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Monday, December 26, 2016

4 Days to get dangerous tree fixed


Once again the sluice gates are jammed and the lake is flooding with islands nearly underwater this keeps happening and all that is needed is netting to stop big branch and rubbish blocking it




This dangerous branch which could have fallen and killed someone took 4 days and reported 4 times before it was fixed. They cut that the branch but there are at least 20 more that are dead and dangerous that they left inch from this dead branch. They have a duty of care which they are not for filling and as children walk this way to school lets hope they sort it before someone gets killed 


This is the final report for this year I started the site in 2008 when the restoration should have taken a year and still its not finished. Next year they start on Coronation walk which they said would start in September and be finished by Xmas. Now it seems it will start in the new year when its the breeding season for lots of wildlife last time they killed or nearly killed lots of wildlife including badgers and rabbits and the contractors offered physical violence to  anyone complaining



Thursday, December 1, 2016

Myxomatosis in the park


Another swan has arrived in the park this time its a male so it may fall in love and stay and breed




With lots of rain the islands are going under water again as sluice gates aren't working properly



A rabbit seen in the park with Myxomatosis  note the eye.  Myxomatosis is a viral infection of rabbits, caused by a member of the Poxvirus family. It is usually transmitted by insects and is usually fatal. Anyone with rabbit coming to the park could carry the infection home with them so its important to have them inoculated.


The goosanders have been joined by their mates and we have a few male and females for more details of wildlife in Cheshire see us on Facebook follow us on twitter @janmwrght


Sunday, November 20, 2016

Goosanders in the park


There has been 3 or more goosanders in the park for a while 2 males and a female


We re still waiting for work to start on Coronation Walk it was advertised as starting September finish for Xmas. The problem being if it had been on time it would be ok but now they will be running into breeding season for a lot of wildlife next years so they may destroy the season for them.

We thought the Autumn colour would be over by now but there has still been lots to see normally the trees would all be bare by now but people seem to like to see photos of the colours so here are a few




Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Defibrillator in the park


The park now has a defibrillator pity the first aider didnt know it was there or how to use it and if you require an ambulance they cant get in as gates are lock a lot of the time and delay can be fatal


The gardeners have found a few spare plants to brighten up the Gulf war memorial


Vandals have been hard at work throwing rocks into the lake from the end of the lake border


Autumn photos seem  to be in demand so here are a few more its near the end now so we may not get any more




Sunday, October 23, 2016

Autumn in the park


Nothing much happening in the park just Autumn colours changing dailyDSCF2712DSCF2735DSCF2744DSCF2749IMG_1632

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Harlequin ladybirds invade the Queens parkm


Found a Holly bush covered in lady birds in the park one problem these are Harlequin ladybirds and have been declared the UK’s fastest invading species after reaching almost every corner of the country in just a decade.

The cannibalistic ladybirds were first realised to have reached the UK in 2004 when they were seen in Essex and have since spread as far afield as the tip of Cornwall and the Shetland Islands, making it the fastest alien invasion of the UK on record. Grey squirrels, American mink, ring-necked parakeets and muntjac deer are advancing at a rate far behind them.

Scientists monitoring the spread of the voracious harlequin, which will prey on native ladybirds, said the warnings when it first arrived that it would colonise the country rapidly and was the world’s “most invasive ladybird” have proved correct.

The species is believed to be responsible for the decline of at least seven native ladybirds, including the popular two-spot, which when last assessed in 2012 had slumped 44%. Dr Roy said that there has been no sign of a recovery among two-spots.




The vandals have been at it again with the seat by the  Gulf War memorial having names all over it




Greylag geese back at the park and Canada geese having a fly past



We have had the one swan on the lake after the father died but this week a signet has appeared looking very friendly with the other swan maybe he goes for older women


Some Autumn colours below  these change daily but a lovely site





Friday, September 30, 2016

Autumn arrives


As Autumn arrives its good to see the Robin in the park reminds you of Xmas


Our friend Woody The woodpecker you often here him but don't often see him


The flowers on the main drive are looking good but any day now they will be replaced with spring flowers ready for next year



This tree is one of the first in Crewe to change colour and a sure sign autumn is underway IMG_1020

A nice splash of colour by the lake


This tree is well on its way


The cycle frame that was vandalised now has all the wheel clamps missing


Save Our Badgers Cheshire against the Cull

The Badger Cull may well come to Cheshire very soon and is going ahead in many counties and being put down by many scientist and wildlife experts as totally wrong and ineffective. Thousands of people from all over the country are protesting in many forms from march's to direct action supported by prominent people like Sir David Attenborough,, Chris Packham, Brian May     
A note on the badger cull is worth including here; the policy is being carried out in ten zones this year, with an upper limit of 14,213 badgers set by the licenses, and there's every indication it'll be carried out in South Cheshire in 2017. The given reason is to tackle bovine tuberculosis (bTB), a disease affecting cattle herds. Advocates of badger culling participate at their peril; there's very little scientific evidence to suggest this will help them at all, and in fact the opposite is likely to be true in some cases. In the Randomised Badger Culling Trial, a previous experiment that cost us 11,000+ badgers and £50 million, the conclusion was that badger culling makes no meaningful contribution to bTB control; in some areas of this experiment it even increased the disease prevalence.
This seems to be the situation now; bTB has increased in each of the three cull zones from 2015 if stats from May 2015 vs May 2016 are compared. The current cull has also cost us approximately £25 million for approximately 4,000 badgers (none of which are tested for bTB at all) according to DEFRA statistics reported in 'Badgered To Death', the new book of Dominic Dyer, current CEO of The Badger Trust. Because they aren't tested, there is absolutely no data on how prevalent the disease is amongst the badgers that are being killed. Perhaps if they were tested, it would make it even clearer that the disease is an issue stemming from the poor husbandry of intensively farmed cattle, subsequently spilling out into many wild hosts as what is essentially industrial pollution, infecting not just badgers, but rats, hedgehogs, otters & deer as well.
Warning you may find this video disturbing as badgers are often shot and scream for a long time in agony before they die and it can be a mother and her young will starve to death would farmers do this to their cattle?

