bank could put bird baths around the area to help wildlife?

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Trees Cut Down Why?


A few weeks ago a lot of over 50 yrs. old trees were cut down the claim was it was for the new paths but now we see the paths haven't changed position and therefore there was no need to cut down healthy trees that had been close to the paths for years.


Another tree that was cut down close to the Monkey hut the path is now up to the hut


The path close to Tipkinder they are still digging it deeper


By the golf club they seem to be building a pyramid piling mud high its going to be interesting to see how they sort this out with all the water running off the path above


A few new wildlife this week with the Jays , buzzard and Goosanders

Monday, November 23, 2015

Paths are under Way


More deadly mushrooms in the park so keep an eye on your children and make sure they dont touch them


Still a lot of gates closed this week while they do the paths


By Tipkinder they are really digging deep for the path but they are getting very close to badgers den I wonder if they know its there?


From Tipkinder bridge up to the corner the path has been done so far




By the golf club they are making mud pies  this is going to be difficult as the path s so low that all the water from the bridge flows down so they need to drain the water away or it will be underwater again


Four swans on the lake today lets see if they stay

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Restoration or Destruction?



Lovely yellow tree this week but how long will these trees survive? The paths restoration started this week and people were shocked that all that's happens is lot of 50 year old healthy trees have been felled spoiling the design of the park


Above new perch for ducks or vandal's throwing seats into the lake?

Firework Night

Reporter Jonathan White, Wistaston.

A Bonfire and Firework Spectacular took place on Thursday 5th November 2015 at Queens Park in Crewe.

The event was organised by Crewe and Nantwich Lions Club .

The fireworks were supplied and choreographed by Blitz Fireworks - - of Crewe.

The park gates were opened at 5pm, the bonfire was lit at 7pm and the fireworks started shortly after 8pm.

The clouds parted just in time and the crowd were treated to a fifteen minute firework display based around Disney’s ‘Frozen’ movie culminating with the song Let It Go.

There were also amusement rides and refreshments. The event was enjoyed by thousands of people.

All funds raised are distributed by Crewe and Nantwich Lions Club into the local community to help local groups and charities.

Amusement ridesBonfireFireworks display (2)

Mass Sleeping Rough

A mass ‘sleeping rough’ event has taken place at Queens Park in Crewe from the evening of Thursday 12th November to the morning of Friday 13th November 2015.

Twenty people took part with representatives from the Children’s Society, Cheshire Police and Cheshire East Council including Social Workers, Youth Offending Team members and The Brooks Children's Centre staff members.

It is the second year running that the ‘sleep out’ has been held at Queens Park and twice as many people took part this year. Participants could bring a sleeping bag along with materials to build a shelter, such as a tarpaulin, string and cardboard.

The event is part of a calendar of events to recognise children’s rights during November Children’s Rights Month. This is an initiative of the Cheshire East Participation Network, a partnership of all agencies and services who work with children and young people, and is coordinated by The Children’s Society.

Amanda Greenwood, The Children's Society’s Cheshire Participation Services Coordinator, said, "This event will highlight every child's right to have a safe place to live and a safe home. We are trying to emphasise the stresses and difficulties of children and young people who have to sleep rough. All proceeds from this event will go to the BBC's Children In Need appeal."

For more information please visit:

Social Workers from Cheshire East build a shelter (2)Social Workers from Cheshire East build a shelter (3)

Monday, November 2, 2015

Queens Park Footpath Restoration Starts 9th November


The gardeners have cleared all the summer bedding and planted out the beds for spring


There is a massive amount of leaves in the park at this time of years and these should be used for compost as its a free resource


The plants there were put in the lake some our now in flower I thought it was funny watching the ducks as they covered all the plants with netting to stop them and what do the ducks do they swim under and get in anyway funny


A new sign has gone up by the sluice gates



Nature is confused by the warm weather for November and the hypericum is in full flower thinking its summer. The gardeners have saved a few pansies and planted them around the Gulf War memorial



Still lots of nice colours on the trees as they change for winter. The swans are still on the lake taking a heart pose DSCF0593

The aerator is now back on the lake after its been repaired and its actual on for once 


Queens Park Footpath Restoration:

Works Commence Monday 9th November 2015

20 week programme ( seems a long time to do a few paths but it is winter)

Principal Contractor is Ringway Jacobs

Supply Chain partner is Pronin Ltd

The southern entrance (Moreton Road) will be closed for the duration of the works long with the Southern routes of the park during the construction period, apart from a two week period over Christmas & New Year (Friday 18th December to 4th January 2016).

Installation consists of over 5000m of contemporary footway edgings.

10,000sqm of footway will be treated, this includes the creation of over 500m of new footpath to assist with access (DDA Compliant).

In addition isolated drainage repairs and some embankment stabilisation.   

The above allows for the treatment of the paths to the South of the Pavilion, with as much of the network completed within the existing confirmed budget.


Monday, October 19, 2015

Deadly Mushrooms in Queens Park?


There are still new colours with the trees as Autumn roles on to winter


Agaric mushroom in the park there are all sort of mushrooms in the park and its unwise to touch or eat any of them and make sure children dont touch them.  What are fly agaric mushrooms?

Fly agaric mushrooms, or Amanita muscaria, are known for their distinctive appearance, being bright red with white spots, and for their hallucinogenic properties. They are usually dried and eaten, although they’re not that common because of their unpleasant side effects. The strength of the mushroom varies intensely depending on where and when it is picked.

Fly agarics are quite different from the psychedelic or magic mushrooms which contain psilocybin and psilocin. But being legal doesn’t mean they aren’t potentially dangerous.
What are the effects of fly agaric mushrooms?

The effects of fly agarics vary hugely between individuals so we can only explain some of the common effects. Typical experiences include:

    A dream-like state common to lucid dreaming, which can involve out-of-body experiences and enhanced clarity of the mind.
Synaesthesia, where users experience a blurring of their senses, like smelling words or tasting colours.
A strong internal dialogue with the feeling of being able to talk yourself through personal issues
Blurred vision, with dilated pupils and watery eyes, as well as a runny nose.
Involuntarily muscle twitching and trembling.
Increased sweating and saliva production.
Effects usually last between six and eight hours.


The tree that fell near the bridge has now been removed and below a panoramic view of the lake 


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Autumn Takes Hold


Autumn is really taking hold of the park now with some great colours to be seen changing daily


The trees by Broadwalk bridge are changing colour all the time despite the hot weather. Below the old tree that fell last week has been sawn down this week its a shame as it was a good old tree



I caught the Heron hiding in the bush's this week we don't normally see him this late in the year, even the weeds have Autumn colour


The scouts have been in the park over the weekend and their tent makes the tree stand out its a colourful tree at this time of year

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

As predicted Old Tree falls


Autumn is well under way now with lots of colours changing every week


We predicted in September that the big old tree next to Broadwalk bridge was leaning badly and wouldn't last much longer today it crashed taking another tree with it. It one of the old trees in the park an a bit of a landmark. We loose to many trees due to lack of staff to take care of trees. If this one had been pruned taking some of the weight off it then it may have survived. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Swans Eating the new Plants


Remember how Burma Island used to be a tribute to the fallen now an uncared for mess



The swans are having a good time eating the new plants as they come through on the edge of the lake. I can see one getting caught up in the netting before long

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Dangerous Tree


The big tree next to the Broadwalk bridge is leaning very badly and only seem to be surviving as its leaning on other trees which are stopping it falling. It sad as its an old tree and I would suspect its had its root chopped when they put the bridge in. This is liable to happen to other trees when they do the paths if care isn't taken as there are a lot of trees next to paths.


Another photo of the tee by the lake you can see in the last 3 weeks how Autumn is progressing very quick


The barnacle goose has found his way back onto the lake again

Monday, September 14, 2015

Theft or Vandal's?


Why was the bench in the bushes was it vandals or someone about to try and get it over the fence and steal it as they can cost up to £1,000 its only a matter of time before someone gets the idea it would be nice in the garden. The gardeners moved it back before it was to late.


Only last week the tree showed signs of Autumn and its changed in just a week its dark by 7pm now so it will soon be winter. Then we may have snow like the picture below note the old H tv Arial the old 405 line tv 


Monday, September 7, 2015

Autumn is coming


Autumn is on its way and week by week it brings new colours to the park.


It early this year with the first trees just starting to change colour the one by the lake is one of the first ones in Crewe to change as signals its on it way


The rest of the water plants have now gone in and the bank reseeded


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Whats Missing?