It cost £7000 to cull a badger £300 to inoculate Under a vaccination programme being used in Wales, around 25,000 badgers could have been vaccinated for the same cost of killing just under 2,500 in Gloucestershire and Somerset, according to Dyer. The badger vaccine doesn't kill any TB but stops them infecting anything so those with TB die leaving health badgers. The TB test for cattle is ineffective many are killed as they show positive only to find on post mortem they were clean it is also very painful for cows.
Many if not all Badgers killed may not be infected with TB    

have friends

The policy is unlikely to be stopped by appealing to the common sense of those who have already ignored the warnings of countless researchers & experts that have examined the evidence. But wildlife lovers in & around South Cheshire still have plenty they can do to help stop this;

How can you Help Save Badgers?

Join us at Cheshire Against The Cull, and learn how to identify, map, monitor & protect badger setts,
as well as help with campaigning. The loaned cages that were being used by conservationists in order to vaccinate badgers in Cheshire have been recalled by the Government to instead kill them.
We can be contacted on Facebook or by email at
email Click Here to Send us a Mail
We’d also recommend you sign the current government e- petition to stop the cull -

Finally, we’ll leave you with the statement given to Professor John Bourne by a senior government official… ‘Fine John, we accept your science. But we have to offer the farmers a carrot and the only carrot we can possibly give them is culling badgers’.

If anyone knows of a badger sett in Cheshire please let us know with as much detail as possible so we can inspect and protect it you can use the form






Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Green Flag raised


Mallards have new babies this nice little one it late for them to have them now


Heron ready for fishing hope he has a rod licence


Blue tit taken with a canon eos1300d 300mm lense


The green flag awarded to the park now has its new flag pole displaying it



Sunday, August 14, 2016

Swan Dies


The father swan has died he and his daughter were the only 2 swans left in the lake but he has died believed to be from eating mouldy bread. People have started on social media quoting Angel Wing as a problem and clearly this has never happened and it only normally happen in young duck fed very high protein. Above the heron coming in to land


Tits in the park and even new baby ducks which are late this year and may struggle if we get an early winter




The vandals have been in at work again breaking the cycle stand and one more tree near the rack has been cut down


Wild Life master plan

A plan for wildlife in the park was compiled with the help of visiting experts in many fields to cover all aspects of the habitat.

Nesting for wildlife on the lake is none existent we have had Grebe in the past but these and others cant leave the water so need nesting on the lake a simple way is to create the floating nest see

One year we had floating islands for the grebe and they had young all that was used was a pallet and some straw and it worked well. The problem is now with the boats they cant be on that side of the lake as we have seen people in the boat reach onto the island and smash eggs. The only place is in the middle of the fishing side which should be far enough out so fishermen are not affected pallets around the bottom island would work as well grebe are a protected species. Cut down trees could be used tied together then tied to the island so it can rise and fall with the lake plenty of old dead trees at Tipkinder You can build a floating island very simple and cheap this also cleans the water as well as providing nesting

Many of the duck struggle to bread as there is no safe /suitable place for them to breed nesting boxes would solve that

The full answer is to plant more suitable plants in the lake which provide natural nesting sites provide food and improve the water for fish and wildlife

Suggested planting along part of the edge of the lake - a fringe of reed mace, yellow flag iris, meadowsweet and other wetland plants would create a habitat for many creatures as well as birds (N.B. reed-mace can spread rapidly, however it cannot move into deep water, so it should be OK in the lake.
The two steep banks of grass either side of Burma island on the south side are never used as they are to steep and are hard to mow so we want to cover with dense shrubs which would look nice and give wildlife a place to bread this would help wildlife and reduce the need for regular mowing. They could be used for fishing as it doesn’t put people in danger when walking past while people are casting. Possibly the area by the main road that is a bank on the north side could have the same treatment. The wildlife meadow on the South side has helped to bring in insects and should be continued

To encourage wildlife we need to start at the bottom of the food chain by putting lots of compost areas and rotting log piles this needs to be balanced with not looking a mess so it’s a matter of agreeing areas in bushes that wont generally be seen for these we are talking small piles which will barley be seen not huge ones. Other discreet project are log piles and bee hotels again discreetly situated to benefit things like hedgehogs etc. This will fit in with school projects and we would help with an educational resource

More plants are required for wildlife which would include. More bird boxes are also needed and our members are putting up bird feeders to feed birds through the winter.
• Spring: flowering currant, Berberis, Forsythia, guelder rose.
• Summer: Hebe, lavender, honeysuckle, elder
• Autumn: Buddleja, heather, Hypericum, Fatsia
• Winter: Mahonia, ivy, witch hazel, Sarcococca

Much of the winter work is collecting leaves and transporting them this is a natural resource which is being wasted by moving them a few feet into the bush's they improve soil, provide things for nature and put nitrogen back into the soil and will take half the time. A lot of bush's around the fences are cut back in winter and in a lot of cases the denser the area the better there is more for wildlife and it help security by making it harder to break into the park. When that is done all around the park railings you can see self seeded trees and these are never touched. The ANTS could spend a day just removing self seeded trees all over the site.

Since the paths have been done wildlife have suffered as the old paths with holes had puddles for wildlife to drink now there is only Coronation walk left all thats needed is a few small holes that can retain water for wildlife as there is no were to get water as the lake is too steep for a lot of wildlife bird baths would be even better.

Wildlife cameras would be a good asset these would only be deplored as the park was closing and retrieved at opening time so there is no problem with that with these we could check how many badgers we check nest a class wildlife like swans and grebe and gain information on wildlife night life which may show wildlife we didnt know we had. They could be used as a security camera if there were problems at night to capture intruders. You can get cameras for bird boxes which would be interesting to observe the birds all this goes towards getting a better understanding of the needs of wildlife in the park.

Wildlife needs promoting in the park as its a crowed puller and bring responsible people into the park the need is there I tweet my wildlife photos on Twitter and often they are retweeted a 1000 times so people are interested follow on twitter @janmwright




Monday, July 25, 2016


Flowers Everywhere

Cheshire East Council scoops Green Flags award

Cheshire East Council’s parks are some of the very best in the UK – and that’s official.

Cheshire East has been awarded Green Flags for its outstanding parks.

The Green Flag award is given to authorities that deliver a parks service to an international standard. All parks are measured on how well they are maintained, how sustainable they are along with their contributions to conservation and heritage.

However, there are also more diverse criteria that parks are measured on, which include areas such as how they are marketed and managed.

Significant investment in Queens Park, Crewe means that it now joins Congleton and Sandbach parks along with the Moor in Knutsford, Bollington recreation ground, Brereton Heath local nature reserve, Tegg’s Nose country park and Tatton Park as having been awarded the Green Flag standard.

Tatton Park has also received the Green Heritage Award, which is given to places that achieve a high standard in management and interpretation of a site with local or national historic importance.

The awards were recognition of outstanding partnership working both with other local authorities and community groups. They were given out at Sheffield Town Hall in an event attended by many northern authorities.

Councillor David Brown, Deputy Leader of Cheshire East Council, said: “This is deserved recognition for a lot of hard work and dedication, not just from our own teams at Cheshire East but also the army of volunteers and community groups that make achievements like this possible.”

“The Green Flag is an international standard and the only national award for parks, so this is great praise for Cheshire East to be recognised in this way.”

Councillor John Hammond, Chairman of Ansa – who deliver parks services for Cheshire East – said: “Green Flag is a prestigious parks award which benchmarks the national standard for parks and green spaces in the UK. So I am delighted with this success.

“All of these parks look beautiful at this time and I must thank all our friends groups and partners for their outstanding efforts and contributions to make this happen. 

“It was particularly satisfying that Queens Park in Crewe, was successful in obtaining the award this year, following the recent refurbishment and investment. We do hope you will take time to visit and support your local park!”



Its all about flowers this week as the summer bedding starts to develop but along with that the vandals are about and the Gulf War memorial a lot of the flowers have been pulled up





The Boer War memorial has a nice display and first time this year the banks on the south side have a wildlife garden which is brining in bees and butterfly's not at its best yet but it has been well received by visitors




The main drive flowers are doing well and the wildlife is still producing young as the mallard looks after her new brood





Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Badgers having more problems


A lot of new duck this week a bit late but some out with mum this week



After problems with the illegal disturbing of badgers we were assured by the Chief Exec that they would be looked after as required by law

I quote from the letter from Peter Bates 17th June 2016:
“The latest incident you describe with the mowing was a result of the badger sett expanding into the open grassland and not being spotted by our staff.”
We are disappointed that this has happened again since we hoped that staff would now be
well informed and subsequently give the sett a wide birth with the mower.

But this week they went over setts with a mower this is not only a problem for badgers but it show CEC has no concept of safety of its staff if a mower drop down a hole and its ride on then the operator can be thrown off and with blades spinning be seriously hurt. There seems to be no communication from the top to staff on the ground 


The bank on the south side is now starting to flower with the wildlife garden that was own



Sunday, July 3, 2016

Graffiti Gone


The young rabbits are about in the park they are all over the park


The gardeners have planted out the Gulf War memorial a bed that isnt normally done a lot of people are calling for this memorial to be moved to Burma Island so all the fallen can be remembered in on place as the Gulf War is out of site and a lot of people dont know its there and its in living memory


At the bottom of the lake near the gold coarse were they have put the sandstone the Lions are going to plant it up for their anniversary it would be nice all in heathers giving all year round colour


There has been a lot of graffiti in the park and this week a firm has been in cleaning from all  over the park how long it stays clean is another matter


Sunday, June 26, 2016

‘Armed Forces Day’


They have been grinding down the trees they chopped down for the path the tree that had stood for many years and had no effect on the path why people ask


The gardeners have done most of the summer bedding in the park it takes a few week for it to reach its best


The baby moorhen is growing very fast now and out on his own




The restoration of the Boar War memorial is now finished the second time its been renovated since 2012 the details are in for Coronation walk below that will greatly improve things for wildlife as at the moment they cant get any water



Report by Jonathan White, Wistaston

‘Armed Forces Day’ - - took place at Queens Park in Crewe on Sunday 26th June 2016 from 11am to 5pm. The event also incorporated the first Crewe Military Festival.

A march took place from Victoria Gardens to the Boer War Memorial in Queens Park, led by The Royal British Legion Riders Branch and followed by The Band and Drums of the Cheshire Constabulary, cadets and military veterans. The Parade Marshal was Mr M Kay.

There was a respectful Remembrance Service led by Rev Ken Sambrook with prayers, an Act of Remembrance which included Reveille, a two minute silence and the Kohima Epitaph. There were hymns and the singing of the National Anthem.

The event also included performances by a children’s choir, a military band, drill parade competitions, a craft marquee, bouncy castles & games for children.

Organisations represented included Scouts, Friends of Queens Park, The Cat 107.9 FM community radio station, Help Our Wounded - Royal Marines Charity, Cadet Corps, Royal Naval Association, The Royal British Legion (Crewe Branch), Royal Air Force Air Cadets, Creative Crewe, Barnie's Community Hub (West St, Crewe), and a First World War Battle of the Somme centenary historical exhibition.

A rededication service was also held on the Burma Island.

The event was attended by several hundred people.

Donations will be divided between Royal Naval Association and The Royal British Legion.

There were hundreds of other events around the United Kingdom to celebrate and mark Armed Forces Day.

The march enters Queens Park - The Band and Drums of the  Cheshire Constabulary (1)


Remembrance Service - panorama at the Boer War  Memorial


New signs have been installed on Burma Island and the memorial stone has been renovated




Monday, June 13, 2016

CEC nearly kill badgers in the park again


The damage to the bandstand has been repaired the large stones were removed for some reason they thought that would be funny


At long last the men have been working on Burma island and the flags have now gone down and cemented in place and its now open


I was very luck to be able to stop all the badgers being chopped into little pieces this week as a very large tractor was on site mowing and was going over setts with the grass cutting disks. I shouted at the man and stopped him but he had run over one sett before I got to him. I explained it was a criminal offence to disturb badgers the second time in a few months they have done this and once again it was reported to the Police as a wildlife crime. The offence has started a outrage on Facebook from badger groups in the area. A local group has now been formed to protect the badgers in the park and they will check them on a regular basis. Many have come through out the week to see that they are ok and a survey was done over the weekend were more setts were found in hard to get to places.  If you would like to join the group and keep the badgers safe contact me



The plants around some of the lake are growing and wildlife is there playing hide and seek.