Whats missing from the lake answers on a £10 note?


In the same area the mini woodland walk which has been in passable for a long time has been cleared


Over at the Gulf War memorial flowers have been planted but like all plants in that area they will struggle unless someone take the trouble to water them as its so dry and sheltered there


A few Moorhens and young are about on the lake they hide and seem to come from no were the sun has brought out the butterfly's this week 


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Lake Edge Restoration


The stones on the lake edging which have been destroyed by vandal's has been restored again this week most of the original ended up in the lake


The work men have been putting in the plants the lake edge near Tipkinder this week


It doesn't make a lot of sense the plants are under netting there are two things wrong with that first there was netting before and a lot of wildlife got injured as they got caught in it and had their legs broken trying to get free. Second the width of the plants is greater than the size of the holes so they cant grow up or they will get shredded  if they intended to remove it in time you will end up pulling half the plants up stuck in the netting. If the plants are the correct type the ducks shouldn't eat them


Mother out with her babies we have had very few babies this year as there is no were for them to breed other than the island


The cycle racks have been damaged vandal's or other?


Sunday, August 9, 2015

Coir Rolls going in


The edge of the lake near Tipkinder is being dug out to have coir roles fitted. This should have been done long ago as part of the restoration basically they are rolls as you can see below that come pre packed with plants of various types so they have everything they need to grow in one simple package helping to add air to the lake and improve the water as well as providing some things for wildlife


The Heron has been back again this week and been on the lake side they normally stick to the islands. The flower beds down the main drive are now at there best


Wednesday, August 5, 2015



The lake had some fresh water this week as the sluice gates were opened


Last year the wildlife group took over the islands and were advised to use weed killer to kill weeds as if you dig up a dock  it has a tap root which can go down 12 inch if it gets chopped up you end up with more as each bit will start a new one. They then planted some small bushes and haven't done anything since so now the islands are just a mass of weeds. While this is handy for wildlife it looks a mess the idea would be to plant the right plants which would help wildlife and keep it weed free once you get all these weeds you get 10 years of seeds. It seems all the groups in the park and dwindling down to nothing part of the problem being they cant use mechanical tools etc as good old H&S wont let them so it limits what can be done. As the islands were they had trees on them which helped to stop weeds


Sunday, July 26, 2015

Public Space Protection Orders


I did an interview with Radio Stoke this week in the Park about the new Public Space Protection Orders

TROUBLEMAKERS may be dealt with on the spot as Cheshire East Council has vowed to use new powers to crack down on anti-social hotspots.

Cheshire East Council’s communities and enforcement teams now have the power to apply Public Space Protection Orders and issue on-the-spot fines to individuals who breach an order.

The new powers, under the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Police Act 2014, will eliminate the need for court proceedings or civil action, and allow Cheshire East to empower its officers to take immediate action.

The new measures, introduced by the government last year, could be applied in at least five areas in the borough, including two areas in Crewe that has seen regular anti-social behaviour.

While in theory this is a good move and can be applied to dogs off the lead in the park etc as there are no wardens and no one to enforce it its a waste of time nothing will change


The Gulf War flower bed planted by ANTS now has lots of dead plants as no one waters them so this once again has been a waste of time money and effort but they wont be told


Coronation has been mown again but it will be left for another  few months before its done again so it will be back to a jungle by then. It may not have been the best idea cutting it now with kids off school all that straw hanging about get some dry weather and kids will think its fun to light it. The rabbit like it though they are growing now



Here is a good one the Bowl hut was part of the restoration and then they had to restore its cladding as part of that they wrecked the bench so now we need restoration of the restoration of the restoration you couldn't make it up could you

Sunday, July 12, 2015

New Dogs must be on Lead Signs


Lots of new signs all around the park dogs must be on a lead mostly around the lake as if it doesnt matter in other areas the problem being no one takes any notice and with no wardens to enforce it what the point. Below the stroke club meeting last week and low and behold a dog off the lead


Looking at the islands the wildlife group spent ages clearing all the weeds last year but they were advised it would be a waste of time if you chop up a dock leaf roots you get half a dozen not one there were advised to use a safe weed killer but didnt listen. The few bush's they planted have disappeared under the weeds as it is its best for wildlife they can hide in the weeds


Its likely the paths will start in 2 months but first they must check the trees as digging the paths next to trees will cut roots and could kill the trees

Monday, July 6, 2015

Summer Bedding


The gardeners have got all the summer bedding in it wont be at its best for a few weeks but its still a welcome site



The first time this year we have seen Ladybirds about


Monday, June 29, 2015

Armed Forces Day event in Park

Reporter Jonathan White, Wistaston

A ‘Picnic in the Park for the Armed Forces’ event took place on Sunday 28th June 2015 from 1pm to 9pm at Queens Park in Crewe. The event was organised by Creative Crewe and Crewe Town Council in honour of current and ex-servicemen. A stage area hosted a number of choirs including Crewe Male Voice Choir, St Mary’s Rainbow Peace Choir and Funky Choir, along with performances from We Are Nomad, Gambler and The Start, plus a variety of dance performances. The Cat Community Radio provided the public address system. There were a number of local uniformed youth organisations in attendance including the Army Cadets, Boys Brigade and Scouts; along with The Royal British Legion, Creative Crewe and Special Olympics Cheshire East. There was also an inflatable slide, a carousel, a land train and all facilities within the Park were open to the public. Attendees were encouraged to bring a picnic and the event took place in hot, sunny weather and was enjoyed by several hundred people.

Mayor of Crewe Dennis Straine-Francis with The Royal  British LegionPicnic in the Park for the Armed Forces

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Swallow Attack


The park, golf coarse and playing fields have had swallows flying low again some inchs off the ground and very fast I had a hard time getting any sort of photo there are lots of them and they fly straight at you and miss by only a foot.

When the swallows fly high, the weather will be dry. This weather folklore rolls easily off the tongue and there is even some truth to it.

In this case the swallows are not flying high to admire the view; instead they are chasing their next meal. On fine summers' days warm air rises upwards. Insects are also swept up in these bubbles of warmth, sometimes carried hundreds of metres aloft. And, since swallows eat insects, they have to fly higher on fine days to find their food.

Conversely during unsettled and cold weather insects will seek the shelter of trees and buildings, so swallows have to swoop low to find them.

So far this year the swallows haven't had to do much high-level flying. Thanks to a meandering jet stream (the high level band of westerly winds that brings much of the UK's weather) April and May have been pretty soggy affairs.

At the end of March the jet stream meandered north around the UK, anchoring a high pressure system over us and bringing fine sunny days. But since April the jet stream has been turning south at the UK, allowing the low pressure systems, cloud and rain to come our way. Worse still, the winding nature of the jet stream means there is no strong west to east airflow to blow the weather systems through.

Let's just hope the jet stream changes its tune soon, bringing us the kind of weather that will make the swallows fly high.


The young Canada geese are still very well protected by the parents swimming along side them in convoy and you can see how quick they are growing in a few weeks.


A few new ducks chics are about very late  but some are very quite this mother only has the one


Monday, June 15, 2015

Bettys Bench Vandalized


Down the main drive the gardeners have been buzy putting in the summer beading. If you remember from February we reported on Betty Bench the new bench is right by the lodge but its still been vandalized with graffiti



In various part of the park there are a lot of Foxgloves out


With a bit of sun we have had baby rabbits running about and the Blackbird taking in the sun. It a problem in the park that we have a lake but birds cant drink from it as its too deep so they need puddles to get water which there arnt many what is needed is the wildlife group to spend some of their several £1,000 of pounds are provide watering spots for wildlife


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Baby Ducks


The Herron back again this week and strange behaviour from swallow that have been flying very fast very low in large packs they are not only in the park but other parts of Crewe doing the same thing only just missing people they are that low


There also seems to be a lot of bees about which can only be a good thing



Five baby duck very young and late this year as there is not many places for them to breed a lot have been seen in Tipkinder were they have cover as there is very little in the park despite the fact we were promised plants and floating islands for the wildlife



Monday, June 1, 2015

Coronation Walk a Disgrace

The heron has been back again this week he seems to come when there is no fishing

The Canada geese babies are doing well and the parents are guarding them on all sides

still rhododendrons coming into flower by the little bridge and the south side of the lake 