Monday, June 6, 2016

Dirty Lake


Two new Moorhens this week


They have been cleaning the rubbish by the sluice gate but as a results the lake is very dirty and stinks


The other moorhens are growing but look at the state of the water their walking in




The bottom island has lots of yellow from the broom Burma Island is looking good but the path is still fenced off as the flags have to be relayed and the man is off sick  there must be others who can fix the cockup.


Saturday, May 28, 2016

Lost Carnival at Queens Park


Some scenes fro the Lost Carnival at the park with trampoline  fun


The Voodoo Band


The ringmaster shall we call here


These crazy people flying of the big wheel


Women up in the trees dancing


More crazy people flying I am proud of these shots


Then they did it backwards



Even men up in the trees dont forget its on Sunday and Monday so still time to see it for tickets and info see



Sunday, May 22, 2016

Lost Carnival This Weekend


The Carnival is on this weekend dont miss out


The new Burma Island is looking very good with the colour but you cant go on it as its dangerous the flags have to be re-laid and it may not be ready for weekend.


In 2011 the Boar War memorial was regenerated @ a cost of £27,000 now its been regenerated again?


A new sign outside the cafe for the opening in 2011


The geese young are growing and out having a swim why a Greylag goose seems to be playing mum I dont know



Monday, May 16, 2016

Lots of new seats



There are some nice Rhododendrons all over the park these are all near the lake




The new baby ducks are coming thick and fast its hard to work out how many there are now


The first new seat is near the Gulf War memorial


At last after asking for years we have seats on the south side of the lake one just before the island


One opposite the island note the rubbish left on it all ready


This one the other side of the bridge across from the cafe


round to the other side of the lake near the little bridge


The last one next to the path going to the cafe




Monday, May 9, 2016

New Wildlife


The swan had a fit this week she came off the island and headed for the bubbles and spent time diving into the spray


The Moorhen baby takes his first swim around the lake after spending a week or so on the island


The Canada geese have had babies this week wit this nice one and other with mum



The first ducks of the years with 7 young very often they don't all survive


Some nice colour from trees and rhododendrons at this time of year




Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Lost Carnival adventure begins




Queen’s Park, Crewe, Cheshire 28, 29 & 30 May 4-9.30pm. £12 (under 3s free)

The secrets of The Lost Carnival have now started to be revealed at your friends, choose your foes, as The Battle of the Carnivals begins.

Over a century after the mysterious Lost Carnival disappeared, The Lost Carnival will appear at Queen’s Park in Crewe this May. For three short nights only, families will step into a world unlike any other in this large-scale outdoor immersive theatre experience from award-winning producers Wild Rumpus (Just So Festival) and So It Is (Bury Met, Ramsbottom Festival), brought to life by theatre partner LAS Theatre.

The Battle of the Carnivals is a story beyond your wildest imagination. Meet The Birds and The Ingénues - two rival carnival families battling for supremacy.  Expect spellbinding theatre and enthralling installations, circus, music, visual trickery and sideshows.

Start listening to the fictional radio documentary podcasts by sleuth Arthur Bird at Follow the story and use the podcasts and clues to uncover the carnival’s mysteries. Tell Arthur what you think on The Lost Carnival Facebook page to help influence the drama and investigation in advance and at the live event.

The Birds and the Ingénues, have been scouring the world to recruit some incredible performers who will join them as they battle to be crowned the most glorious carnival ever. It's time to pin your colours to the mast. #teamingénue or #teambird?  Browse their family albums, get costume ideas, make a choice who to support and help decide the most incredible contest in carnival history at

The Birds exude mystery and swagger, dark glamour and intoxicating performance. They are out to clear their name after being accused of sabotage at the 2015 Lost Carnival in Bury. Encounter the charismatic leader of The Bird Carnival, Sergei Bird, their glittering star and aerial gymnast Anastasiya Abramovich  and the mischevious Maks Mager the magician at the event. Also performing for #teambird are incredible circus artist and trampoline acrobat Max Calaf Seve, master multi-tasker Rimski on his unique bicycle piano and La Sibylle, a curious female prophetess.

The Ingénues seem to be the heroes of the story with sequins, sparkle and colourful shine aplenty. Look out for Popo Ingénue, the Ingénue Carnival’s inspirational and adventurous leader, Strongman Ivor Pavlov and the impeccable Clare V’oyant at the event. Also performing for #teamingénue are Pif Paf Theatre with Planetary -  3 travellers on their spinning planet forged from 80 metres of steel pipe - plus unforgettable aerial tree-top performance and ground acrobatics from Whispering Woods.

Getting the entire carnival crowd going will be the infectious Voodoo Love Orchestra with their big band sounds, plus many other intriguing acts. Show your support for The Birds or The Ingénues throughout the evening (they will need your help) and witness a thrilling culmination if you dare.

David Agnew, Producer of The Lost Carnival and Director of So It Is says “We can’t wait to step into the unforgettable world of the Lost Carnival in Crewe this May and welcome audiences for an evening of adventure as two of the greatest carnivals of all time battle for your affections. The Birds and the Ingénues need your family to decide who you will support. Share with your family and friends which carnival family you think should reign supreme using #teambird #teamingenue and #thelostcarnival. We are now counting down the days to find out who will win The Battle of the Carnivals.” 

Keep your ears to the ground for more news in May … all we can reveal is get your dancing shoes ready.

Sign up online for your family to become Carnivalistas - enjoy unique experiences at each Lost Carnival event and support The Lost Carnival to do good work in the communities that it touches.

Start the adventure now. Buy tickets, choose which family you will support, follow the podcast, intriguing clues, secret messages, dressing up and reading inspiration. Sign up to the newsletter at and follow The Lost Carnival on Facebook and twitter #thelostcarnival.