Coronation walk is a disgrace the weeds are as high as your waist once one of the best parts of the park now its a tip. The ANTS come along and tidy it then leave it for months so its back to being a tip so they have wasted their time but they just cant see that but the evidence is there. If they went down there every time they came and kept it clean and weed free it could be nice again but they wont listen to reason. The blame is with the council who took a lovely place and destroyed it the cost to make it nice is next to nothing. Remove all the weeds plant some flowers reseed the grass and the jobs done so why isnt it being done people should be up in arms over it

Sunday, May 24, 2015

New Fishing Pegs


An unusual Moth seen this week It looks like a butterfly but its a moth


New fishing pegs and spots are going in this week Its believed the pegs cost £500 the money could have been put to better use not to a minority activity. The little spots seem strange as they are right close to the lake and half underwater and not big enough for anything


After months the cycle rack has been re tarmacked by the band stand as pointed out its a bad place to park a bike being isolated its an ideal spot for thieves


Another yellow week were all the flowers bush's are all yellow here on the island


The broom down by the lake


There are a few labarum in the park that make a good show 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Cygnet Dies


There seems to be a problem with the fish there were a 1,00 put in last year but there are reports that there arent many fish and some are dying


Some unusual butterflies about they seem to love weeds


New chicks are starting to arrive and the greylag goose is back.The young male swan has died the father chased him from the lake and he was kill by a fox? I have been predicting that for a long time feeding them by hand with  dog and the swan will think a fox is another nice dog so not run away the same


There are proposal's for Burma Island which will be fun to implement as the bridges havent been tested for weight so material may have to be moved by wheel barrow


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Rhododendron Week


There is nothing happening in the park this week but there are lots of Rhododendrons around the park in flower this week above by the little bridge next to the lake

Rhododendrons are grown for their spectacular flowers, usually borne in spring. Some also have young leaves and stems covered in a striking dense woolly covering (indumentum) and some - the deciduous rhododendrons or azaleas - have good autumn colour.


Quick facts

Common name Rhododendron
Botanical name Rhododendron
Group Evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs
Flowering time Mainly spring
Planting time Autumn or spring
Height and spread Variable
Aspect Generally light dappled shade
Hardiness Mostly fully hardy
Difficulty Moderate


The same area by the lake and down Coronation Walk




Further down Coronation Walk is a big one in full flower


Up by the band stand

Monday, May 4, 2015

No Fishing Until June in the Park


It is now closed season for fishing in the park until June. This week its been rabbits week with lots of young and other rabbits everywhere they are very tame at times the one below was only a foot away and I had the dog with me. Its good to see something breading as no breading station have appeared in the lake as yet and by now its getting very late so were has several thousand pounds raised by the wildlife group gone?



There are some nice trees and bushes coming into leaf and flower at this time of year


A new bench near the lake this week just were its needed bolted down so it doesnt end up in the lake. Its a pity they never put any on the other side of the lake as there isnt a single one over there


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Seat Smell of Hyacinths


Hyacinths on the main drive are in full bloom and there is a lovely smell as you walk in the main gate and down the drive


All the spring bedding is in full bloom and a great site


By the Gulf War there are rhododendron and Ribes in flower 


Down at Coronation walk there are lots of baby rabbits about coming out to play and feed at least they are breading ok

Monday, April 20, 2015

No where for wildlife to breed


Spotted the Mandarin and other ducks going over to Tipkinder this week as there is no were for them to breed in the park.


One of the main areas were ducks breed is on the islands but as you can see they are practically bare with very little to build a nest from and no were for them to hide


At the friends meeting they said they would provide floating islands but they have not appeared they needed to be in long before now as grebe come find water and food but no were to breed as they cant go on land so they just move on to other areas. The question on everyone's lips is were has all the money gone that the wildlife group raised which was a few thousands wasnt this to put suitable plants on the islands for breeding. They have had all winter to do this and all we see is a few very small bushes that cost a couple of pounds and wont mature for many years. Just digging up some bamboo from by the lake and planting that would have worked it doesnt go big but is ground cover and ideal for ducks etc to hide and nest in. A lot of people have asked were has all the money gone


Panoramic view of the lake

Monday, April 13, 2015

Dangerous path fixed?