Whispering Woods - performing at The Lost Carnival



Burma Island is now finished but not yet open the plants are starting to flower


The Canada geese are making use of the island to build their nests




Two new notice boards one at the Morton Rd gate and one at the golf coarse end




Sunday, April 24, 2016

Warm weather in the park


The warm weather has brought out the rabbits as they bask in the sun


The seat by the Gulf War memorial has been repaired that's been quick for the council


The first of the wildlife to have young has been the Moorhen with two young the lake being full is helping as they can get back on the island without the ramp as the water is so high


There is a lot of mess in the lake all at the bottom end and by the sluice gates rubbish is stacked up with all sort of trees and rubbish going back several yards


Burma Island still isnt open but the plants are coming into flower despite being drowned


A panoramic view of the park



Sunday, April 17, 2016

Deadly Broadwalk Bridge


Lots of Robins about this week and its always nice to see them about but it makes you think of winter




Also this week caught a Wren and a Chaffinch


The bank by the lodge is now white over with the second flush of daffs



Over the weekend the Air Ambulance was called out to the park as a 11 year old boy had fallen from the Broadwalk bridge. He had been climbing on the bridge when he fell. We are glad to hear he is ok as he could have died falling some 30 ft onto rocks. The problem is there is no way to stop this you often see children walking on the out side of the bridge or climbing up the arch and its only a matter of time before someone dies. They should have saved £250,000 and just looped the path like they have done near the lake.



The paths are now done but people have said about this path not tarmacked they say its to stop it being slippy in winter  the problem is they havent stopped water flowing off the land you can see the damp patch on the other path so come winter it will be a ice rink


The path at Burma Island is nearly done and once everything flowers its will be nice



Monday, April 11, 2016

Vandalism in Queens Park


This week saw a lot of vandal's at work with the seat by the Gulf War memorial being smashed up on 3 sides its a nice peaceful spot to sit and also out if the way for vandals to cause damage


The bandstand has all the stones pulled and smashed possibly used as a ramp for bmx or OAPs electric chairs


Some nice colour with the bright bush by the cafe and all the daffodils out on the bank just being a carpet of yellow


The ducks are getting frisky and we will be seeing baby ducks soon



The lake is still very high and the islands in and out of water. The path next to the lake has this strange in lay I dont know if its for a seat  they did the same over the other side of the lake





Monday, April 4, 2016

More Floods


The flood have got worse this week and at one point you couldn't even see the sluice gates above as the water was over the top of them you can see on the right there is a tree on its way down there is serious amounts of water coming in 


I did say Burma Island plants wanted watering but half the island was underwater so they had a good soak this week


Burma Island is nearly finished now most of the plants are in and the path is half done. It will look good when it all flowers but whats the betting some go walk about?


One of the greylag geese is getting very cheeky stand still and he is there thinking you have food




Sunday, March 27, 2016

Giant Swans on the lake


Giant Swans on the lake this week as new boats arrive for the new season these two a lot bigger than the old ones


The daffodil's are all out down the main drive ready for Easter


The path near the lodge now mostly done there isn't a lot of paths to do on the north side


Burma Island now nearly all planted out just need a bit of rain as the soil is dry despite the floods




Sunday, March 20, 2016

Is CEC guilty of Criminal offences against badgers?


The badgers safety has become a criminal issue as CEC and employees fail to take action and the Police investigate a wildlife crime? Below is details of the complaint to the council and there response the writing in red is my response to CEC s response. Several Badger groups have provided advice and shared there knowledge on the matter 

I wish to take this to the next level before referring it to the Ombudsman. The case is a very serious one as I believe its a criminal offence that has been committed and may be committed again if actions isnt taken. The Police have taken statement and evidence and a criminal prosecution may follow if work continues without a survey and any required licences more crime may take place

The path went through planning without ecological survey and knowing the diverse wildlife in the park it should have never passed planning without the survey.

Whoever did the planning application failed to get a survey

They were advised on 23rd November about badgers and its recorded

The environmental officer was told again in January and its recorded

A unqualified person then checked he proved he is unqualified as he thought it was rabbits. He took no action and didn't order a survey or stop work in the area.

The environmental officer was informed last week that a criminal act was taking place and he took no action to immediately stop it.

The contactors were also informed and refused to take action.

George Broughton was told and could have taken action but didnt instead of ringing and stopping work he took his time coming to the park.

Having established there were badgers active no one ordered a survey or took any action to ensure their safety or tried to obtain a licence as is required.

Work is going on in other areas and more criminal acts may take place if a survey isnt taken and worked stopped until its declared safe.

The Police are investigating it as a criminal wildlife crime.

I believe this shows gross mismanagement and needs investigating at the highest level 5 badger groups have looked at this and all believe its a criminal offence

CEC response to original complaint

Starting on site in November 2015, a long awaited project is being delivered to renew the pathways around Queens Park. This is one of the final elements of the whole park restoration that the council have been working on in partnership with our Friends Group. The plans received both Planning Consent and Listed Building Consent. At the time of the project planning, badgers were not known to be present in the park. There were plenty of visible animal excavations but this was thought to be by rabbits. The first indication that badgers might be present was reported on 1st February 2016. On immediate inspection there was no evidence observed of Badger activity.

This is total incompetence first badger have been in the park for years and all staff know about them pity management dont. Rabbit and badger hole are totally different so again its something they should know. Have been advised they should then have called and ecologist to check if you think a sett is unused you have to prove it normally by using cameras over a 3 week period. If badgers are present then a ecological survey needs to be done and planning shouldnt have pasted it until its done. They would have then had to apply for a licence which wouldnt be issued as its breeding season

Following a further report by a member of the Friends of Queens Park, the site was revisited on 14th March 2016.  This time evidence was found of badger activity in the vicinity of our path works. There was a marked change in the scale of the diggings in two holes; one was obviously more active than the other.  This time signs were very different observing badger paw prints and found badger hair making this pretty conclusive evidence. This evidence was not apparent when visiting the same location six weeks ago.

It wasnt reported by the friend it was reported by myself to the environmental office Mr Bagley who failed to visit the site and take appropriate action

However, whilst there has been some path work close to the sett, there has been no path associated excavation activity near the holes under the shrubbery where these holes are located. The holes are located at the base of large Holly trees within the shrubbery, the entrances being directly under the roots of the trees into the higher part of the bank on the park perimetre.

A badger sett can be 310 meters long so using heavy machinery in the area could collapse the sett in the breading season.