The path that had a massive 2 ft deep hole last week has been fixed this week. How long it will last is another matter as its the 3rd time its been done. Under it is a culvert that used to take the brook past the lake so its just going to keep caving in as its a massive pipe.


Withe the warm weather the first butterflies and bees are about sure sign spring is with us.


The main rive is a picture with the trees and bushes in bloom at the same time as the daffs. The flower beds are all in full bloom as well. Its always a shame as they get into bloom its time to rip them out for the summer display


Monday, April 6, 2015

Deadly Paths in the Queens Park


This week is yellow week with all the bushes and flowers coming into bloom being yellow above one f the few Brooms in the park


Above a lot of mahonia in areas of the park and below forsythia



The daffs on the main bank planted last year


Last week we looked at the paths and by the cafe one was fenced off this week the fence has gone and left 2 holes about 2 feet deep exposed for someone to break their necks this Easter weekend this is despite the fact that it has been reported this week. There is a big culvert under the path and the whole lot could go at any time 7 million and the paths are still a safety hazard



Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Park Cycling Event Wrecks Playing Field


This week its all bout dangerous The path near the cafe is fenced off as the hole has reappeared there is a culvert under the path and last year there was  a hole 2 feet deep now its back. You can see in the photo how the path bows and you can see another hole appearing just in front of the fence. 


After last weeks report the path at the end of the lake has been closed off not for long as it was moved in a few days


The park has now put lots of notices around the park stating the paths are temporary its taken 5 years to put the notice up and 5 years isnt temporary 


At long last they have put the aerator on at the fishing end in the day time


Sunday saw 3000 bikes setting off from the park and 500 cars on the playing fields which now is like a quagmire as they had tractors towing people out who is going to pay for the repair? The organisers must have taken about £90,000 so lets hope they pay a few grand to put the playing area right normally everything is left a mess like Tipkinder after the fair

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Joey the Swan or Queens Park Which is Best?


After over 5 years and £7 million pounds the Queens park is still a mess and far from being finished. I thought it would be good to compare it to Joey The Swan area a short distance away that has had very little money spent on it.

Who runs the Wisaston area a short description of the group by the Chairman John M Wood,

Wistaston Conservation Group is a small group with 25 members, of whom around 11 can be relied on to come out and work in the area.
We meet each Monday morning at 0930, with the aim to keep Wistaston the lovely place we all wish to live in.
Over the years, we were constituted in 1997, we have done many small projects, but we have also carried out several major projects such as the path across the recreation ground, the Jubilee footbridge at Wistaston Green Road carpark, the information boards and benches along the paths, etc.
Our present project, to which you refer, is still a work in progress, and we will be continuing the path and bridge building this coming Monday, and have several plantings in mind for the area.
Our weekly work force averages 9 people, and we are basically self-funded; our only income tends to be from the sale of plants, photographs, bird boxes, etc at the Wistaston fete in June.
Should we need cash for a specific project, we can approach the Wistaston Parish Council, who will help us as necessary.
For the larger projects, such as the Jubilee bridge, we sourced grants from such as WREN, who were very generous in funding almost all of that project cost.
Another annual project is keeping the area clear, as much as possible, from Himalayan Balsam, which takes our team several weeks a year.
We do an annual tree planting, for which we used to obtain free trees from the Cheshire Landscape Trust, but they have ceased to exist, and so we now have to buy the trees, and obtain what cash we can to cover these costs.
All of our work is based on being wildlife friendly, and we have done several projects to improve habitats, etc.
Your comment on log piles is interesting, as presently the piles you see are work in progress, but when finished, there will indeed be various habitat-improving features. Wistaston Community has a website as well


The first thing  you notice is nice clean paths with metal seats every few hundred yards so you have somewhere to sit and enjoy the area and they are all metal and bolted down so unlike the park they don't get vandalised and thrown in the river.


There is the stream running through the site with little water fall


Above you can see what volunteers can do with little or no money a nice path using old logs and wood chipping to create a wildlife habitat, by using logs this provides homes for insects which in turn feed other wildlife and cost nothing


A sign showing you were you are and about the site the park had one of these but its got lost, it also shows wildlife you can expect to see along with plants and details


In the woods were tarmac paths are not practical they have constructed steps from wood and chipping etc


Another quality path made from logs with moss growing on them everything is being used and the paths are nice and clean and safe. The park remove all trees from the area and they are not used.