The path works undertaken are not impacting the shrubbery. The path construction works entailed the old path surface being scraped in preparation for relaying. This was on the surface but not impacting below the existing ground level. The level of the new path was being raised up from that existing base ready for a new more DDA compliant path being laid out over the top. The construction contractors stockpiled the sub-soil / clay required for the reprofiling work in the vicinity of the shrubbery edge but did not cover the entrance of these holes which are behind the shrubs. This sub-soil has now been removed and used under the new path, the new path edges have been tidied up using topsoil which has been hand raked into position and has now been seeded with grass-seed to the edge of the shrubbery.

So they admit they dumped tons of hard clay using a heavy dump truck which actually covered and entrance which was the main one thats why the others didnt show signs of use until they blocked the main one, the heavy dump truck would disturb breeding badgers and could collapse the sett. As the sett could be 310 meters then the path could effect it and a licence was required

The entrance to the sett is located beneath the evergreen shrubs. The path edge is beyond the left hand edge of the photograph. The extent of the badger spoil can be seen at the top of the shadow. What is visible is the adjacent new topsoil that has been spread along the edge of the path. This topsoil is being seeded with grass-seed.

During the planning of this project badgers were not considered as a risk as they were not known to be in the park. As soon as their potential presence was suggested officers immediately went to investigate and found nothing to suggest disturbance to the badger sett. The method of construction of the new path has not required any excavation close to the badger holes so the only disturbance has been vehicle movements along the path which , given the proximity of the perimeter road, disturbance would be minimal . Whilst soil has been deposited close to the holes, the impact of this is negligible and now at an end.  

I did call Mr Wright on Monday prior to visiting the park. At the scene I spoke to some of the contractors who were spreading top-soil with rakes in the vicinity of the badger holes.

The path work in that area is now complete so there will not be any further chance of disturbance from this project. The Badger holes are now being monitored to check that the badgers remain undisturbed.

The advice on working close to a Badger Sett is found . The guidance states:

You usually won’t need a licence to do the following if it’s unlikely to disturb a badger in its sett:

        work with hand tools or machinery above or below ground close to a sett

        clear vegetation near setts, including felling small trees or shrubs

        clear ditches and watercourses using hand tools or machinery

The Council takes its responsibilities for protecting wildlife very seriously and we are satisfied that our actions on this project have not exceeded what is permitted.  The presence of badgers will now be factored into any future projects in Queens Park.

 He has highlighted the rules and yes you can work with hand tools within the area only when you apply for a licence and are then advised its not needed. Before telling lies one should first check there isnt video , photos and witness to the fact they used a digger and he admits they used a dump truck to dump tones of heavy clay within a foot of the sett which makes it a wildlife crime and it has been reported to the Police as such. Having found there were badgers they were duty bound to get a ecologist and not some random worker who cant tell a rabbit hole from a badger sett. They should then have told contractors to not use heavy machines within at least 20ft ( contractors claim they were never told about badgers)

There was no reason whatsoever to use a digger to spread soil near badgers it could have been done within the law and used a wheel barrow or even left it until the breeding season is over.

The new paths will allow the whole community to enjoy the diverse wildlife found in Queens Park.



George Broughton

Park Development Manager | Waste and Environmental Commissioning Team | Cheshire East Council, Municipal Building, Earle Street, Crewe. CW1 2BJ
(01270 (6) 86054        *

The south side is now open and work has moved north to do the few remaining paths from the lodge


Below the one final path to be finished by the bandstand




Lots of plants going into Burma Island


We still have a sand pit




Sunday, March 13, 2016

Criminal disturbing of Badger Sett

After problems with the badgers in the Queens Park Crewe were Cheshire east Council are redoing paths.  I saw on Sunday that work was going on close to the sett. I emailed  the council leader and the portfolio holder and advised to stop the work in the area of the badgers I have had no reply from them.
No disputing they used a digger heres the evidence

You can see how close they have got to the sett with the new soil even right under the bush

On Monday morning I rang the Mr Bagley the environmental officer  for the council and advised him that work should be stopped and pointed him to evidence that the sett was very active. He said he would phone George Broughton  who was in charge of the project and get him to ring me back as a matter of urgency which he didnt.
I arrived at the park at 1 pm only to find they were using a digger to move soil onto the badger sett it being wrong to use heavy digger with 10 mtrs of an active sett. I rang Ian at the contractors
Pronin Limited
Unit 2,
Waymills Industrial Estate,
SY13 1TT

Telephone: 01948 663014
I explained as wildlife crime was being committed by his staff and asked him to stop the work he wasn't in the slightest interested and refused to take any action to stop this criminal activity. If your thinking of employing this firm you may want to consider this attitude. I have rang them since and they refuse to answer me. His staff claimed in the park they hadnt used a digger until I told them I had it on video and photos.  He is guilty as one quick phone call could have stop the crime which he failed to do.
I rang Mr. Bagley as a matter of urgency  he got George to ring me and he said he would attend in 30 mins  he claimed he had rang me several times with no answer but my logs show no calls.  I waited with others for over an hour and a half and by this time the work men had done the crime and moved on. I believe that George and Mr Bagley stalled doing anything so the job would be finished before they got there it would have taken only mins for them to ring and have the job stopped.

George claimed he had looked at the sett when I complained before about illegal activity weeks ago and he believed the sett wasnt used. see  He is not qualified to make that decision only an ecologist can say that and they must by law prove it not used by cameras etc over a period of 3+ weeks.

 What George should have done is stop any work in the area its not vital work so there is no urgency. He should have then called a qualified ecologist to carry out a survey.
Question now need to be answered why did this project get past planning without a ecologist survey in the first place that is a fault with planning and a mis managment of planning. 

To work so close to badger they need a licence and being breading season they wouldnt get one why didnt they not get a licence who is responsible?

The concern is now there are other setts in the park with work planned a few feet from the setts will they continue to flout the law and disturb or kill the badgers? 

I have complained to the council who have assigned it to the park manager who wont be able to investigate her senior manager George or the planning committee.

The matter has been reported to the Cheshire Police as a wildlife crime  


We reported a few weeks ago of the CEC contractors committing a criminal act by disturbing a badger sett without a licence. It was investigated and CEC claimed the sett was unused but by law they have to prove that which they didnt they showed a photo of the sett covered in leaves which was strange as that sort of leaves are not in  that area. So it looks like a cover up. You can see from the photos that the sett has had massive amounts of soil dug out by the badgers and is the classic D shape hole so its very active. If you look close at full image you can make out badger foot prints. The contractors have been doing work very close to the sett and by law must only use hand tools within 10 ft of the sett this hasn't happened they have illegally used machines. So he will be prosecuted?  You can see in the photo evidence of bottles etc on the sett as if workmen have been sitting on it


The official line is

Work near active badger setts must be carried out between July and

November inclusive, to avoid the disturbance of breeding female badgers.

Badger tunnels can extend up to 20 metres from the entrance holes and are

located between 0.2 metres and several metres deep, depending on the soil

and topography. Excavation work and heavy machinery must be kept well

away from where it could result in damage to the sett or disturbance to any

badger occupying the sett.

All works within 10 metres of the nearest sett entrance must be undertaken using hand tools only.


The path leading to the bandstand is now done


From the bandstand down to the lake one path is done


The paths by the lake one being the new one have now been finished


Plants are going in on Burma Island but some suffered from the floods this week



Path by Tipkinder is now done but whats the widened bit?


Nice hyacinths are now out at various parts of the  park


The great flood are back and its believed its cockup of the week. It seems the main sluice gate is jammed open by a fallen tree but it doesnt matter you can let the water out with the gate by the golf coarse except someone has put a path over the manhole to operate the gate so they can get to it


The environment agency acted by bringing a massive pump to pump out the lake as they couldn't move the tree blocking the gate as all the water was falling making it dangerous 



Sunday, March 6, 2016

Daffodils now in flower


The first flush of daffodils on the bank by the lodge are all out with a good show


At Burma island the beach is going in with lots of sand and a new little wall




The path by Tipkinder is now done and just needs the edges covering with soil to finish it


The last path on the south side by the golf coarse has hardcore down for 50% of it once that and the other paths near the lake are done all the south side will be complete


Some big gulls and sea gulls in the park this week



Monday, February 29, 2016

New steps go in


Burma Island is getting a make over at long last Its had all new top soil and this frame work has gone in. It seems a bit odd as it only goes to one side before it went down to the lake with a fence and seat so you could site and admire the view.


Years ago we had temporary step down to the bridge from Morton rd now at long last we have proper ones put in.


The path near Tipkinder have now had the first coat and hopefully be finished soon.


Heres a mystery we complained that when doing the paths they had illegally interfered with a badges set which is a criminal offence. The council then said the whole wasnt used as it was stuffed with leaves which was very strange as there were no leaves in the area. But today you can see its very much used just look at all the soil thats been dug out in the last week or so. If people have put the leaves there blocking the hole its a criminal offence and they should be prosecuted


A lot of gulls on site this week and fighting over food in the lake


We have greylag geese back and they are getting clever if they cant find food they wadle up to the cafe for it. Below swans having a good feed


Sunday, February 21, 2016

More Floods


The path by the golf coarse has now had soil put around the path to level it off. It would be nice if they put flowers in the rockery to set it off.


They have open some of the path down to the lake and by the lake as far as the boat house so now people can feed the wildlife again


The bottom island is once again flooded but worse this time than 2 weeks ago and even Burma Island is half under water it should be self regulating as there is a run off near the golf coarse which should empty any excess water. 


The final part of the path near the lake has now been stoned ready for tarmac its been used to move heavy diggers etc so couldn't be done until they had finished that bit


Nice to see the daffs getting ready for mothers day as the first one are out now


Sunday, February 14, 2016

Burma Island


Down by the lake there putting in drain from the top grass area by the bandstand into the lake. That area is a swamp at times and realy need lots of drains to make it useful


The rhododendron is now in full flower very earley this one by Morton Rd gate


All the mud and old tarmac dumped on the rabbit warren its possible all the rabbits have been killed unable to get out of the burrows this is what happens when people have no knowledge  of the wildlife and were they live and dont care anyway.


The new path from the cafe to the bridge is now done


The main path by the lake is done as far as the boathouse people are waiting for them to finish so they can go and feed the ducks. The ducks are coming out of the water to get food on the paths putting them in danger from dogs running loose etc.


Bruma Island has been cleared and the old paths have been uncovered and the little fence has now gone


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Build an Ark Floods Coming


The path to the bridge by the lake has had its first coat of tarmac now


The new path from the cafe to the bridge is part done  to the right you can see the old path which is now gone


The paths are now heading toward the boat hut


The rain has been unpresedented and I have never seen the lake so full bot islands normally have 18+ inch of stone around them but both are now almost under water no sign of the stone work



Looking at the sluce gates the water is coming down in torrents


After many years a start has been made on Burma Island interesting to see how they get any stuff on there as the bridges have never been tested for heavy loads


Sunday, January 31, 2016

Have CEC Illegally Killed Badgers?



Above is the badger set in the park you cant see very well the large size of the hole but you can see the lighter soil thats been dug out at the front. Its illegal to harm badgers under the new law and specificly in the law you cant obstruct a set under  Protection of Badgers Act 1992,

Interfering with badger setts.

[F1(1)]A person is guilty of an offence if, except as permitted by or under this Act, he interferes with a badger sett by doing any of the following things—

(a)damaging a badger sett or any part of it;

(b)destroying a badger sett;

(c)obstructing access to, or any entrance of, a badger sett;

(d)causing a dog to enter a badger sett; or

(e)disturbing a badger when it is occupying a badger sett,

intending to do any of those things or being reckless as to whether his actions would have any of those consequences.

[F2(2)A person is guilty of an offence if, except as permitted by or under this Act, he knowingly causes or permits to be done an act which is made unlawful by subsection (1) above.]