The area has bird boxes and feeding station along with new planted bushes that will attract wildlife like Buddleias

Queens Park


The main drives are ok in the park but stray away from that and you find Coronation Walk once the highlight of the park  with plants and pets and you find the area full of weeds and rubbish  and its not even on the radar for being repaired as yet.


Steep paths by the lake are a safety hazard as they are just mud paths very slippery



By the lake is a mini lake full of stinking stagnant water and rock so if you fall you can crack your skull open. The park has various groups as well as being run by the Council and compared to wisaston they achieved next to nothing.

Friends of Queens Park

First we have the Friends group who are a group who were not voted in and were supposed to be a committee for 1 year but then changed the rules so they stayed in for longer. They are now self perpetuating as they are a gang who just vote each other back in. Most of them rarely visit the park. They have raised several thousand pounds which is stuck in the bank and never spent on the park.


Ants Group

We have the ANTS who from day one didnt want to listen to anyone but just wanted to do their own thing and I hear many comments that some are only there to promote their own company or further their political careers. They have come and picked up rubbish so at the end of the day you cant see any changes they have made. They have destroyed the mini bamboo by the lake which was home to moorhens and rabbits. The cleaned the lodge garden and removed old rare plants but as with everything they do there is no follow up so as you can see above the gardens is back to being a weed garden.


They have many times tackled Coronation walk but they tidy it then leave it for months so its then back to being a dump again. There is no reason why they couldnt remove all the weeds and plant nice new plants and keep it clear it could be a nice part of the park again and they could then have something to show for the work. As it is they tidy a bit and leave it so its back again a week later. Until they do this sort of project nothing will be achieved.

Wildlife Group

This group canvases for money as a wildlife group but their leader has stated on social media and told many people she isnt interested in wildlife only HER swans as birds can fly away and feed. Despite advice from people who rescue swans everyday they still continue to treat them as babies feeding them by hand with a dog present teaching them its safe to eat from humans and dogs are safe.  As such she is getting money under false pretences people may be happy to give to a wildlife group but not to a swan group either way they must know were their money is going. They have raised a few thousand pounds but apart from giving some to the RSPCA there is little evidence of any of the other money being spent on wildlife.

How many bird boxes have they installed   0

How many bird tables or feeders                 0

How many plants to attract wildlife               0

How many log piles as recommended by RSPB etc   0.

The Winner

So the conclusion is Wistaston with very little money and less volunteers wins as their whole area is dedicated to wildlife and using materials that nature provides for a few coppers. The groups from the park should go and take a look what can be done and take back to the park ideas used in the area.

If the park had used volunteers like Wisaston   we would not have suffered with the paths they way they are now for 5 years even if they were temporary until money was available to redo the paths. Still nothing has been done to some areas like Burma island which it was promised would be done 2 years ago by the council 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Crocus Bank


Last years a lot of Daffodils and Crocus were put in the bank near the main road were the old greenhouses used to be years ago. The crocus are now all in flower with daffs not far behind.


Another goosander party this week with 26 on the lake one day these don't normally breed on the water but in trees stumps bush near to the water so its possible some ay start breeding. The ducks are showing signs of breeding now and any plans for floating islands on the lake needs to happen now or it will be to late. How that will work with boats is a another matter. Last year people on boats smashed nests on the main island

Sunday, March 8, 2015

First Daffodil's of Spring


This time of year there isnt much going on in the park other than nature getting ready for spring above the grey wagtails are about looking for food.


The lake is still full of Gulls but so far starlings have staid away over by Bentley


The Heron has been back again for his fish supper this time on the other island


The first Daffs are opening and the others will soon be out with a good show ready for mothers day

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Invasion of the Gulls


The Heron has been back again this week on the bottom Island. The whole of the park is being over run with gulls all most as bad as the starlings we had problems with before. As soon as there is ay food they appear from every where


The daffs are growing fast now and should be out soon as the crocus are already out


Monday, February 23, 2015



There has been lots of wildlife to be seen this week all getting ready for breading season with the mild weather. In the friends mins they are going to make some floating island on the lake. Last time they did this they sank in a few day as even a bird landing on them sank them. They are needed now as wildlife visits now and if it cant find any where to build a nest moves on. How they will nest if boats are on the lake is another matter as last year idiots in boats destroyed eggs on nests. Above lots of robins still about and below 2 Mandarins which is rare we normally only have one at a time



3 grey lags on the lake and a lot of Goosanders keep popping in as these nest in hollow trees not on the lake they may just breed. Black birds are working overtime creating nests


In smelted places spring can be seen like this at the Gulf War memorial were the flowers are in full bloom


Monday, February 16, 2015

Early Signs of Spring


Its only February but there are early signs of spring is on the way daffodils have leaves above ground and the Periwinkle is in flower all ready in sheltered areas of the park.  


The Mahonia is showing nice colours

  • Other common names Japanese mahonia

  • Genus Mahonia are evergreen shrubs with leathery, pinnate leaves which are often spine-toothed, and clustered racemes of sometimes fragrant yellow flowers, sometimes followed by black or purple berries

  • Family Berberidaceae / Berberidaceae

  • Species M. japonica is an erect medium-sized evergreen shrub with large, spined, leathery pinnate leaves and small, fragrant light yellow flowers in spreading or drooping sprays from late autumn to early spring, followed by blue-black berries


The only Broom in the park has a fine show of yellow down by the lake

Monday, February 9, 2015

Buzzard in The Park


We have a Buzzard in the park he spends his time between Tipkinder the Park and the Golf Coarse. He has been seen everyday in the last few weeks he will help keep Starlings away should they return again.

Latin name

Buteo buteo


Hawks and eagles (Accipitridae)

Where to see them

Greatest numbers in Scotland, Wales, the Lake District and SW England, but now breeding in every county of the UK. Found in most habitats particularly woodland, moorland, scrub, pasture, arable, marsh bog and villages. May even be seen in towns and cities including Glasgow. Look for birds soaring over wooded hillsides in fine weather, or perched on fence posts and pylons. In some areas they are known as the tourists’ eagle, often being mistaken for this larger bird of prey.

When to see them

All year round. Birds soar, display and call most in spring.

What they eat

Small mammals, birds and carrion. And even earthworms and large insects when other prey is in short supply.


Its been a cold week but no rain and nice when there is no wind but the lake has been frozen most of the week


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bettys Bench


Betty Cooke, 85, was distraught when she saw what the vandals had done in Queens Park, Crewe. Like many other benches it was vandalized and thrown in the lake.  The bench was installed in memory of Betty’s daughter Susan, who moved to Australia and died of a brain tumour in 2002.

It was Susan’s dying wish to have a bench installed to enable others to enjoy the park she loved so much and to have her ashes scattered there. A new bench is now in the park thanks to sponsors lets hope it last a bit longer this time


Like the rest of Crewe The park has been covered in snow which came down very quickly but fortunately didn't last very long



Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Trees Planted


There has been some planting of Holly trees were we lost a lot of trees before from the startling nesting in the trees. It will brighten the area up a bit


There are a few rabbits out playing and looking for food this week they lost their habitat as the ANTS destroyed all the bamboo were they normally live


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cygnets Missing


Burma Island has had a face lift this week with bushes trimmed etc but no structural improvements even though the council said it would be restored 18 months ago.  Take a look below how it used to look before they messed it up with the restoration. As part of the design it block your view of the lake so you had to go round to see the rest creating a new vista

party on 082


A puzzle of the park before it was restored


The Heron has been on duty this week coming for his fish dinner.The cygnets are now down to 2 on the lake its not known if they have flown away or something else has happened. The local councillor reported that one was found down Wisaston Rd injured and now with the RSCPA which if it lives wont be able to return to the park

Monday, January 12, 2015

Goosander party


With winter upon us you can see how dangerous the park can be as there is no one to salt when it freezes. The Temporary path that's been in place years as you can see is just turned into a skating rink its pure ice and you have no chance of getting down safely 


We have had a few wildlife visitors with 4 greylag geese 2 have teamed up with the swans and 8 Goosanders these should be living here but due to lack of any plants or floating islands for them to bread they only visit. It was part of the original plan to have plants all round the lake were there are wooden post and despite they council promising last summer to do it none are forth coming. The goosanders and Grebe come for the fish but cant nest on land so need floating islands to bread. 3,000 fish have been added to the lake so there is plenty of food for them