DSCF1047  but this week you can see they have dumped tons of soil and mud on the set possibly killing the badgers. Last week we reported how they destroyed the main rabbit warren. I advised about them getting close a few weeks ago on the site but CEC seem to have no regards for nature or wildlife and the parks wildlife group are a failure not taking action on this matter. How many more wildlife die as a result of their actions? Even if this was a fox den its still illegal to cover it You can report badger offencies



The flower bed by the lodge is in full spring bloom this week


CEC cockup of the week is the nice new path to the old toilets which havent been used for years but now have a nice path


Rhododendron in the park is in flower thinking its spring this week


The path outside the cafe has now been hard cored


Now this is the strange bit which makes no sense the path that led down to the bridge is now gone instead you have to walk towards the cafe and then walk back on another new path back to the bridge. I see a lot of people just walking on the old path which now is grassed over to go straight to the bridge





At least they found a use for the tree they cut down


Gulls are taking over again this wekk with what seems like hundereds



Monday, January 25, 2016

The Lost Carnival reveals its mystery location as Queen’s Park, Crewe



The Lost Carnival reveals its mystery location as Queen’s Park, Crewe

28, 29 & 30 May 4-9.30pm

“Let carnival battle commence! …”

Over a century after the mysterious Lost Carnival disappeared, news has reached our ears that The Lost Carnival will appear at Queen’s Park in Crewe this May. For three short nights only, families will step into a world unlike any other in this large-scale outdoor immersive theatre experience from award-winning producers Wild Rumpus (Just So Festival) and So It Is (Bury Met, Ramsbottom Festival).

LAStheatre presents The Battle of the Carnivals, a story beyond your wildest imagination. Meet The Birds and The Ingenues - two rival carnival families battling for supremacy.  Expect spellbinding theatre and enthralling installations, circus, music, visual trickery and sideshows.

Every year, as summer arrives and the evenings grow longer, The Lost Carnival will appear in a different locality. The Lost Carnival in Crewe is the second Lost Carnival event with a limited amount of early bird tickets on sale now.

After intense negotiation between the two rival carnivals, The Ingenues and the Birds, our crystal ball has finally revealed the neutral location of The Lost Carnival 2016. Come one, come all to Queen's Park in Crewe for the most spectacular evening. A place rooted in the railways, a meeting point, what better place for the two greatest carnival rivals to come together once again?

The Battle of the Carnivals is about to hot up. Last year, the families from far and wide gathered in Bury and saved the Ingenue carnival, and we all thought that rival carnival family the Birds were bad eggs. But things are not always as they seem. Keep your eyes peeled on Facebook and Twitter as Popou Ingenue and Sergei Bird vie for your affections. It's time to pin your colours to the mast. #teamingenue or #teambird? 

The story will be revealed in the coming months in a series of podcasts, clues and archive footage, with families able to influence the drama in advance and at the live event. Look out for and meet curious characters popping up in locations across Crewe throughout May. Take part throughout the evening and witness a thrilling culmination if you dare.

Sign up online for your family to become Carnivalistas - enjoy unique experiences at each Lost Carnival event and support The Lost Carnival to do good work in the communities that it touches.

Sarah Bird, Wild Rumpus director says “Whispers have reached our ears that The Ingenues and The Birds have chosen the beautiful Queen’s Park in Crewe as the site for The Lost Carnival in 2016. Keep your ears to the grounds as the two sides begin to reveal their secrets. Make a choice who to support and help decide the most incredible contest in carnival history as “The Battle of the Carnivals commences.”

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The paths by the golf coarse and now the target for this week the old muddy steap path down to the lake has had hard core


You can now see the path through what was the woodland walk


The path around the lake is being done but there is a big muddy patch which was one of the main rabbit warrens in the park so once again wildlife are noot considered there home destroyed


Woodlane walk from the bridge side


Path down to the lake by the cafe with a path heading towards the cafe as money is tight why they are creating new paths when its been ok without for years


A  lot of gulls of varios sort in the park this week



Sunday, January 17, 2016

Wildlife Suffering?


The path near the golf coarse have now had a seconf coat of hardcore you can see its doesnt go all the way to the lake. It will be interesting to see if they camber this a bit so it drains into the lake as its always wet with water draining form higher land.


The path on the south side has had its first coat of tarmac and the entrance at Morton RD has been tarmaced




The little wooded area near the small bridge has now had 2 path cleared out taking out more trees. Why 2 paths are needed a few feet apart  making 3 paths in 20 ft seems a bit over kill




You now cant get to the lake to feed the ducks the path to the bridge is closed and all that area is shut off. The wildlife are wandering about as they are not getting any food. Wild life doesnt count as far as CEC is concerned they could have fenced off closer to the lake so people could give food to the ducks over the fence. Better still finish the south side and open that up then close the other side


Once again for no good reason they are chopping down trees this one has been there for years so there is no reason to cut it down the path goes past it. Its the same as the south side were they claimed it was for the paths but the path route hasnt changed. At one time if you chopped a tree down you had to have good reason and had to plant a new one




Monday, January 11, 2016

Laurel and Hardy


For a few years there has been two duck Laurel and Hardy as they are called by people who feed the duck on a regular basis they were inseperable you never saw one without the other but for a few week there has only been the one(center of photo) rather sad give how close they were.


Half the park has been closed off this week all one side at the top is closed even though they are only doing the bottom bit at the moment.


All the sandstone is now in place by the golf coarse end with a rockery made in the new mud they have put down lets hope they plant some nice plants to set the bank off


The last path on the south side is now ready for tarmac so should be done by the end of the week lets hope they then open the south side.


The little woodland walk has been chopped down its seems a strange place to put a path



Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year Review


As we all know we have had nothing but rain recantly even the grid in the park is over flowing but the coot is still in the park below




I started this website in 2009 it was going to be a 1-2 year project to turn the park back into the Jewell in the Crown it used to be. Here we are over 6 years later and still its not finished. The paths are being done at the present time but they don't include coronation walk which was one of the best parts of the park. Still to be done is Burma Island remove the old workshops and tidy the mess around there. We still have no warden and as such dogs roam off the lead with no one to stop them.

The gardens are struggling to cope with the work and basically fighting fires and are not able to create anything new or even maintain half the site. The islands were tidy and then the wildlife group took them over and now they are a disgrace just covered in weeds as the group hasn't touched them in over a year. They have had a lot of money for wildlife but spent hardly any. One of the side effects of doing the paths is to make it harder for wildlife as at present they can get water in puddles but may have no water they cant drink from the lake as its too deep. The wildlife group need to spend the money to provide drinking areas for wildlife the money is doing no good in the bank it needs spending for the benefit of wildlife. So will I still be here next year waiting for the park to be finished?